Oreos In My Pancakes



“I might not feel guilty because there is oatmeal inside…”



I once woke up by 3 AM out of the blue, starved, and grabbed whatever was onside (read: my working table). I took one Oreo without feeling guilty that I started the day (literally, it was a new day) with sugar. Sleepy eyes but my palate was happy, “Shit, so good.” I won’t lie, I took three more.

When I’m not that lazy on the weekend, I do prefer to have warm pancakes for breakfast than heavy Indonesian food, for instance. There is a ready-to-cook pancake flour but I always love to make it from scratch just because I love the process. I sometimes get what I call failed-pancakes when the batter is not right, I sometimes master it. It is a waste when I do not get it right, but it is fun when I get the fluffy pancakes – I use my feeling when I add baking soda and powder, perhaps that’s why. If I have ripe bananas, I always love adding it to the batter. No sugar added. Change white flour with oats, it is better. At least, you won’t feel much guilt for calories-reason. Just like others, I cheat to myself sometimes. Once in a while. Adding crushed Oreos along with oats for pancakes is what I’m talking about.




1 cup of oats flour (it’s oats, just blend in the blender) ~ 1 teaspoon baking soda ~ 1 teaspoon baking powder ~ a pinch of salt ~ 1 cup of buttermilk (if you have it’s better than you add lemon or vinegar in to full-cream milk) ~ 1 egg ~ 2 ripe bananas, mashed ~ 4 to 4 Oreos without the cream, crushed ~ 2 tablespoon melted unsalted butter


  • Mix oats flour + baking soda + baking powder + mashed bananas + salt + crushed Oreos in a bowl
  • In another bowl mix egg + buttermilk + melted butter
  • Stir dry mixture into wet mixture, the batter will be slightly lumpy
  • Heat your pan and add a little butter, medium heat. Scoop the batter onto the pan and cook until pancakes are golden, both sides.
  • Serve with berries, coconut flakes, hard-crushed Oreo, and honey


You are ready to make your weekend morning brighter, enjoy along with your favourite coffee or tea!


Wrap It Up



Guys, we are in the middle of the year already. How heartbreaking 2020 is so far, huh? IT REALLY DOES :(



There is one verse I’ll always keep in mind if I’m in the middle of a bad situation: “Do not lose hope, nor be sad” – Qur’an 3:139. Even though it is really hard this time on all aspecs of life, globally, please do not lose hope. We are all in this together. I’m sometimes wondering to all plans I’ve had this year that most are need to be postposed and some are even cancelled. I wonder how long we have to be patient again to face our normal life back (or a new normal, as they call it).

Staying at home from the end of March and now I’m in June, holy moly! how fast. During the first days of the period, I was afraid of how would I manage myself in boredom. Some interesting ideas were in the sky: “You have time to play around with new recipes, take photographs and write more on the blog!.”, “Time for Netflix would be longer! Yes! Bonus: stay late and wake up late too.”, “Updating your portfolio must be inside your list!.”, “Decorate your room, probably repaint your wall into grey!.”, “Get your acrylic paint and start creating creative pieces of stuff!.”, “Back to IELTS online, sharpen your English!.”, “Don’t forget to exercise your basic German, see, it was a good thing you brought your Kursbuch und Arbeitsbuch!.”, etc, etc.

Facts: I did some of those activities even though hey! it wasn’t that easy. Sometimes your system has to adjust to the new situation and condition when mostly, bed is screaming louder than working table. Youtube was more pleasing than my books. As if boredom was just flying around your body, looking at the ceiling wondering when everything would be back to normal was such a daily activity. Checking what I have left in my account to survive (if you’re still working and having an income don’t forget to be grateful!), trying to look for something else to do just to let your system won’t be so bored and stuck. But here I am – as I supposed to fly back to Indonesia on early April but never know when will I go – feeling better with the new adjusted system. I know I had spent so much during stay-at-home, I know there are still a few personal things I have to accomplish, going back to the office twice-thrice a week as we’ve started back to the business slowly, I know I have to let some plans go, but again I must remember one thing: health is the priority, and I thank God for that. Also, for my beloved people over there.

