Torry And His Story

I remember, I read one of Torry’s tweets right after I finished with one of prayer sessions.


His tweet was up among mutual people I follow. When he shared his feeling after his dad was just passed, my fingers were frozen.

I came to Mecca with a specific purpose months after I lost mine so I knew exactly how he felt. I took a piece of paper and started writing some prayers for his late dad when I was still in front of al-Ka’bah al Musharrafah. People say our prayers would be answered straight away in front of the most sacred site. I didn’t know Torry, I never met him in person but I just wanted to let him know at that moment, prayers even from strangers could make us feel better.

When I looked back at how Torry and I connected after that piece of paper, it reminds me of one thing. When I was a kid, I grew up as an introvert. As you could imagine, being alone was one of the most comfortable circumstances I had all the time. It didn’t bother me that having bunch of friends was actually cool. As life changes today, even from social media, an introvert could learn to open himself to connect with bunch of kind people out there. Ah, I should have told him if he had time for coffee when I managed my last three days in Canggu before flying back to Africa, I should.

Since I have been following Torry on Twitter, I suspected one thing: he must be a graduate either from English Literature or International Relations. The way he addresses his thoughts in English is so tidy. Easy peasy, I knew I was right. When Torry responded my nerve to share some interesting facts and sort of on KitKat (oh my world, when last I posted something on KitKat), I was excited to hear from him through an email. As I couldn’t keep for myself but sharing it for you guys, here is Torry expressing his love for his mum, his unforgettable experience in China and more. Take a cup of hot lemon tea when reading this. Enjoy!



The first thing to ask näturlich, who’s Torry Jatiprakoso? What do you do and where do you live?

Hi! I was born in Solo on May 6th, 1993. I was raised in Solo and I am pure-blood Solonese! So, if you are looking for a native Solonese, my family is the one you’re looking for.

My family strongly hold Javanese culture, but they also embrace tolerance. For example, they want me to be a Javanese guy who speaks Javanese, understand the culture and manners of Javanese family, but they let their kids to choose their own religion as for them religion should not be given to an individual. So, we can be anything without forgetting where we came from.

I am now working as a manager in one of multinational company and posted in Bali.

When I read one of your tweets written in English, I did suspect your background must be so close with English. Funny enough, I guessed you were graduated from International Relations. So tell us more about your background?

I had decided to take International Relations later in college since I was 12. I joined my school’s debating team and most of the motions were international issues, and that was when I started to dream to be a diplomat.

I was focusing on diplomacy and negotiation, because I am fascinated on how leaders all around the world make agreement and surprised that biggest decision sometimes made in informal approach. This concentration lets me know more on how to behave, how to negotiate better, how to analyze my interlocutor’s body language, table manner, seating arrangement and how a small event can create big impacts. Other than that, I know better that negotiation and diplomacy is an art.

What did you have in mind before decided to learn International Relations at the university? What was the most interesting part from your study?

I have always wanted to have an international exposure and what a 12-year-old boy was that anything labelled with “international” is super cool and will later give me an international access. I was thinking International Relations is about understanding the relations and culture of many countries, apparently it’s more about politics.



The most interesting part of learning International Relations is that diplomatic relations between one country and another is very unique and complicated. We need to understand that in diplomacy there are protocols which rule the outfit we should wear, which perfume we have to wear, and our body language speaks a thousand words. There’s one subject that was very interesting for me called “Cultural Communication among Nations” where I can understand body language or signs in each country may differ, we need to learn this to avoid misunderstanding.

That sounds interesting, now if you have something to say to young students whose International Relations is their passion, what would you say?

If you have set your mind to learn International Relations and 100% sure to pursue your dream to be a diplomat, you are in the right place. You will never regret to learn this subject and will never find it difficult. Keep going but read more about specific issues in specific fields, as in International Relations you will learn many other sectors other than politics but not in details.

So T, let’s talk about your passion. Anything?

Actually, International Relations is something I am passionate about since I wanted to be a diplomat, but for now I have something else in my head that I want to pursue. Other than that, I think singing is one of my passions. I don’t sing amazingly, but at least I can always get through bad days with music plugged in my ears and sing along!

Should I mention here that your Japan trip was such a blast? Tell us more if you don’t mind!

I have never been interested in Japan before and even I think people who are fanatic about Japanese culture are weird. However, lately I saw that many people are going there and everything looks very pretty. Finally on November 2018 I purchased a return ticket to and from Tokyo.

When I first arrived, I was fascinated by the view along my train trip from Narita airport to Tokyo station as everything looks super clean and well-organized. I went to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Nara, Fuji and those places are very pretty. I tried many kind of food including Ramen and Gyukatsu, they were all finger-licking good!

I finally I understand why those people are very obsessed about Japan. Not only pretty, but their food, people and culture are also amazing.



So, how many countries you’ve paid a visit so far? Which one has marked your heart?

I have visited 9 countries so far and the most meaningful experience is China.

I went to China on 2012 after being awarded an exchange program from AIESEC. I did a project in Xinchengzhen, an under developed small village which ironically only 3 hours away from the amazing Beijing. I went there to teach English and cultural understanding to children from 6 to 15 years old. The village is very poor, and many children are not confident to talk about their dreams, so we called our project as “Dare to Dream Project”.

I applied for some other programs other than teaching, but the project’s timeline was not suitable with mine. So, the only one left was teaching project which I lied during interview by saying that I love kids because they are cute, playful, and kids love to be around me. In fact, I hate kids!

Everyday, many kids came to my room to wake me up only to hand me a sheet of paper with some questions about my full name, nationality, my zodiac sign, and many more. Maybe you remember biodata paper from Loose Leaf. They woke me up with their big eyes and cute smile. How could I hate that?!

I was frustrated at first the kids were hard to handle, especially I had one big boy who was a rebel. There was a very shy little chubby girl who ran away each time I came to her. In addition, I lived at the school’s dormitory which toilet was a big square room with 14 square holes on the floor. Those holes are squat toilet with no walls to separate one another, and I had to stay there for 3 months.



Unfortunately, on the last week of the first month of the project, Beijing and its surrounding were hit by flash flood and I still remember the worst flash flood happened only 5 minutes from our place. We had to stop the project that day and we would be relocated back to Beijing on the next day. When I told the students that Dare to Dream Project ended only in the first month, the students cried and hugged me. I was surprised that the rebel boy came to me and would not let me go. He hugged me so tight and he cried loudly, he said, “Teacher, don’t go!”. The next day before leaving for Beijing, the shy little chubby girl came to me just to hand me a small box with a jade necklace inside. I was about to hug her, but she ran and cried.

