Two Hundred And Forty Three Days


“That is the exact number of days from the last time I wrote something on this blog, ouch.”

I always make a joke that what I want for my last day on earth is having 723 people in form of a choir singing august, my forever-till-I-die  song from folklore. Seven hundred and twenty three people singing beautifully, surrounded by English style fresh flower hedge arrangement with David Austin roses and peonies in white filled with various eucalyptus foliages. It sounds ridiculous and peculiar I am aware, but that is a proper image to tell you how much I love august, till the core of my heart. I am not unmoored with this statement :)

I really love august and I am writing this with a wish I could stand listening to august live from the singer-songwriter herself on The Eras Tour. Manifesting. If I am going to talk about my love for august,  I might need 229 thousand words to describe it. Well, I am not doing it now :)

Let me mention that there are tons of things I would like to randomly write these days here, from the monumental Grammy winning of folklore (OH YES I CAN TALK ABOUT THIS FOR HOURS), Harry’s House won this year (never sit and pay a proper listen of his latest record, btw but I deeply in love with Late Night Talking), Midnights (3am edition) has a lot of songs I like (to mention Maroon, Karma is a cat bop,  Anti-Hero, Glitch is a sleek one! I really adore the production on Glitch, Paris is fun, many more), I recently fancy I Drink Wine from 30,  oh yes I was pissed a bit when All Too Well (10 minutes version) didn’t win Grammy SOTY, and have you listened to About Damn Time gosh that Lizzo’s song is a banger I adore it from the first till the last second!

“What else?”

Should I mention till date I never want to finish the last episode of Prison Playbook yes! YES! I do not want to because that Kdrama is just a gem, A GEM (that’s one of my bad sides, when I like a particular drama I will take time to slowly end it, it’s strange like!), please give a try if you never watch it :) trust me it’s just a masterpiece. You’ll find it boring at the first and second episode but once you understand the dark humors, you’ll love it. There are tons of life lesson in it which makes me think PP is something else. I also fell in love with The Glory from my first watch, it is damn so fascinating , and I just finished the episode 16 (which is the end of season 2 I guess, imho please no season 3 as the ending is just so damn perfect.),. The Glory is just so damn BIG YES. The casts, the storyline, characters I mean, fantastic, unbelievable. I have listed among Hospital Playlist, Prison Playbook, Reply 1988, 25-22 as THE BEST K DRAMAS so far. I am also in the middle of All Of Us Are Dead, starting with curiosity if the drama will somehow look similar like Train To Busan but ended by loving it. Well, I couldn’t imagine being in that horrendous situation if it was in a real life, no please :|

A previous post before this random one was when I shared those meals I had when I was in Indonesia during fasting period last year. Here I am living in Ramadan month fully by myself. I keep trying to cherish every day by telling my body and mind “you guys did a great job” by the time I break my fast. Every time I have the opportunity to break it in my apartment, I do feel grateful because I am in the middle of a couple of projects at the moment, that for sure it will take my time like crazy. I mean, how would you feel when you have to fly impromptu to another city for a project 3 hour before departure time and must work overnight with a pressure and no preparation of at least, a clean t-shirt for the next day, not even a toothbrush? Well, I did that. In fact, that was the first day of fasting this year when I had to break it on the air, with a small bottle of water and a whisper of “you guys did a great job” to my systems. What a roller coster of experience.

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