I one time scrolled on Twitter during those days when everyone had started working from home and found there was one thing that seemed like a new habit: buying stuff online just because of endless boredom and ended with things they didn’t actually need. I thank God that kind of trap didn’t come to me as I know I love spending on food and nice things. To be honest, if you ask me if I have something I’d love to purchase online, two things: Airpods (Pro) and a cake mixer. The first is O-Mai-Gah stuff I’d love to have after I did borrow the one my flatmate has. I do think it’s not a bad idea to get one but I realise during this time, it could be wiser not to spend some money on a luxury. Two, I’ve been dying to start baking again, the fact that I have more time at home and wondering the smell of fresh buttery banana cake in the air from my oven, it could be something that makes me happier. But for myself? I’ve kept my faith for not to buy just a mixer but KitchenAid Artisan. Guys, I love nice things, but thankfully I’m happy being wise to myself at the moment. I’ll keep my dream mixer in mind but for now, I’d love to share a simple recipe yet super yummy you can try at home.





Here is a super easy recipe you can try when there is a free time at home. Trust me it’s yummy.

Bonus: you don’t need to worry about hygiene and anything about the fat cause you have the control when you cook at home.



Be generous with the chicken!

Lazy Breakfast

When I was checking the date I took these photographs, I gasped a bit, ten days ago?


I actually woke up with a will to make a happier day. That morning was cold after rain but thank God, the sunshine came through my windows. Of course I dreamt to be on the bed for a whole day but again, no free lunch.


I do love preparing my breakfast like a normal human being. If I have to leave my apartment for work outside like 2 to 3 days you could imagine how bad I have to manage my meal. As long as I have a nine-to-six schedule that day, I’ll start building my mood with a cup of hot coffee, decent breakfast, favorite songs on my playlist called Morning Boosters.


Strawberry & Kale

You know one song on X that I love SO MUCH apart of ‘Photograph’? Guess what? Sure you won’t know, you had no clue too that I can sing ‘Photograph’ very well? Acoustic, please, I sing better with that version. Ok, let me not keep it as a secret, it’s ‘I’m A Mess’. Well most of you will agree that ‘Thinking Of Loud’ is one of the masterpiece, right? I love that song too. Though one of my favourite singer in this ENTIRE WORLD, oh this sounds too-much? sorry, I mean Ed is still resting from the industry and screen-world (I think I should try the second one though I know I’ll fail, no point) but I won’t be bored watching his acoustic version of ‘Baby One More Time’. He’s talented indeed, sorry did I mention that JB is so yesterday? Mendes sings better, right?

Nope don’t get me wrong, I won’t fool you by wondering why the title of this post is Strawberry & Kale but I’m preaching about Ed. Sure, there is no correlation in between. I just want to let you know that Ed has a very, very genuine music talent, you know ‘Love Yourself’ right? Das weißt du besser. JB, give thanks to Ed! Guys you must note this, I can sing that song very -I said VERY- well. Trust me.

OK. THIS. IS. ENOUGH. Hör auf damit!

Let me not wasting your time with my random thoughts, just wanted to share food-lodge I took with my OMG I know it’s time to get my new camera and proper lenses, I shouldn’t be like a snail to get it in my hand (the good news is; I have the budget, tho it’s not a7R ii *crying*). For now, hope you don’t mind for some scenes of today’s breakfast that I’m sure a toddler can even make it. You must trust me for the last sentence.










Chicken Lasagne à la Azis



“Quick one, what is your definition of simply joy?”


Entering a mall to get some new outfits in the afternoon on weekday? when other people have their ‘an-hour-lunch-time’ and they’ll come back to work while you’re shopping? I agree.


Sitting in the restaurant on Saturday morning where you can easily choose delicious food with a thick wallet in your hand for your breakfast? I do agree, too. If you think so.


We all have our own definition of simply joy, right? No need a leather Gucci backpack for free, just a simple thing that could make you smile and feel happy, yep? I had to say two ‘simple joys’ above were mine two weeks ago while I was in Indonesia.

Oh come on, that was two weeks ago!

Trust me, I already woke up from a mental-vacation and hundred percent enjoying my REAL LIFE here (oh I don’t have an idea why my iTunes is playing “WELCOME TO NEW YORK!, IT’S BEEN WAITING FOR YOU, WELCOME TO NEW YORK!). No, I don’t say that my other SIMPLY JOY is coming to New York even that song always make me dreaming walking in New York at night.

