Truth And The Academics



“Oh, you didn’t go to Disneyland when in Hong Kong?”, someone asked me last week.



The happiest place on earth, people say, wasn’t on my list then. I honestly thought about it cause I’m still curious (yes, till today) how Disneyland is. Also, I used to be a big fan of Mickey Mouse. Next time if I have an opportunity to travel to countries where Disneyland’s located, I should try to pay a visit at least once in my life.

My answer for such a question above was the same and will always be. I’d stick on my travel style which is fifty percent of my time I’ll use it for “must-visit” places while another fifty percent is free. On the recent vacation, my free time was increased to seventy percent and I loved it somehow. I have a standard time when I visit a country for leisure: it must be minimum seven days stay. It would be great if I could visit at least two different cities but I came to realize that I much prefer to explore one city for a week cause that would give me enough time to find some ideas of my luxury (read: do nothing, coffee-hopping, taking a lot of photographs, late night ice cream? I’m listing). I was lucky enough I had two different cappuccinos at two different excellent coffee shops in two different countries last month.



– Cape Town –



I had no idea that Truth Coffee was listed as the best coffee shop in the world by The Telegraph on 2016 when I was in Cape Town. You know, I woke up and thought “Oh a cup of hot cappuccino would be good” then Google was kind enough to let me know Truth Coffee wasn’t that far from where I stayed.

Only 6 minutes Uber ride to finally pay a visit for a cup of excellent cappuccino and eggs benedict served with Norwegian salmon for breakfast. I’m not a coffee connoisseur, I just love to enjoy a cup of good one and examine as much as I could which coffee tastes good. And I must confess the one I had at Truth was excellent.

Few things: You could have your coffee as early as 6am on weekdays and 8am on weekend // Don’t ever expect sugar (nothing!) cause that’s the best way to enjoy coffee // I suggest to come when it’s not packed with people (so you could enjoy yours by the window, no rush) // Take some photographs of the interior, it steampunk-vibe is so distinct (I didn’t take that many :)).




– Hong Kong –



I admit one of the reasons why I decided to visit Hong Kong this year was the coffee. I heard there are quite many good coffees. I repeat this, I visited some coffee shops when I was there not because I’m a coffee connoisseur nor for Instagram purpose. Although after I read a post on The Telegraph about Truth Coffee was listed as the first best coffee shop in the world and The Coffee Academics in Hong Kong was the second I made a promise, “Ok, I’ll pay a visit”.

It was an accidental visit if I might say. It was just a day before I flew back to a real life, I was lingered around Central for Friday prayer. Well, I didn’t pray on time cause I woke up a bit late, took a wrong bus from hostel and also, finding the mosque was tricky (Google map didn’t help me much). When I was a bit close to where the mosque’s located, I passed The Coffee Academics and believed it was a sign to pay my promise, huh?

After I came back from the mosque and oh, I took a wrong way (and some uphill alleys made myself weak, think I should start accompanying Andreas for hiking, sometimes in the future *fingercrossed*) and ended with a cup of cappuccino and a slice of carrot cake. It’s written on my bio on this blog that I could die for a yummy buttery croissant, I’ll add this: a luscious carrot cake is on the second place.

Few things I remember: I never took any food for breakfast till late noon that day, so the carrot cake was the first meal (that wasn’t a good thing cause I walked a lot) // The Coffee Academics has several locations, if you are in Hong Kong you could browse the nearest location in case you want to pay a visit, their coffee is very good // Although coffee in Hong Kong isn’t that cheap but it’s worth to try. I asked for Shaken Viennese after cappuccino and I was blithesome after. When I stood and found, “Oh, Vienna”, I sent a message to Andreas with those silly wishes (well I know he used to it :)). I just took it as a sign that someday I’ll visit Vienna, so why not to try when I was there, right? // If you look at one photograph below where you could see a guy standing with his phone, that was where I sat. I also love to do this when I travel: sitting with a coffee and enjoying the vibe surrounds me. It’s a busy street, and you know Hong Kong life is hectic, so looking at people walking by when I was having my coffee was an experience // When I wanted to bring my cup in, a lady who works there came and took it from my hand. She smiled and we started a conversation about the coffee, it was a short one but lovely. I know I also love to do that when I could talk with a stranger with some smiles in between.


