What A Friday Morning



Everything went normal like usual, I played my playlist through Allure, left it loudly so I could still listen to it from my room even the door was closed.


There was something unpleasant happened to me days ago. I woke up from eight hours of sleep, even though I was still feeling so sleepy, I got up and went to the kitchen. I took my cutting board and went straight with an idea that was in my head from the night before. I had seasoned two chicken legs and continued making the sauce from the chicken broth by adding more red onion, chopped tomatoes, basic spices and curry powder. I like to plan what I cook even sometimes an idea pops out during the cooking process. I prefer to spend not more than an hour every morning if I cook the main food plus condiments, okay, if I have to do everything from scratch I will allow myself to spend an hour plus. That counts including packing the food, cleaning my kitchen station and washing utensils.

The curry sauce was done, I only had two chicken legs to be fried but I saw a leftover batter. Fried chicken legs with curry sauce weren’t complete for lunch, my mind said. At the same time, I didn’t want to waste ingredients because hello, I had spent money like crazy on food. It was a wiser version of me when I only took one medium size carrot, dice-cut, added chopped leak and red pepper, red onion and seasoned with basic spice plus crayfish. Everything went to the leftover batter and started frying.

Carrot fritters were done but my brain thought of something when I saw leftover spaghetti I cooked the day before. If I had to blame myself for spending more time at the kitchen, I would blame Masterchef Canada for giving me different kind of ideas, I spend my evening on Youtube watching different ideas on food through the competition these daysThis means I would become weaker in terms of saving cause my ideas are flying as well as my money. I wanted to deep fry the spaghetti and turned it to be something crunchy. I took some with a fork and put it in the same oil I used for the fritters. First one was okay, the third one gave me a surprise when the pan accidentally fell and boom! The hot frying oil kissed my left foot, near my ankle to be exact. I ran to the bathroom and took toothpaste. No no, something wrong, I shouldn’t have spread it on my skin so I put my tap on and let the running water chilled it out. I was worried like crazy because I knew what would my skin be after sometimes. I felt the same peppery feel in my left thumb, on my tight too, and eh some marks on the inner shin. Okay, I was done.

My hand was shaking looking for what was the best first aid to do on Google, options: cold milk, a mixture of honey and cumin, or aloe vera. The last one I didn’t have in the kitchen. I tried washing my leg with very cold milk also spreading honey plus cumin with hopes it won’t make my skin as terrible as I thought it would be, even though I knew it was useless. What a Friday morning. Even though one of my colleagues helped me to burst the blisters with a syringe and a purple liquid – I don’t remember the name –  that Friday at the office, but I still went to the hospital the day after in the afternoon for more professional treatment. Even the swollen part of my foot was reduced but got one injection, blisters were burst, cleaned and wrapped with a bandage, two different pills I must take in the morning and evening, were enough to make myself felt better. When the doctor said it would take six weeks for my skin to be back to normal, I had no choice but wishing it could be faster. Ah, at least I didn’t let myself see how he did burst the blisters because truly, I hate the hospital.

It’s been seven days and my left foot is still “uh” every time I manage walking. It shows progress but the open skin is the one that’s bit painful. I hope it will heal faster than it should be, I want my skin back :). Well, I knew I thought about that carelessness sometimes but lesson learned. Safety first, health is the priority in life, isn’t it? I know I’m managing my feet for now but it won’t stop me cooking. I’ll take sometimes to slow myself down not to cook every morning. I know it gets crazier since I started watching Masterchef. It makes me crave for more and more to cook something different every morning which I could just cook once for two days before that.

I would like to share some photographs of West African dishes I tried lately. Deep frying isn’t my style – which you would find easily in Africa, just like in South East Asia – but it was interesting when I could achieve the food as close as it should be. I need to learn more, I know, but knowing different techniques and tastes like Nigerian Jollof Rice and Coconut Rice, will enrich my cooking skill. Next time, I’ll share the ingredients and the step-by-step when I could achieve creamier taste in the coconut rice because this one below wasn’t close as I wanted even though overall, it tasted so good. The curry sauce was on point and I was proud of it.


Coconut Rice Served with Curry Fried Chicken and Fried Plantain, and Coconut Brown Plantain with Strawberries.



Jollof Rice Served with Coriander Infused Beef and Fried Plantain, Minimalist Coleslaw for the Condiment, and Butterscotch Almond Plantain for the Dessert.


Lazy Breakfast

When I was checking the date I took these photographs, I gasped a bit, ten days ago?


I actually woke up with a will to make my day happier. That morning was cold after rain but thank God, the sunshine came through my windows. Of course I dreamt to be on the bed for a whole day but again, no free lunch.



I do love preparing my breakfast like a normal human being. If I have to leave my apartment for work outside like 2 to 3 days you could imagine how bad I have to manage my meal. As long as I have a nine-to-six schedule that day, I’ll start building my mood with a cup of hot coffee, decent breakfast, favorite songs on my playlist called Morning Boosters.


Exceptionally Need To Be Back To The Right Track


Hello from Surabaya!

I have been back to Indonesia for hold on, it’s been two weeks? Ouch. Even though I realize I have used my time these past fourteen days wisely, if I may say (yes, have sort some of important things out already, still a bunch need to be done), I still feel time flies too fast every time I’m here.

