Vacation Mood


Let me dreaming for a second.

Morning breeze, beach, seafood, walking on the sand, and ocean call. I’m dreaming when I can wake up late and first thing I see is blue ocean. White sheer curtains on my window is calmly blow by the wind, white thick blanket is on the floor. I’m wearing short pants and white linen shirt. My shirt is very light, typical fashionable beach shirt. I’m looking at my wrist watch, 8;30 am. I should take a shower in my open yet private bathroom. It’s very classy and clean. Then I will take my breakfast. A bowl of fresh tropical fruits, toast bread with avocado on top, fresh green salad with kale and edible flowers, plus a glass of fresh orange juice. Oh coffee, of course. It’s called breakfast with a view. An hour later, I’m out from my hotel and nothing on my mind but let myself decide what will I do, where will I go, and come back to my room for a sunset. How serene, even in my dream.

I know it’s just a dream for now cause I’m crossing my legs on my bed, being lazy a whole day but I’m thank God. I feel I’ve recharged myself and beyond happy cause I had a chance updating this blog (yes, two in row and I’ve changed the header-design, bolder and black :)). I’m preparing myself for next week projects, cause I know I will face a lot of obstacles from each ones (as far as I can predict!). Oh there is one thing I find it very interesting lately. Checking flight and hotel apps on my iPhone like as if I’m preparing my next year vacation. It reminds me every time after I work hard, I’ll think to pay off for a vacation. I think it will be my main goal next year to spend what I earn for proper-proper vacation. Before I dream another thing, let me share some iPhone shots from a little throwback to somewhere outside Lagos mainland, in February, when I had to take boat to reach there for an assignment. Designing a beach house.






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Spending a whole day in the house was all I needed. Now, let me lay on my bed and dream another dreams. Hoping I’m not missing you, Indonesia :).