When the smell of chicken lasagne was spread in the air from my kitchen, I thought that was a simply joy. I found that I had lasagne noodles in the kitchen last night and turned them this morning in to my first ever lasagne (this sounds garish, who cares?!). I never read about lasagne recipe before except how to boil lasagne noodles (no, I’m not cheating right?!). So you can call this recipe such an experiment, but trust me it was sooooooo yummy! and, sure it is so easy!

(Click to the image if you want to see the ingredients clearer, pardon I just love thin fonts!)

I don’t have an idea if this one is too-heavy for breakfast?




Chicken Lasagne3




  • Sure, first thing first, bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Cook lasagna noodles for 8 to 10 minutes, or until al dente. Drain, rinse with cold water, and set aside
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C)
  • Time to cook the chicken! After you finish with ‘dice-cutted’, heat the pan, put 3 tbps O oil and butter, add garlic, stir-fry until it smells good, then add the chicken. Sprinkle a pinch of white pepper, taste if before you add salt since you already put salted butter. It doesnt take time, until you feel it’s time to pour the milk cream (add small water if you need too!). Chicken finish!
  • Take your non-stick backing pan, start with the first layer of lasagne noodle at the bottom. Add mushroom and chicken, then put another layer, spread tomato sauce and carrot, plus sausage. Another layer again with chicken and mushroom oh and cheese!. Repeat until the last lasagne noodle is ready to be covered with the rest of mushroom and looot of mozzarella!
  • Pour the rest of O oil, and an egg (whisked) sprinkle chili powder on top to make your lasagne prettier
  • Bake for 45 minutes in the preheated oven


Easy right!?



May I Enjoy

Ah, May. A month when awesome people were born :)

First, David was born on early of May (good news is he’s in instagram since last week!) and I have many beloved best friends that had their birthdays and some will celebrate later. Two weeks ago, when I had a day off on Saturday (plus Sunday was ‘loooong weekend’ for me!!) my flatmate and I spent the day from visiting this cool market to find something for my friend, watching The Avengers (he’s so keen with that kind of superhero movie, I’m more ‘drama-reality life’ person), groceries shopping and in the end, I ended at French supermarket. It took days for me to kill my laziness for this post but finally could share some pretty things here.

1 | I can’t far away from white plates and cups for my props collection but this pattern stole my heart. First time I went to one of the oldest supermarket in this town, I found myself stood in front of it for seconds. I couldn’t resist to bring it home two weeks later along with a new white tea-cup and a square side plate.


2 | I had fun with Spanish gems last week. I made a promise when I first saw them in a French supermarket months ago that I would bring them one box if I had enough money. It’s not a secret that you’ll never have enough money for berries if you live in a country where some particular fruits are not cultivated. But for these pretties, I didn’t even care if my wallet screamed after I took them home. I mostly enjoyed them raw as a snack cause they were so sweet!.

I added one in my oats plus dark chocolate on top of hot oats (hello oats, it’s been a while for brekkie!).

HolaMay2 HolaMay3 HolaMay4

3 | I took french veggie home along with the strawberry. I thought for simply salad later in the Sunday noon. I posted the chicken patty recipe on the previous post.

HolaMay5 HolaMay6

4 | Playing with dark chocolate later in the evening. I had cold that day so instead of tea, I brewed lemon plus ginger plus honey. When I took my flatmate to the traditional market where he bought some souvenirs, I saw a cute brass deer (he’s going home in the end of this month, wait, can I replace his seat on the plane? :|). I wanted to bring it home that day yet I had to be kind with my wallet. But when we came back two weeks ago, instead of one, I brought one giraffe and one lizard along (aren’t they so cute?). Oh, I bought some magnets for my friends as well (can’t wait to pack all of them inside my suitcase!).

HolaMay8   HolaMay9 HolaMay10 HolaMay11HolaMay12

That’s all simply things I had for early May. Looking forward for another happineess this month! (oops, you see my idol’s feed on my iPhone on that scene above? :)). Let me enjoy a bit of my Saturday night with this one and this one.

Happy weekend!,


Simply Chicken Patty

Right now, I’m working for another post but can’t hold this one to share first. I have one simply yummy soup recipe that has become a new fav food at home. When my flatmate requested for three times already, no need too long words to describe how it taste. I’ll share the recipe next time but for now, I’ll share this super simple recipe anyone can make it.



What I love from this chicken patty is the fact that you can eat with salad, soup, or… just with chilli sauce and hot rice. It is very versatile.

I’m on my way with some photos I snapped last week. Can’t wait to post it!