I was so proud that the first day we came, no one was brave enough to say even only one or two words in English but the day we left, they had started saying words in English. It was very memorable, and I keep wondering how those kids are now. It was life changing and now I really really love kids. They are cute, indeed.

Do you have personal thoughts about life that apply in “this is my rule and it’s written in my life dictionary”? 

Everyone wakes up in the morning and sleep at night. Living life is a routine and it repeats for a lifetime, but the way we live and make each day meaningful is the thing that matters. The first thing I have in mind is to treat people the way we want to be treated and to make them feel appreciated even in the smallest things.



Second, as a person I believe that we were born with so many talents. Therefore, I always want to push myself in doing new things and open myself for any good opportunity coming to my way.

How do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself as someone with master’s degree title after my name, while running my own business.

What are the things that could make you proud to yourself?

I am a happy person and I am able to radiate the whole room with happiness. Other than that, nothing makes me feel prouder than my Mom saying that she’s proud of what I have achieved.

This might be one of compulsory questions on KitKat. Three things you can’t live without?

Phone, money, phone charger.

If you must mention one name whose inspirations have lived in your own life, who would you mention and why?

Endang Listyorini. She is my Mum. She’s the strongest woman ever walked on earth! My Mum is a very independent woman who knows her strengths and puts her family above all. I lost my Dad last March because of lung cancer and only a week after his death, my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.

However, my Mum didn’t lose hope and follow all the treatments with strong desire to recover.

People make some resolutions every new year but let’s talk about this instead: do you have some unforgettable moments until this end of the year that made you feel pain, free, grateful, and stronger than before?

Yes, my Dad’s passing. I was not so close to him as we always had different ideas on things. However, I really love to learn about my own culture and my Dad knew a lot. Maybe, that was the only thing we could always talk about. When he was diagnosed with the last stage of lung cancer, I left my job to take care of him.

I drove him to hospital twice a week from Solo to Sardjito Central Hospital in Jogja, we left at 4AM and arrived at home at 9PM. After everything was settled, I came from Bali to Solo once a month to see him. Unfortunately, after 7 months struggling with cancer, my Dad could not take it anymore and he passed away. Even we were not too close, I am grateful to be by his side during all the struggles and let him know that I loved him so much. It is still painful to remember, but I know I can only be stronger each day.

Mention one song which could describe your life. Anyone inside your life-playlist? Tell us why.

Circle of Life!

This song does not really describe my life in particular, but this song describes life in general. Circle of Life tells us that life is a never-ending journey to discover ourselves. It tells us that there’s much to see than can ever be seen, more to find than can ever be found, and so much more to do than can ever be done.

I sang this song as well on my graduation ceremony, therefore it becomes the song that is very close to my heart. I cried listening to this song when I visited Hong Kong Disneyland where the sang it live on The Festival of Lion King, it was very beautiful.



Last one. Surprising side of Torry Jatiprakoso?

I can be harsh and do not care about things, but I am actually very soft at heart. I hate to cry in front of someone else just because I do not want to look weak.



I couldn’t thank enough to Torry for sharing all these and hoping we can actually sit and sharing more life experiences with good cup of coffees, someday T.

You could follow him here and here, he sometimes shares his talent in singing too.

From The Heart of Europe


“Don’t worry guys, I haven’t visited Europe yet. Just keep reading”


I could remember how I enjoyed Tokyo at night. Sitting on a stone bench at a small park just beside my hostel with a cute matcha ice cream from Lawson, some chocolate almond Pocky on my table, and wishing if I could have 30 hours a day instead of 24. Many times I cheated myself to sleep after midnight even when I knew my eyes were wanted to close, and oxygen in my brain flew faster. Perhaps, I was fine enough living without ‘a world clock’.

At night when one of my best friends, Rifda, asked me what I was doing in Tokyo that day, I had a story to tell. I was so passionate sharing about what I saw in Kyoto a day before we spoke on the phone. How Kyoto mesmerized me even I only spent three days. Also, I shared about my hostel and who I met. When I sent text before I called her, there was one sentence that made my eyes wide-opened. She mentioned that she was so happy when I shared about other travelers I met in Japan. She said, she realised that in this life dream does come true. She told me that I used to tell her years ago that someday I’ll have a lot of friends from all over the world.


I probably forgot when I said so to Rifda. But I will always remember how it felt when I met other travelers in Japan. It was really really exciting. Maybe because it was my first time became a solo traveler and found ‘friends’ that did the same thing.

I mentioned on my previous post if you’re lucky, you’ll get new friends by staying in a hostel when you travel outside country. And on this post, I’ll introduce you to my new good friend that I met in Tokyo, Andreas. He is from Europe (OMG Europe, I can’t stop thinking about you!). I asked him to share something on this well-known :P blog that hopefully, he will inspire you as much as I had.


Here we go!




Who is Andreas Knogler? What do you do and where do you live?

I am a passionate traveller who is looking for interesting talks and experiences which can enrich my personal horizon. I graduated at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg in July 2016. I got there my bachelor’s degree in Innovation & Management in Tourism. In September 2016 I will start a master programme which is organized roughly said by the European Union. The program aims to give an understanding of sustainable tourism in an international environment. It takes place in three different countries in Europe to give different insights into this topic.

Currently I am living in my hometown Eferding, in Austria which is not far located from the longest river of the European Union, the Danube. This river connects 10 different countries and reminds me always that there is so much to see outside of Austria and we should always think out of the box when problems are occurring.

Tell us about your background? Why did you decide to learn about tourism management? 

I was born in a rural and quiet area in Austria and lived there the most of my life. I can remember when I was 14 and in the last grade of the secondary school, our class went to a job fair where different companies and educational institutions could present themselves to potential employers or students. I was not sure about my future and I recognized this fair as an opportunity for me to clarify my future. At this fair I had the first contact with the possibility to study in the field of tourism management. At the stand of the tourism school, which I attended for the next 6 years I could get some answers about the process and the further career opportunities. Summing up, I think the visit at this job fair was a decisive point for me.

And what is the most interesting part of your study?

The most interesting part of my study is for sure the correlation of different factors which can influence decisions in the tourism industry. Especially the importance of communication between different people is a core point in this sector. Furthermore I am interested in the way of dealing with customers or employers from different cultural backgrounds.

Tell us more about Austria? And what’s part of your country that makes you feel and say “I’m proud was born as Austrian”?

Austria is a small country in the heart of Europe. This is the short version but it is more like that. Our country is for tourists well-known as a destination which you can visit through the whole year. During winter you can take a ride on prepared slopes and in summer you can hike or spend your days at picturesque lakes or rivers. (but not at the sea because we are in the centre of Europe this is one “thing” we don’t offer).

