Sacred. Silent. And The Enchanting Dawns I Won’t Forget ( i )

. . There is one man who always reminded me that I should have gone since. “You can afford it, you travel places but not there, why?.” Every time that question stood in front of my face, I smiled. . . I kept answering with the same answer: “You know you can afford it easily […]

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Why Hostel

If I remember, one time in the evening just few hours before I flew to Singapore last year, Winda was the one who tried to find me a hotel. Judge me lackadaisical, I don’t mind.   “How could you travel to another country and never reserve one room?”   I sat down looking at Winda and Ayos with […]

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An Afternoon At Haji Lane

Sunday, drizzling outside and starving, three things I’m having right now. Instead of grumbling cause I don’t have food even snacks but instant noodles, let me share some afternoon scenes while I was in Singapore. It was on Friday, I took MRT from Harbour Front to Bugis, walked for 10 minutes and found some inspirations […]

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Good Times

We all have our definition of a good time. Having a best friends-talk with coffee is my version of what is a good time or, an opportunity enjoying delicious food with my family. On this post, I’d compiled some good times I had when I was really, really enjoyed quality times with my best friends. Reminiscing […]

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Updating this blog, somehow, it’s not a small matter, sigh. I’m having an issue posting this through MacBook when the page always change into another rubbish page until I had to post it through my iPad (it’s been a while, iPad!). Thanks to Ayos who suggested to do so. Well, just wanted to share a quick […]

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