Lekki Market

I’ve been postponed this post for a week due to the pictures I took from my first visit to Lekki wasn’t interesting enough (+ it was raining!!!). So, I went there again last Sunday to pick MORE souvenirs for friends (and pictures for sure). Oh I’m too sweet ya! :P

Lekki Market is one of the best traditional market where I could find unique Nigerian art pieces for souvenirs in affordable price :P. I spent hours to find something unique (and African!!!) after I struggled to get there. The road is so fuckin’ bad just such an off-road adventure for me (uh). 

It was really exciting for me to do this kind of SHOPPING :))) At Lekki I could bargain the things I want, speaking in broken english + local language (+accent) is the key to get affordable price, and I’m good on it. Many things could find easily at Lekki, from wooden African crafts, African clothes, paintings, until jewelries made from bull bones and Ivory (:O don’t buy those Ivory please!!!). African souvenirs are so vibrant, here some snaps from my first and last visit ;










I would like to say SORRY for friends whose name aren’t in my list for these souvenirs, believe me I would happily get more for everyone if I could. Its sad but at least I’ve tried to give some of souvenirs for my new friends that I’ll meet soon in Indonesia. I can’t wait (!!!).

P.S. I will post the souvenirs that I bought from Lekki separately, I haven’t captured them well :)


Just a quick post, first Suhoor today (!!!). Ramadhan is coming, first day of fasting month :) . Here I just want to share quick meal for Suhoor that I cooked one hour ago, this ;

Sahur Perdana

Believe it or not, I just found ‘Kangkung’ or water spinach you called in English two days ago in Lagos, sounds ridiculous huh? Finally I could find and cooked Kangkung, a bit spicy but that was okay. Normally, first suhoor wasn’t easy for me, such a poor night (four hours only for sleeping :(..) and had to cook also after I woke up.

Hmm, I have to say my Mommy is SUPER WOMAN who always cook well, waking up everyone in my house, and after, has to wash dish for suhoor, O boy that isn’t easy at all. I miss Mom! :( anyway, this short post isn’t short anymore if I keep writing.

Bon Ramadhan everyone! Thanks to God for Ramadhan this year!

From Dutch


Oleh-oleh Belanda 1

Oleh-Oleh Belanda2

#SimplyJoy is getting small souvenirs from overseas travelling. First pic is a cute bracelet for my sister that I got from my flatmate last year when he stayed for couple days before heading to Spain, and aw that ceramic mini klompen is so Dutch(!!!).

I’ve been thinking about Amsterdam as my gateway to Europe someday, Oh, Europe, I heart you.