Our country is to a big part depending on tourism. Nevertheless when I am travelling outside of Europe and I answer the question about my origin country I get in 90 percent of the cases the answer: “Ohh, Australia the country of kangaroo and Eyers Rock”.

But here in Austria we take our fate with humour. I heard already about an Austrian company which is selling T-shirts with the message: In Austria there are no kangaroos! and these t-shirts are bestsellers.

One thing I am really proud about my country is the combination of urban lifestyle and the picturesque beauty of nature. After travelling a lot I see how essential an unspoiled nature is. And also the capital Vienna which is the city with the highest quality of living in the world ranked by the Mercer Quality of Living Survey is one reason to be proud.



What is the “must-visit” destination in Austria that we should visit at least once before we die? How about “must-eat” Austrian food?

As already told Vienna is a good spot in Austria. You need several days to explore the city in a sufficient way. Salzburg would be also an interesting city for tourists. If you have only one day for visiting Austria I would highly recommend to look for a natural place like a natural park or somewhere in a mountainous region. Because admiring the natural scenery is more rewarding than trying to explore for just a couple of hours the capital.

I think the one “must-eat” food is for sure the Kaiserschmarren. It is a sweet dish. Basically it is a thick pancake which is scrambled, covered with powdered sugar and served with jam from apricots. Furthermore I can recommend the famous Wiener Schnitzel (*) which is a breaded veal cutlet served with potatoes and a salad. 

What inspired you to start travelling?

I got my inspiration to travel during my first longer stay abroad. In 2010 I did my practical training in an Italian hotel for 2 months and at the beginning I could barely speak Italian. After these 2 months I could speak Italian fluently and made a lot of experiences with a different culture. I realized that travelling or working abroad, even if these are different things, is helping me to raise my cultural awareness.

What’s the most memorable country you’ve visited on earth and why? 

The most memorable country I have visited is with no doubts North Korea. I spent 5 days in this isolated country run by a dictatorship. If I should describe my experiences in one sentence I would say


The trip to this country showed me how good my life situation is and that the freedom of travelling is priceless.





How many times you did solo travelling outside Austria? what’s the best part of it that changes you as a person?

The first time I spent 5 days in Cebu at the Philippines. The second time I went on a backpacking trip for 3 weeks to Japan. 

When I was travelling alone I changed myself as a person a lot. Especially in Japan I realized that I am more outgoing and approachable in order to get to know new people.




Three things you can’t live without?

Friends, books and milk tea (I am addicted to milk tea since my exchange semester in Hong Kong).


Which destinations are the top of your bucket list?

Brasil, IcelandIreland.

Is there anything as a tourism graduated young man that you have high hopes to accomplish? whether it be a personal projects or traveling to some exotic country?

My short-term goal I want to accomplish is to work for the Österreich Werbungafter the completion of my master. This company is the national tourism organization of Austria which aims to raise the awareness about Austria as a travel destination throughout the year. This company runs many foreign offices and to work in one of these is one of my personal goals because I like to have a job where a lot of intercultural communication is required.

My long-term goal is when I have gained work experience in the field of international tourism I want to run an own company. Even if I don’t know the exact field in which this company could serve I think to run a successful company is one of the most rewarding things in life that can happen to you.

Who is inspiring person you’ve been admiring about his/her dedication in their passion?

The person who is inspiring me the most is my father. He is nearly blind because of a rare eye disease which cannot be healed but at least it could be stopped to get much worse so far. This disease started already when he was a child and got much worse with the years but my father takes his fate in a very good way. He lives his life and is not afraid about the future because he cannot change anything even if he would be angry about it. So he shows me how important health is and that life can be enjoyable even with a handicap.

Do you have any message for boys and girls outside there about traveling, or even solo traveling?


I always tell to myself when thinking about a trip in the future that I should not wait too long because life can change quite fast. That doesn’t mean you should do everything even if it is too expensive but


We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, travelling where and when you want is a way of freedom which was not common for a lot of people in the past and is still for some people on this planet an unfulfilled dream. 


Last question, what is the surprising side of Andreas Knogler?

I think this can only people answer who talked with me. Ask them ;)




Actually, before I went to Kyoto I was looking for another hostel to experience. I got one somewhere near Shinjuku that has larger space and bigger bed. But then, I thought it would be easier for me to keep my luggage at the same hostel (hell no to carry a luggage east to west in Tokyo train station!). So I extended my stay for 3 more nights. Just because I arrived quite late in Tokyo, I had no regret being sluggish to wake up late and re-pack all my souvenirs I got from Kyoto (how could I say to myself to do ‘light travel”? it sounds like bullshit if you go with one backpack and come back with three!).


“Serendipity does exist”


When I was repacking my things, Andreas came and wanted to pass to get his backpack. With zombie eyes and rumpled I wore for five days that grey yikes! t-shirt, I asked him those simple questions immediately, “what’s your name – where are you coming from?”. And you know that thing when you meet somebody and you just feel ‘clicked’ and say “you can learn something from this guy!”?, that’s what I felt when I met Andreas.

Andreas may laugh reading this, but truly I felt like I was talking too much that day yet I didn’t realize :P. I might be too excited sharing my experiences and how Nigeria changed me as a person. Not to mention that I’m so envy because he speaks three different languages! hoping I had a longer time in Tokyo and had a longer conversation, too. Because I believe that Andreas has so many interesting stories about his experiences, his study, and his country.

I had to admit that I was really sad I couldn’t meet Andreas on my last day cause I had to fly in the morning. Even just to take a photograph of him with my iPhone. But right now I feel beyond grateful because our friendship didn’t end in Tokyo. Andreas told me,



And I trust that ‘somewhere’ will be in Europe.


The Amazing Giri

Giri1It’s been long I know since I started KitKat, a place where I love to share bunch of cool people outside there yang menginspirasi, yang datang dari berbagai profesi. As long as they’re inspiring and has creative background, sebisa dan sesering mungkin saya akan mengorek siapa mereka di blog ini. Dan kali ini, saya berkesempatan memaksa seorang kreatif muda yang karya-karyanya berkali-kali membuat saya geleng-geleng kepala. Semoga Anda terinspirasi setelah membaca hasil cuap-cuap saya dengannya.

Here we go!


For all those who never know Giri, it would be a nice to ask straight. Who is Giri? where do you live, and what do you do?

First thing first, you guys really don’t need to know about me, just be inspired by my pieces, I will be happy as human and video/film maker. TAPI KARENA DIPAKSA senior favorit satu ini, baiklah :D.