This time around, my time would be a little longer. I have some plans and things to do and hopefully all could be done before I go back. I’m excited to be here early this year but somehow feeling a bit worry when come back to work and I have a longer time to spend over there without any vacations. But I think, it’s better for me to just live every single days and put those worries aside till the time to face it has come. Oh, I’m not totally off from work anyway. I’m still active working for office via online from wherever I am (If I may say, this is such a trial working remotely. Let’s see how it works).

Don’t be puzzled with that too-long foreword and the title which doesn’t have a connection. I ain’t gonna share my days in Indonesia this time but such a throwback to some breakfast scenes instead. There are two differences I have to admit between my breakfast in Lagos and in Surabaya. One: this might be counted as a good news: it is easier to find breakfast in Surabaya, I don’t need to cook by myself, it’s easy finding affordable yummy Indonesian food ofc, but bad news: I’ve been lulled by the easiness and somehow it makes me lazy, since most of Indonesian food (those yummy ones) aren’t that healthy (oily, fried, what else?) it drives me nonchalantly to forget about fruits, chia, flaxseed, and those fancy ones. The last one is bad. If in Lagos I work like crazy, nine to six plus over night most of the times, come back home very late, wake up early preparing breakfast, and always spending money for berries like “I don’t care how much” as a revenge from junk food eaten at venues, in Surabaya I really have to be back to the right track.

Perhaps, I have to open my eyes wider to balance my lifestyle: still enjoying those yummy Indonesian food (what else to do when you’re back to your own country and been waiting for a long time to enjoy your native food, hm?) and starting my day with healthy-fruity-breakfast. I exceptionally need to be back on the right track like yesterday.

Here are some breakfast scenes I documented months ago.


Scene 1

Colorful salad with strawberry, mango, avocado, carrot, lettuce, sweet corn and boiled chicken breast; dressing made from fresh lemon + chili sauce + brown sugar and very little white vinegar, sprinkled with chia and flaxseed. Eaten with plain yogurt + blueberry + raspberry and almonds plus black coffee {Perhaps it doesn’t sound right eating salad with coffee isn’t it? but truly drinking coffee every morning is particular for me}

Scene 2

Slices of strawberries, mango, banana, frozen blackberry and raspberry, almonds, dried coconut on top of plain yogurt sprinkled with chia and flaxseed; sunny side-up with chili flakes and tortilla chips; cheese soft baguette. Eaten with Swiss roll (oh I bought it at bakery ofc) with some cheese crackers and coffee milk


Scene 3

Blueberry and overnight strawberry soaked in palm sugar served on top of plain yogurt with dried coconut and chia seed; granola; three minutes boiled eggs with mustard green served with seasoned shredded chicken breast; grapefruits; fresh beetroot ~ ginger ~ apple  ~ carrot juice



Funny enough by looking at those scenes above makes me miss my room there. From all scenes you could see one same thing; how I managed my very small working table for breakfast. Sometimes it’s still tidy with MacBook on the table when having breakfast and answering emails, surfing on Pinterest, and some blog-walking at the same time. Sometimes when I find bright morning light falls in, I pretend having a real breakfast on a real dining table by moving stuffs and spreading a cotton fabric on it like what you could see on scene 2. At the apartment there is a dining table when sometimes I sit and eat with housemates but mostly I prefer to enjoy my food in my room. It’s more comfortable and private and yes, nobody’s watching when I need to stand on my chair for some breakfast shots.

As Simple As This Asparagus

How easy but tasty. You just need a minute stir-frying with olive oil, that’s it…


I pretty love to wake up on Sunday morning with a warm sunshine through my window, blue sky but not too bright. It makes me feel more relax than wake up with gloomy rainy morning like today. It was pouring last night and the grey sky is lasted till I’m writing this sentence. I don’t mind to be honest cause I woke up early with my latest morning ritual (read: playing fav songs loud with Harman Kardon mini speaker).

It’s 10.45am here and I’m literally having my second cup of black coffee with chocolate cookies. Still listening some favorite songs wishing my Sunday is moving slowly. I never make my breakfast, thinking something easy like the one I had few days ago, just some asparagus. One minute stir-fried served with omelette, sprinkled with chili flakes and pomegranate.



Brunch With Avo

Just wanted to share some photographs of a brunch I had Sunday last week.

Few slices of avo on top of baguette with mayo and sautéed king prawns. Also, milky avo puree and dice-cutted avo in lettuce plus sweet corn plus cheddar salad. The way I love to enjoy this kind of brunch is taking it slowly on Sunday on the bed. In fact, this was shot on top of my bed using a DIY grey board from a side table.



Hey Sushi


“On my way to my apartment this evening, I scrolled pictures and played some videos in my iPhone from trips to Turkey and Japan”


It’s such a thing I always do every time I miss those vacation moments. I smiled few times watching cheesy videos I recorded at Haneda Airport with Luís, a video recorded when I had lunch with my best friends, or the one Saf sent me when we were in Istanbul. It’s a good thing technology helps us rewind those moments in the past even only on the screen. I should record more in the future cause it feels much more alive than a picture :)

When I kept scrolling on the gallery, my fingers stopped at these pictures, and it was raining a bit in my mouth. Look at that ramen! Imagine had a super power taking it from my screen and had it for dinner :(