Chic’ Lemon

There are three reasons why I love this simply chic’ recipe for my lunch :). One is because the ingredients are fresh. Two, healthier way to cook, baking!. And the last is yes, it is easy to cook this food. You just need to put all the ingredients and bake in the oven. All you need for one serving are :

150 gr chicken fillet | 2 medium garlic cloves | 1 medium tomato | 1/4 red onion (I had big onion, if you have small ones, you can use probably 3 cloves), slices of white onion, three pcs of red pepper, 3 slices of fresh lemon, 3 coriander leaves, 2 tbs O-oil (put more if you want! :)), spices : 1 tsp chilli sauce, pinch of salt and ground black pepper.

Just put all of them on a sheet of aluminium foil, wrap neatly and bake for 25 minutes. I ate this Chic’ Lemon with basmati rice that noon. A glass of cold spring water was enough for a compliment of this spicy-fresh lunch.






Happy Friday! (I HAVE-TO enjoy my Sat and Sunday before hellish-next-week! Uh.)

Conchiglie Creamy Champignon

iPhone picture
taken with iPhone

Here again. I almost die inside my laziness yet I realized that so many, yes too-many-abandoned-pictures need to be posted. My quick jaunt to Bali, still on my hardisk. Some pictures that I need to find on my Facebook page still on my head (that because I lost those pictures and I sad) for my little story about friend, yes still on my head. Almost 1000 pictures that I took with my iPhone recently are still on my iPhoto, I haven’t moved them to my hardisk yet. And I knew that next week I will work hard like a dog for two big event. Sigh.

I decided to wake up a bit among my laziness, and among my flying-whats-my-next-dreams. Fortunately this food-lodge is on again. Post from my last week lunch ; Conchiglie Pasta cooked with creamy Champignon. If I could say this recipe is one of the EASIEST Italian food I could cook. You can cook. Very easy, no need too-long-to-cook, fresh ingredients, simply yet tasty.

Let me tell you how to cook this quickly. Whole grain conchiglie pasta (boiled well) keep it, now heat your pan, put butter let it melt. Stir fry garlic until smells good. Add O Oil, add chicken fillet (dice cut), cook 3 minutes and add champignon. Then pour full cream milk as much as you think it will be creamy enough, pinch of salt (taste it before you sprinkle salt, make sure the taste is perfect, not-too-salty), just need like 2 minutes to cook the cream. Mix pasta into the cream, add cherry tomatoes, sprinkle Oregano and simply Italian food is ready to be enjoyed. For side dish I added broccoli, sweet corn + cabbage in spicy mayonnaise, and cheddar cheese, it depends on you. Oh yeah, If you agree with me a full spoon O oil extra (put on the plate separately) will make this dish more perfect, add it :). If you want creamier, add whipped cream when the champignon cream still hot.

Ingredients :

° Handful of Conchiglie pasta | ° 6 tbs O Oil | ° 10 pieces Champignon | ° 200 grams Chicken fillet | ° 4 cloves of Garlic | ° 30 grams of Butter | ° 150 cc Full cream milk | ° pinch of Salt and ground black Pepper | ° Cherry Tomatoes | ° Side dishes : Broccoli – Sweet Corn – Caggabe – Mayonnaise – Chilli sauce | ° Oregano









Oh I love ‘my-lunch-is-done’ of my plate. For me it was artistic, taken by iPhone.


It happened again, TODAY.

Then my lunch today was the same food but I tweaked a bit. I used spaghetti instead of conchiglie, added chicken sausage, side dish were chips, lettuce and cherry tomatoes. Hmm, could you help me to find the name of the edible mushroom (see above, that beautiful brown one :)), I had no clue <— lazy to google it. It was a little surprise for me when my flatmate said that the taste of this Conchiglie Creamy Champignon was so close as creamy pasta that “Warung Itali” in Seminyak, Bali. One of the MOST delicious (and affordable) Italian food in Bali. I took lunch there this year, it wasn’t their Pasta, it was Lasagna. Will show you completely when I post my quick jaunt to Bali.



Takjil, Day 2

By the time I reached house yesterday by 6.56 pm I ran to find my chocolate jelly inside fridge that I cooked before went to work. I took a glass, put choco jelly (dice cutted) and ice cubes then I poured soya milk, slices of buttery avocado plus Milo on top. It was my ‘Takjil’, sweet starter before my heavy meal, breaking fasting is always joyful!