Nama saya Giri Prasetyo, I claimed my hometown in Surabaya (actually I live nomadic), sekarang tinggal di Jakarta Selatan sejak 4 tahun lalu. Mengawali rantau di Jakarta dengan bekerja di beberapa production house. Alhamdulillah sekarang sudah 2,5 tahun bekerja di production house milik sendiri. Posisi tepatnya selain owner, juga sutradara, cinematographer, dan editor”

How many years been professionally worked for what you are doing now?

“Sejak 2009, berarti 7 tahun ya. Wow I never realised it’s been 7 years!”

I’ve seen you have grown Gir, it amazes me how Giri Prasetyo produces many beautiful travel videos. If I may ask, how do you see yourself into your job?

Matur suwun mas, tenan iki, suwun. Jyan sampeyan iki kok, duh…

I didn’t call it a job, I think more like a passion. Saya nggak punya latar belakang akademis di bidang ini, apalagi sertifikasi khusus. Jadi ya apalagi yang bisa nge-drive saya buat terus konsisten kalau bukan passion, modal peralatan juga mati-matian dicari, koneksi dan ilmu juga blusuk sana blusuk sini digali, dan lagi-lagi alhamdulillah, karena passion ya happy-happy aja ngelakuinnya. Audio visual tampaknya sudah menyerap sejak saya masih SMA, ketika pertama membuat film pendek sekitar 11 tahun lalu (wtf I’m old!). Soal travel video, traveling adalah cara saya untuk mendapat ide-ide baru, mengalami hal-hal baru yang kemudian bertransformasi menjadi konsep baru”

What have been some of the most rewarding aspects of your job?

“Yang paling saya suka dari passion saya ini adalah, oke pertama saya bukan tipe talker, kecuali kalo lagi nge-direct ya. Bukannya apa-apa, because I prefer to show something in my mind rather than telling it. ‘Show’ ini berarti bisa mengutarakan, mengekspresikan, bahkan mengimpresikan siapa saya, apa yang saya pikirkan dan apa yang mau saya sampaikan. Dan audio visual adalah medium saya untuk mencapai itu. Bukan script writing, atau bukan public speaking (bahkan sering saya minta Atre buat nulis caption di instagram, karena males mikir kata-katanya, I mean, just read my pictures not my letter!). Otherwise, bukankah video adalah medium yang paling persuasif yang ada sekarang. Saya bisa ikut membawa penonton ke emosi yang saya rasakan, bisa membawa mereka ke hal-hal baru yang baru saya alami, dan sebagainya. Lalu melihat mereka tertawa, sedih, merinding, terinspirasi, itu sudah bisa bikin saya orgasme batiniah”

Sometimes, everybody that sees your work in social media would think it’s kind a dream job you’re having. I know every job has its own positive and negative sides, so what have been some of the most difficult aspects of your job Gir?

“Sebentar, dream job yang dimaksud ini job yang mana? yang traveling ya? semoga bener. Yang paling sulit adalah meninggalkan pacar sementara saya jalan-jalan! hahahaha. I never find it difficult, because it’s my passion. Fun! tapi mengikuti keinginan klien juga bikin senewen”

You have traveled to four continents already for some projects, which one was the most challenging? And which country that left mark in your heart?

As a project, di Jepang. waktu itu mengerjakan film panjang komersil pertama, dan langsung jadi DP (director of photography), dengan peralatan baru dan seadanya. Di sana juga saya mecahin satu filter ND yang mahal karena buru-buru set kamera. Dan juga berhadapan dengan aktris Jepang yang sudah terkenal di seluruh Asia. Edan, I didn’t see it coming, bro! The country that left mark sejauh ini sih Swiss. Karena sempat hampir (well, mereka udah jalan sih sebenernya) ditinggal kru lain ke Perancis karena sibuk cari spot yang bahkan orang lokal pun jarang yang tahu untuk materi video”

Who is your inspiration in videography? And why?

“Banyak sih, sampai lupa namanya (ga pernah inget nama orang), tapi yang saya inget berarti benar-benar jadi role model saya berkarya adalah Renan Ozturk. Kalau sebelumnya pekerjaan saya disebut dream job, maka saya menganggap orang ini punya heaven job. Dari project-projectnya, dari treatment visual, dari sketsa-sketsanya, inspiring. Ada lagi Garin Nugroho. Kalo doi ga perlu dijelaskan lah ya. Banyak lagi yang lain, tapi lupa, sumpah lupa”

What are some of your other hobbies and passions?

“Hobi yang lain adalah motoran, suka banget sama vespa dan custom motorcycles, dari culture, lifestyle, sampai desain-desainnya. Apa lagi ya, main gitar juga, sering main gitar kalau lagi buntu cari ide”

How do you see yourself in the next five years?

will be the man who still walk on my passion. Saya nggak mengharap ada reward dan kekayaan materi, tapi selama saya masih diberi kesempatan untuk berkarya, itu sangat mewah bagi saya”

Any dream place or call it home in your dream that you are really, really want to live there someday? Where and why?

“Serius pingin punya rumah terakhir di Banda Neira. Mimpi saya yang masih belum tahu bagaimana mendapatkannya. Kenapa? di pulau mini itu banyak sekali sejarahnya. Pernah suatu sore yang biasa, saya lagi duduk-duduk sambil menghisap rokok dan minum kopi di salah satu warung di dekat pasar ikan. Waktu itu hujan gerimis agak deras dikit, atmosfernya enak banget lah pokoknya buat mikirin hidup. Saya ngelamun aja liat lalu-lalang nelayan mengangkat kotak-kotak berisi ikan segar, ada ibu-ibu yang bawa dagangan dari pulau Banda besar, ada anak-anak yang masih saja sepedahan di tengah guyuran hujan. Dan itu semua dikelilingi oleh rumah tua pengasingan Syahrir dan Hatta, benteng Belanda, gereja tua yang ada tulisan-tulisan VOC, lalu saya melihat Mohammad Hatta jalan di tepian yang tidak terkena hujan. Matanya menatap lurus ke aspal, sambil tangannya mendekap satu sama lain. Itu aneh dan absurd, tapi pulau itu bisa memproyeksikan imajinasi saya secara fisik”

Any advices for beginner that has passion in videography?

“Klise, tapi ikutin terus passion-mu. Karena ya emang itu pegangan saya. Dari passion timbul idealisme. Dari idealisme timbul target achievement. Dari situ kamu bakal tahu apa saja yang dibutuhkan untuk mencapai apa yang kamu inginkan. Networking is the key. Bagi saya yang tidak dimanjakan pengetahuan dasar dari akademik, tidak disodori buku-buku film dan referensi-referensi, networking adalah cara saya mendapatkan knowledge khusus di bidang ini. Dan harus fokus tentunya”

Three things you can’t live without?