My Me – Time


It is true what people say that we should enjoy our “me-time” after we have a long rough day…


It is true by giving “me-time” shows that we love ourselves. For me, “me-time” could be watching a movie on the bed (I don’t care if I’ve watched it few times, such as Louisa Clark and Will Traynor’s love story) in a chilled room, with few soft throw pillows, a cup of hot tea I don’t mind for a wine honestly and a bowl of rosemary potato chips. Or, strolling around Omotesando with camera in hand in spring where cherry blossom is blooming, stop by some stores to pick some fashion items after having a cup of cappuccino (perhaps writing this sentence will bring me to Japan in spring, I’ll take it as a wish). A sentence before this’s such a real wish.

Having some pastries or cakes or just a cup of hot chocolate and a good book on the bed while the rain is pouring outside is such “me-time” for me too.

Black But Braun




This guy has finally arrived in my hand after I had back and forth follow-up with DHL UK cause it was at UK custom for almost a month (Amrick must be so patient listened to my complain on DHL UK twitter account :P but many thanks anyway).

I really had no plan before to add this on my wrist watch collection just because I had annoying moment few times when my debit VISA had been declined on my iTunes (I just received my new card then!). So on NYE, I did try to use it buying something online as suggested (how easy a lady on the customer service told me to try the card by buying something and I followed!) and chose this one as a NY gift for myself.

And it must be my mistake that I thought I chose black leather but brown arrived. Not bad tho I feel rose gold on brown is more appropriate to be worn for an evening occasion. Bottom line, sleek and clean design always has a place on me.





Birthday Gifts

I was so sad when I realised I lost my stainless watch two weeks ago.

I had no idea where I left it either somewhere at my office or fell on taxi seat on my way home. Even it was one of my oldest wrist watch but it had a journey with me. You may think this sounds exaggerated but I always appreciate memories behind a thing. But then, I can’t cry a night long for my watch cause I believe so that something may come and go.

Hope you will not judge this is an excuse to get something new. Oops.

Gifts1After I finished tighten my belt for my own house early this year, I should enjoy a bit by grabbing some new favourite things. And yep, it’s been a while I didn’t pamper myself with a wrist watch from my favourite brand, Fossil. So, I decided to pick one design that just fit on my wrist, a simple silver watch with black leather bans. Since my wrist is so thin, I feel this just a perfect one.






Oh yes, I opened Zara apps on my iPhone just to eye some pieces that took my attention. Such a ritual every time I realise I’ll travel soon to Indonesia. Oh, May, please rush :)


And I had no clue why on a lazy afternoon I thought about a pair of Adidas Superstar.




Cereal Guide Book

I’m writing this post with zombie eyes and exhausted system on my body. Went for a challengingandcrazy set-up for an International event from Saturday night and came home 1 am on Monday morning. Four hours sleep doesn’t sound right cause I had to go for another project then. Fiuh.

Let me rush so I can have a sleep tonight. Lately, I’ve been enjoying doing an online shopping and couldn’t resist for some catchy songs from iTunes and these two handsome guys.


It was on a lazy afternoon in the office I opened Cereal site without no reason. Just wanted to see some gorgeous photographs from those amazing photographers and ended by added stylish guys in my cart (I know I should add London as well :/). After two weeks (Easter holiday in UK made my order came a bit late) I finally had them in my hand. I was so excited but worry in the same time. Really, really beautiful guide book, clean and trendy lay-outs, beautiful photos of course, but the cover is so fragile. My hand must be clean before I surf the content :). Ah, I adore what Rich Stapleton and Rosalia Park do for Cereal, their attention to detail is on point (not to mention that both of them know Alice Gao in person :|).

Overall, I’m so happy could pamper myself by buying something that can train my eyes for beauties. I’m currently looking forward for another online shopping for some design and cook books, let me tell you, NOMA book is calling me.

Oh, you can check other city guides here.





How dreamy those cities are.

These Buddies

There was an evening when I wanted to bring garlic and white onions home cause I didn’t have any. I passed an Indian market (from the name, you’ll easily predict that many Indians and Indian product available at this market) on my way home from the office. When I got those onions, I entered a small supermarket where I always stand for seconds just right after the entrance. There is a corner where they sell plates, cups, and many kitchen stuffs in affordable prices. I pretty remember that day I had to manage my monthly allowance but sadly, I couldn’t resist to bring home these buddies. Now, I should think how will I manage them in my suitcase when I’m going home for my annual leave. Gah.