“Passion, passion, and passion. And that is a lot of things”

Finally, please share surprising side of Giri Prasetyo?

“I can be fully surprising when you underestimated me”


Bukan Azis namanya jika mengakhiri obrolan dengan inspiring human tanpa menodong karya visual mereka di blog ini. You guys know how I love beautiful pictures, dan Giri? let’s these pictures here speak by themselves. What he took from his recent trip to Iceland was beyond amazing. Now, you know why this post titled The Amazing Giri. 

For more of Giri’s beautiful work, visit and follow his instagram! I guarantee his travel videos on his vimeo will pamper your eyes, too :)










Ijinkan saya flashback sedikit sebelum mengakhiri postingan ini, ya :)

Saya ingat betul sosok Giri beberapa tahun yang lalu (wtf, I’m old! benar kata Giri :() saat saya iseng menjadi asisten dosen mata kuliah furniture design di Desain Produk ITS. Di mata saya saat itu, Giri adalah seorang mahasiswa yang biasa, jauh dari kesan mahasiswa desain yang ekspresif dari luar. Namun saya berkeyakinan mahasiswa biasa itu memiliki sesuatu yang tak biasa. Setelah beberapa bulan mengakhiri tugas di ITS dan bergelut dengan rutinitas di perusahaan di Surabaya, hingga tahun pertama di Afrika, saya tak terhubung dengan Giri. Saya lupa-lupa ingat bagaimana kami terhubung kembali, jika saya tak salah saat nama dan karyanya beberapa kali disebut di blog milik Ayos Purwoadji yang sering saya kunjungi dulu, Hifatlobrain.

Setelah itu, dengan munculnya twitter dan instagram yang mempermudah kita mengetahui bagaimana dan sedang apa mereka-mereka di luar sana, saya bertemu kembali dengan Giri. Keyakinan saya pada ‘sesuatu’ yang tak biasa dari adik kelas saya ini terbukti. Giri is amazing, and I knew it since. Postingan karya-karyanya di instagram hanyalah secuil bukti dari kekaguman saya pada sosok Giri yang berkembang pesat sebagai seorang profesional, yang sudah terbang ke Jepang, Maldives, Perancis, Australia hingga New York.

Setelah tujuh tahun lamanya tak bertatap muka dengan Giri, tahun lalu saya beruntung memiliki waktu bertemu dengannya bersama pacarnya, Atre, dua kali di Surabaya. Pertemuan yang menginspirasi dari dua pribadi yang inspiratif. And how lucky I am mendapat pernak-pernik dari Maldives, Jepang dan Perancis dari Giri. Oh, he has another thing from Iceland for me, yess!!! :) 

Last one I promise :)

“Gir, I proud of you. Keep up your excellent work! There is nothing happier than live with your passion. Till next time, Gir!”





Setelah perbincangan saya dengan mas Lukman yang memiliki blog ciamik dengan kekhasannya yang unik, kini saya ajak anda berkenalan dengan blogger keren lainnya. Kali ini saya berkesempatan mengobrol dengan Bebe, seorang perempuan Indonesia yang sekarang ini tinggal di Helsingborg, Swedia bersama suaminya, Bubu. Sekarang anda mengerti kan kenapa judul postingan ini BebenyaBubu?

Nah, jika saya mengulas obrolan ringan bersama mas Lukman dengan bahasa yang sedikit lebih formal, ngobrol dengan Bebe kebalikannya. Jauh lebih santai. Anda bisa dengan mudah menilai seorang Bebe adalah pribadi yang easy going, gaul dan periang dari bahasa yang ia gunakan. Daripada berlama-lama, mari, sediakan secangkir teh atau kopi hangat, rileks dan nikmati obrolan kami. Enjoy!


Sejak kapan keranjingan ngeblog Be? Lebih tepatnya kapan mulai ngeblog?

“Mulai ngeblog itu sekitar tahun 2007-2008. Awalnya ngeblog di FS trus karena di FS standar banget settingnya akhirnya pindah ke Multiply dan bertahan sekitar 1 tahunan disitu. Masalahnya kan di multiply yang bisa komen cuma orang2 yang terdaftar di multiply aja (sementara aku pinginnya eksis abis gitu kaaaan) akhirnya ya nyoba ganti platform lagi deh.. hahahaha. Setelah labil ke sana kemari, akhirnya hatiku berlabuh di wordpress sampai sekarang”

Pertama berkunjung ke blogmu sih langsung silau dengan kualitas fotonya pun bahasanya yang ringan sekali Be. Apa ini salah satu kekuatan blogmu agar menarik dibaca?

“Hmm.. bisa dibilang kekuatan ga ya? secara emang cuma bisa itu doang.. ahahahaha…But on the serious side.. aku nulis dengan bahasa yang ringan supaya ga terlalu pusing sama tata bahasanya. Sadar diri aja sih kalau emang ga berbakat nulis yang serius nan dalam gitu. Dan dengan nulis santai gini rasanya lebih enak dibaca juga sama temen-temen yang lain ga sih? hihihi.

Untuk soal foto, pada dasarnya aku ga terlalu suka kalau liat foto kecil-kecil gitu. Gemeeesss, makanya pas pasang foto di blog sendiri sekalian ajalah yang gede. Pan sekalian promosi juga.. hahahaha”

Yang aku suka dari blogmu itu tidak melulu postingan serius, atau postingan makanan terus, paket lengkap lah, ada cerita sehari-hari, travelling, dll. Khusus untuk postingan makanan, bagaimana awal mulanya suka mengabadikan makanan yang dimasak?

“Aku mulai suka food photography itu sejak pindah ke apartemen sendiri. Niat awalnya sih mau mengabadikan hasil-hasil makanan yang berhasil dibuat sendiri untuk pertama kalinya. Ya maklum, akhirnyaaaa gitu loooh, bisa bebas ngacak-ngacak dapur sendiri. Hahahahaha. Eh pas lagi browsing-browsing resep kok kebanyakan hasil fotonya kece2 semua yaaa.

Trus nama pun orang ga mau ngalahan, akhirnya aku ikutan nyoba2 deh. Eh ternyata keterusan”

Sepengetahuanku, fotografi makanan itu kan bermacam-macam gayanya Be, kalau yang aku lihat dari foto-foto yang diposting di blogmu itu editingnya kerasa sekali, sampai ke detail contonnya grafis untuk judul makanannya. Bisakah itu dibilang identitas fotografimu Be?

Hmmm.. kalau sampe dibilang identitas sih kayaknya belum ya.. Tapi emang sentuhan editingnya kerasa karena aku belum jago dalam hal ngatur lighting dll. Dan masih keterbatasan prop & setting lah. Makanya satu-satunya supaya fotonya jadi sesuai sama bayanganku itu ya dengan cara diedit. Cuma kalau pada akhirnya bisa jadi semacam “trademark” atau ciri khas kayaknya lucu juga.. ^_^”

Nah ini yang sering aku tanya pada para food blogger, ada budget khusus untuk memasak hanya untuk diposting di blog?

Nope! Masakan yang aku bikin seringnya emang makanan yang akan dimakan saat itu juga. Jadi jarang banget khusus bikin sesuatu cuma buat foto-foto aja. Kasian Bubunya, nanti cepet bulet dia.. :D”

Aku pernah membaca postinganmu tentang tips fotografi makanan, nah ada yang aku amini, tentang pentingnya props. Sering bokek ga Be karena keseringan beli props untuk memenuhi hasrat bisa menghasilkan foto bagus?

“Hahahahaha.. belum sih. Menteri keuangannya galak nek! :))

Tapi biasanya kalau lagi jalan-jalan dan ketemu prop apa gitu yang kayaknya lucu biasanya sih langsung ambil aja. Asal harganya masih masuk akal, ya sekali-kali gak apa-apa. Tapi emang prop ini kadang suka bikin bete sih kalo lagi mau foto.

Kebanyakan punya prop, pusing naronya dimana. Kalo sedikit, pusing juga itu-itu lagi dipakenya.. sigh.. *banting piring*”

Kalau aku sih Be, seringkali kebayang mau masak apa besok pagi, motretnya bagaimana, warnanya harus apa, bayangan2-bayangan buat postingan blog itu kadang muncul saat kerja pula hehehe, apa seorang Bebe pernah mengalami begitu?

“Kadang-kadang. Kalau misalnya udah napsu pingin nyoba satu resep, mulai kepikiran bentuknya nanti gimana, plating-nya kayak apa, dll dari sebelum bikin makannya. Apalagi kalau ada contoh hasil foto masakannya. Jadi curi-curi ide gitu deeeh. Tapi lebih seringnya sih (80% of the time) on-the-spot gitu lah. Baru mulai rempong naro2 props pas lagi masak dan pas masakannya kelar. Makanya kadang butuh poles sana sini pakai photoshop”

Dulu mengenyam pendidikan desain grafis kan Be? Tepatnya dimana? Apa yang mendasari kemudian seorang Bebe nyemplung di desain grafis?

“Iya. Aku dulu kuliah desain grafis di salah satu kampus di Karawaci.. :P

Awalnya pingin jadi desainer grafis itu karena bercita-cita mau jadi animatornya PIXAR.. hahahaha.. Tinggi kan cita-citanyaaa.. *angkat dagu*. Tapi ditengah jalan sadar diri kalau ga ada bakat animasi dan akhirnya fokus aja sama desain layout dan photo editing. Eh ternyata jalan barunya malah bantu banget buat ngejar cita2 baru pingin jadi fotografer.. Alhamdulillah.. ^_^”

Sekarang pakai Canon 5D, cerita dong perjalanan kamera yang dipakai waktu mulai menyadari seorang Bebe suka fotografi?

“Kamera DLSR pertamaku itu Canon 550D yang dibeliin suami setelah beberapa bulan melancarkan rayuan maut *eciyeeeh*. Dari dulu emang udah suka banget megang kamera-kamera gede karena papaku punya kamera manual yang udah sering aku utak atik sampe akhirnya rusak *maapin Bebe ya pa* -__-“. Selama foto-foto pakai kamera 550D sebenernya sih ga ada masalah juga. Sempet foto pre-wed pakai kamera itu dan hasilnya ternyata cukup lumayan. Tapi kata suami kalau mau serius mending sekalian aja pakai yang full frame sekalian, akhirnya ya udah di-upgrade jadi 5D deh..”

Punya panutan blogger atau fotografer Be? Inspiratornya gitu lah?

“Nope! Maksudnya sampai sekarang aku belum nemu yang bener-bener ngasih inspirasi khusus gitu deh. Kebanyakan serabutan banget liat sana sini. Makanya hasilnya juga kadang suka agak labil.. hahaha..”

Sibuk apa saja sekarang di Swedia Be?

“Sekarang baru mau siap-siap lanjut sekolah bahasa lagi. Sebenernya sih awalnya udah nyerah ngelanjutin belajar bahasa, tapi rasanya kok kurang ya kalau untuk cari kerja. Jadi mending lanjut saja lah. Takutnya kalau kebanyakan bengong malah sibuk nontonin drama Korea mulu lagi.. ahahahaha..”

“Tinggal di Swedia itu bisa di pastikan mahal, secara negara maju dan masuk Skandinavia lagi, kiat-kiatnya bisa enjoy hidup disana?”

Kiat biar bisa enjoy tinggal di Swedia? Hmmm..

  1. Jangan terlalu sering bandingin harga di Swedia sama di Indo. Mungkin untuk barang2 tertentu boleh lah.. Tapi kalau keseringan malah bisa stress berat. Ciyuuss, ga bohong deh.
  2. Pasrah aja kalau pendapatan dipotong 30-50%. Sakit hati siiiih, tapi yang penting kan duitnya jelas kemana perginya.. hihihi…
  3. Rajin masak di rumah supaya duitnya ga abis buat makanan aja. Kali2 malah bisa jualan makanan :P
  4. Rajin ngecek harga dulu sebelum beli apa2. Soalnya kadang walaupun tulisannya lagi SALE, suka tetep lebih mahal dari harga di toko lain yang ga diskon. Intinya WASPADALAH!!!
  5. Tinggal dimana selalu ada plus minusnya. Tinggal kita mau liat minusnya doang atau mau menikmati plusnya… ya ga? hahahahaha bijak banget saya *tepuk2pundaksendiri* “

Kalau orang awam yang belum pernah ke Eropa apalagi tinggal, yang dilihat kan seringkali ‘enak-enaknya’, kayak kotanya bagus, orang-orangnya keren, bla bla bla lah. Cerita sedikit dong hal-hal yang kadang menantang, nyebelin, suka dukanya tinggal di negara orang Be?

“Hmm.. apa yaaaaah..

Pertama pasti faktor jauh dari keluarga bikin suka kangen rumah. Tapi hari gini kan ada Skype, facetime, dll yang bisa ngerasa deket terus.

Oh, kalau di Jakarta kan kalau butuh naik kendaraan umum ada banyak pilihan yang bersliweran di jalan. Bisa naik ojek, becak, bajaj, angkot dll. Nah kalo di Swedia (atau negara Eropa sih), misalnya kita butuh naik kendaraan umum itu cuma ada bus. Itu pun udah berjadwal khusus tiap rutenya dan jaraaaaang banget telat. Jadi kalau misalnya kita mau kemana2 harus tau banget bus ini sampainya jam berapa, trus bus berikutnya jam berapa, dll. Misalnya males ribet pilihan lainnya ya jalan kaki deh.. :(

Trus ga enaknya lagi itu adalah kalo males masak, pilihan makanan yang bisa dibeli ga terlalu banyak. Soalnya resto yang murah2 juga ga banyak. Paling antara makan kebab, pizza kebab, atau makan makanan thailand. Huhuhuhu.. kan saya kangen makan bebek goreeeeng :((

Terakhir, suka ngiriiiii kalo ngeliat yang di Jakarta nyoba makan ini itu.. saya mau jugaaaaaaaa T_T”

Budaya Swedia yang sampai detik ini bikin seorang Bebe amaze?

“Tepat waktunya edaaaaan!!

Kadang aku dan Bubu kan suka ngundang temen-temennya untuk dateng ke rumah. Misalnya janjian jam 8, ya jam 8 persis (atau kadang kurang dikit) pasti udah ada yang ngetok pintu. Jadi kalau misalnya masak apa gitu, enak banget udah ngerti harus mulai jam berapa supaya jadinya jam berapa. Harus ngasih snack dulu atau ga, dll..

Tapi ya efeknya aku dan Bubu pun harus sama kayak gitu juga. Alhamdulillah sih selama di Indo pun jarang banget jam karet, jadi waktu pindah ke sini udah terbiasa ga keburu-buru kalau mau pergi. Udah diplanning dari sebelumnya mau berangkat jam berapa, butuh naik apa aja, dll.. ^_^”

Terakhir, persembahkan deh tiga kata buat Swedia dan Indonesia?

“I love you..

Huahahahahahahahahahhahaha… *hush*”


Seingat saya, kunjungan pertama ke blognya Bebe itu dari postingannya di forum food blogger Indonesia di Facebook. Semenjak itu saya mulai mencari beberapa cela menarik dari seorang penggemar berat serial Korea ini untuk kemudian saya tampilkan di blog ini. Blog si Bebe ini menurut saya paket lengkap, ada cerita sehari-hari yang kerap kali membuat saya tersenyum sendiri saat membacanya, foto-foto perjalanan Eropanya yang terekam dengan sangat indah, dan tentu saja, food photography-nya.

Sebenarnya saat menulis daftar pertanyaan diatas via surel saya sedikit khawatir pertanyaan yang saya utarakan kebanyakan, hehehe, tapi saat mau diperpendek kok ya sayang, dan setengah percaya juga si Bebe ini doyan cuap-cuap ya sudahlah. Eh, tak dinyana malah ia menjawabnya lebih panjang dari pertanyaan saya, hehehe.

Daripada berlama-lama, kunjungi blog Bebe di sini, dimana Bebe sangat-sangat update mengenai banyak hal yang saya yakin, anda akan menikmati setiap tulisannya. Be, kita ketemu di Malmö tahun depan *salim hehehe.

Terakhir, mari nikmati beberapa foto hasil jepretan Bebe yang sengaja saya pilih karena keindahannya. Semua foto telah mendapat ijin untuk di re-post disini.







Okay fellas, see ya with another cool blogger next time! 



Mari menambah ilmu. Buka wawasan dengan orang-orang baru agar kita semakin tahu.


Saya perkenalkan Anda dengan blog yang membuat saya kagum dengan konten dan kualitasnya belakangan ini, Pandjalu. Daripada berlama-lama, mari simak perbincangan saya dengan pemiliknya. Take a cup of tea, stay cool and enjoy! 

Siapa sebenarnya seorang dibalik blog Pandjalu, profil singkat lebih tepatnya?

“Ok, Pandjalu adalah sebuah catatan dari seorang pria yang sangat tertarik dengan dunia makanan. Pria itu adalah saya, bernama Lukman Gunawan a.k.a. Elgunawan. Bisa dipanggil El atau dipanggil Gunawan, ataupun Lukman, bebas. Catatan seputar kegiatan memasak itu saya torehkan dalam sebuah blog yang saya susun sebelum saya menikah dan menantikan kelahiran seorang anak seperti sekarang ini. 

Saya adalah orang yang sangat menyukai keindahan visual, maka tak salah kalau saja saya memang menyeburkan diri dalam dunia grafis dan fotografi. Namun dua dunia itu sudah saya tinggalkan semenjak tiga tahunan yang lalu setelah saya memutuskan untuk tinggal di sebuah desa jauh di pingir selatan kota Bandung. Sekarang saya sedang belajar bertani, bercocok tanam, dan budidaya perikanan tawar”

Apakah kesibukan mas Lukman selama ini berhubungan dengan dunia memasak?

Kesibukan saya sebenarnya tidak bersinggungan langsung dengan dunia memasak. Ya tapi hasil bumi dan perikanan kan pasti ujung-ujungnya untuk persoalan perut, nyambung ke masak. Namun juga, cerita kehiduapan mengalir dan mengarahkan saya untuk bersinggungan dengan dunia memasak. Keberadaan blog ternyata tanpa diduga menjebloskan saya benar-benar ke dunia memasak. Tadinya memasak yang merupakan sebuah hobi untuk mengisi waktu luang ketika dulu masih bujangan ternyata lambat-laun menjadi sebuah pekerjaan juga. Saya acapkali diundang untuk demo masak dan memasak utuk orang lain. Kini saya akhirnya membuat sebuah jasa memasak bersama teman baik saya, bernama Open Table

Sejak kapan mas, berpikir bahwa memasak terus membuat blog itu dirasa menyenangkan?

“Kalau ditanya sejak kapan saya menikmati memasak terus membuat blog itu menyenangkan, ya pastinya sejak blog tersebut muncul dan saya ciptakan. Kalau saja saya menyadari ini dari sejak SMA, misalnya, ya mungkin akan saya lakukan sejak dulu.

Semua ini awalnya berangkat dari keisengan saya saja, yang semenjak pindah ke sebuah desa saya tanpa sengaja sering berkegiatan di dapur untuk sekedar memenuhi kebutuhan sendiri dalam hal makanan setiap harinya. Lalu karena, ya, itu tadi saya ini orangnya “visual” sekali, tanpa sengaja saya membuat dokumentasi dari setiap hasil saya memasak. Pemikiran lainnya yaitu saya ini orangnya pelupa, jadi saya butuh catatan sendiri untuk segala hal yang telah saya lakukan. Supaya ketika saya lupa saya bisa kembali membuka catatan pribadi saya. Pribadi? Ya, kalau diteliti, sebenarnya di blog itu saya tidak pernah sekalipun mencoba berinteraksi dengan orang lain / pembaca. Jadi ini tujuannya benar-benar catatan untuk pribadi saya sendiri. Makanya saya pun tidak menyediakan layanan komentar di blog tersebut”

Dari beberapa postingan makanan yang mas Lukman buat, adakah waktu dan budget khusus untuk memasak, kemudian dibuat postingan hingga akhirnya dipublish di blog?

“Saya sama sekali tidak membuat aturan atau jadwal apapun dalam blog saya itu. Jadi sama sekali tidak ada budgeting atau perhitungan apapun dalam setiap materi yang akan saya posting. Singkatnya, ketika saya sedang memasak ternyata hasilnya bisa saya dokumentasikan, ya akan saya foto. Kalau ternyata saya tidak sempat foto, ya, saya tidak akan foto, yang pada akhirnya tidak akan saya posting juga ceritanya. Bahkan banyak sekali kejadian-kejadian memasak saya yang tidak saya dokumentasikan di blog. Ya begitulah, ini menjelaskan bahwa saya tidak effort dalam membuat blog tersebut karena memang saya tidak mau direpotkan dengan urusan nge-blog, hahaha. Hampir setiap hari saya memasak, tapi coba perhatikan tanggal dan waktu setiap postingan blog saya itu, belang-belang sekali, waktunya saling berjauhan, hahaha. Jadi intinya, ada kejadian yang terdokumentasikan, maka akan saya simpan di blog, namun ketika saya malas atau terlewat untuk membuat dokumentasi, ya saya sih cuek saja, hehehe”

Melalui blog Pandjalu ini, saya dengan mudah bisa menilai mas Lukman ini punya sense of art yang bagus, dari pemilihan gambar, layout, dan desain grafis yang disisipkan di resep, sebelumnya pernah mengenyam pendidikan desain atau sejenisnya mas?

“Wah, thanks for your compliment. Iya, latar belakang sekolah saya adalah desain grafis”

Di beberapa postingan saya bisa melihat pengetahuan mas tentang bahan makanan dan jenis makanan cukup luas, dari mana saja mas Lukman belajar mengetahui hal-hal seputar makanan?

“Dunia memasak ini saya mempelajarinya dari buku, buku, dan buku, sekaligus praktek memasak langsung. Banyak melakukan kegiatan yang terus-menerus sama pasti pada akhirnya akan membuat diri kita sendiri mengetahui lebih banyak akan kegiatan tersebut. Dan karena blog itu juga, akhirnya menggiring saya ke orang-orang yang bersinggungan langsung dengan dunia makanan, maka saya banyak belajar dari orang-orang tersebut. Belajar dari the real chef, pelaku bisnis restoran, pedagang sayuran di pasar, petani, dari pembantu di rumah, dan lainnya. Namun perlu dicatat, saya merasa pengetahuan saya belum luas, loh”

Siapa yang banyak menginsipirasi mencintai dunia memasak? Idolanya deh dalam memasak?

“Karena saya senang dengan visual maka seringkali saya membeli buku dengan alasan tampilan visualnya bagus. Jauh sebelum saya bersinggungan dengan dunia memasak ini, dulu saya tidak sengaja membeli buku Jamie at Home-nya Jamie Oliver. Lalu semenjak saya pindah ke desa, buku tersebut ternyata sangat memberikan inspirasi dalam hal memasak. Visual yang muncul dalam buku tersebut menstimulasi otak saya kebahagiaan-kebahagiaan dalam memasak. Saya sangat menikmatinya. Namun jika ditanya mengenai idola dalam memasak, saya tidak punya idola. Lebih tepatnya belum punya”

Menurut mas Lukman sendiri, bagaimana seharusnya blog makanan itu dipersembahkan oleh si blogger?

“Blog makanan harusnya seperti apa?! Hahaha. Tidak ada aturan apapun sih menurut saya. Namanya juga blog, sifatnya pribadi, jadi ya seenak-dewek-nya saja. Saya tidak terpikirkan harus seperti apa “baiknya” sebuah blog makanan karena berangkat dari pengalaman saya, ya, saya tidak untuk tujuan apapun dalam membuat blog masakan ini terkecuali untuk catatan pribadi saya sendiri”

Punya panutan seorang food blogger ga mas yang mempengaruhi gaya tulisan ataupun gaya fotografi makanan?

“Panutan food blogger?! Tidak ada, hahaha. Saya ini adalah tipe orang yang kurang mempunyai panutan, hahaha. Palingan idola saya itu Blur, Radiohead, dan Scott Schuman, hahaha”

Foto-foto yang diambil mas ini keren-keren, selama ini menggunakan spesifikasi kamera apa? Apakah dulu pernah belajar memotret makanan?

“Saya mengunakan kamera apapun yang ada di sekitar ketika memasak. Jadi tidak ada spesifikasi kamera khusus. Beberapa makanan terdokumentasikan dari kamera genggam bahkan dari fasilitas kamera di ponsel. Sebagian lagi ada yang pakai SLR. Bebas. Dan saya sama sekali tidak belajar memotret makanan. Sebisanya saya saja sih itu, hehehe”


Saya memberanikan diri mengirim salam, memperkenalkan diri, kemudian mengajukan beberapa pertanyaan ringan kepada mas Lukman sesaat setelah saya menelusuri halaman demi halaman blognya. Saya mengetahui link blognya dari mas Fahri atau yang biasa disebut Masjaki saat ia mengirim sahutan di twitter. Beberapa menit saya mundur sejenak dari pekerjaan saya hari itu dan langsung berselancar di blognya. Saya terkesima dengan paduan foto yang ia posting dan gaya tulisannya yang sungguh berbeda. Sungguh menarik.

Kadangkala satu hal yang membuat saya amazed dengan teknologi saat ini adalah begitu mudahnya menjalin pertemanan. Berinteraksi kemudian belajar. Saya menyadari blog ini masih sangat muda hingga saya merasa perlu belajar banyak kepada pribadi-pribadi baru. Belajar cara menulis yang menarik, memotret makanan yang indah dan belajar banyak hal baru. Dari perbincangan saya dengan mas Lukman via surel ini membuat saya menyadari satu hal, If you love something, do it often then you will learn much until you find your passion. 

Mari nikmati beberapa foto bidikan mas Lukman yang sengaja saya pilih karena keindahannya. Foto-foto ini sudah mendapat ijin untuk di re-post disini ya, hehehe. Selebihnya silahkan mengunjungi Pandjalu, pretty sure you will love them. Enjoy!






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PS : Big thanks for sharing mas Lukman. I’m so pleased.