Bike Scenes in Japan

I’ve been eyeing for some hostels in Amsterdam on lately and found it is so pricey, tho. Pricier than Paris, Vienna? Oops, I had no clue. I never been to Amsterdam next year yes! but heard how lovely strolling around the city with bikes. Biking and wondering those beautiful Dutch building in the same time, even by writing this sentence here my imagination could picture the scene perfectly. I promise, if I’m in Amsterdam, I’ll rent a bike and enjoy the city. Noted.

While I’m still wonder how I’ll enjoy Amsterdam with a bike, I’ll share some ‘bike-scenes’ I found in Tokyo and Kyoto via iPhone.


“It was such one of simpliest joy in my life while I could freely photograph something interesting surrond me”















I’m jumping into bike-scenes while I’m preparing for some travel posts. More to come!




I always feel it is so right if Sunday morning rain is falling. Just like now, when I woke up by 4 am and found it was raining I had no choice but to be grateful. Sleeping on a comfortable bed, gloomy light from an old desk lamp, a fresh mind, and not feeling guilty cause I had ‘too early’ junk, Cadbury.

I’m here again, back to Lagos. After I went away for almost 45 days I finally have to face a real life, again. Even I realised I need few days to put myself as a normal person back from a mental-vacation, but I had one word that I kept in mind lately. It is “Carpe Diem”.

I admit that I heard “Carpe Diem” quite often but searched for the meaning after I read Andreas’s email (his interview is here). “Live your life to the full”. LIVE TODAY. Live and enjoy your life today, and we shouldn’t scare too much what is coming next. We had yesterday and never know what tomorrow will offer.

I’ve been trying to keep “carpe diem, carpe diem” every morning I have a new day to live in. And it seems work very well. Everytime I face a problem that stress me out, I’ll always take a deep breath and not to feel that this is the end of the world.

Carpe diem allows me to do the best I can do today and keep dreaming. I do believe that dream is one of the key reason why we are alive. To chase it, to work for it, to make it real. By dreaming we have a goal what to achieve. To achieve the goal we have to be focus.

I’ve been working on my goals for next year. And roughly, I have three.






Those are my focus for next year.


This is the first thing first. I can’t wait anymore to see Europe. I have to see her beauty with my naked eyes. Though I know this sounds OMG, but I’ll try as much as I can to make my one-month Euro-trip possible. Look at me like a foolish, or call me a goofydreamer?, but I’ll extend 45 days if it possible.

Confession : After my short stay in Japan, traveling is such a marijuana. And I don’t mind if I overdosed with marijuana in Europe (not a real marijuana, you know!).


Yes, as you know guys, I’m grateful I could buy my own house before 30!. It was one of the highlight of my life. UnFortunately I have to finish few things and why this is UH!, cause I hate to remember that I need a lot of money for these. Building the white cute rustic kitchen, extend my bathroom a bit larger, cute landscaping with my favourite plants (I must have two Agaves!), and sure the most exciting part is buying the furnitures. This sounds so exciting, right? Finding something cute at IKEA, or somewhere cheaper, maybe some at flea-market.

Confession : When I look at my wallet right now, I just have to take a deep breath and say “take it easy but still, focus Zis!”


This is another thing I want to achieve. Oh Azis, you’ll always mention that your dream is Paris, yes? BIG YES! but speaking in French is my long-time dream if I remember. You can say how mainstream I am by agree that French is so sexy, but truly, I’ll feel sexier if I can speak three languages. It seems impossible I can take a French class while I’m here since my whole life is for my work. Even “Le Bon Mot” apps on my iPhone can’t help so much for a practice. So, the final option is come home to Indonesia, take my life slower and attend a french class.

Confession : I always say I hate to hear if somebody can speak more that 2 languages fluently cause I can’t (this including you, Andreas, and maybe when I heard Arya spoke in Japanese when we took lunch in Kyoto!), so no option for you Azis, take your own class!


What should I say to end this post?

Work? Focus? Work and focus?

Or maybe this,


“Live your life today, keep working and focus to your dreams. You own your future”, sounds nah?

From The Heart of Europe


“Don’t worry guys, I haven’t visited Europe yet. Just keep reading”


I could remember how I enjoyed Tokyo at night. Sitting on a stone bench at a small park just beside my hostel with a cute matcha ice cream from Lawson, some chocolate almond Pocky on my table, and wishing if I could have 30 hours a day instead of 24. Many times I cheated myself to sleep after midnight even when I knew my eyes were wanted to close, and oxygen in my brain flew faster. Perhaps, I thought that I had two hours behind from Japan time, and I was fine enough living without ‘a world clock’.

At night when one of my best friend, Rifda, asked me what I was doing in Tokyo that day, I had a story to tell. I was so passionate sharing about what I saw in Kyoto a day before we spoke on the phone. How Kyoto mesmerized me even I only spent three days. Also, I shared about my hostel and who I met. When I sent text before I called her, there was one sentence that made my eyes wide-opened. She mentioned that she was so happy when I shared about other travelers I met in Japan. She said, she realised that in this life dream does come true. She told me that I used to tell her years ago that someday I’ll have a lot of friends from all over the world.


I probably forgot when I said so to Rifda. But I will always remember how it felt when I met other travelers in Japan. It was really really exciting. Maybe because it was my first time became a solo traveler and found ‘friends’ that did the same thing.

I mentioned on my previous post if you’re lucky, you’ll get new friends by staying in a hostel when you travel outside country. And on this post, I’ll introduce you to my new good friend that I met in Tokyo, Andreas. He is from Europe (OMG Europe, I can’t stop thinking about you!). I asked him to share something on this well-known :P blog that hopefully, he will inspire you as much as I had.


Here we go!




Who is Andreas Knogler? What do you do and where do you live?

I am a passionate traveller who is looking for interesting talks and experiences which can enrich my personal horizon. I graduated at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg in July 2016. I got there my bachelor’s degree in Innovation & Management in Tourism. In September 2016 I will start a master programme which is organized roughly said by the European Union. The program aims to give an understanding of sustainable tourism in an international environment. It takes place in three different countries in Europe to give different insights into this topic.

Currently I am living in my hometown Eferding, in Austria which is not far located from the longest river of the European Union, the Danube. This river connects 10 different countries and reminds me always that there is so much to see outside of Austria and we should always think out of the box when problems are occurring.

Tell us about your background? Why did you decide to learn about tourism management? 

I was born in a rural and quiet area in Austria and lived there the most of my life. I can remember when I was 14 and in the last grade of the secondary school, our class went to a job fair where different companies and educational institutions could present themselves to potential employers or students. I was not sure about my future and I recognized this fair as an opportunity for me to clarify my future. At this fair I had the first contact with the possibility to study in the field of tourism management. At the stand of the tourism school, which I attended for the next 6 years I could get some answers about the process and the further career opportunities. Summing up, I think the visit at this job fair was a decisive point for me.

And what is the most interesting part of your study?

The most interesting part of my study is for sure the correlation of different factors which can influence decisions in the tourism industry. Especially the importance of communication between different people is a core point in this sector. Furthermore I am interested in the way of dealing with customers or employers from different cultural backgrounds.

Tell us more about Austria? And what’s part of your country that makes you feel and say “I’m proud was born as Austrian”?

Austria is a small country in the heart of Europe. This is the short version but it is more like that. Our country is for tourists well-known as a destination which you can visit through the whole year. During winter you can take a ride on prepared slopes and in summer you can hike or spend your days at picturesque lakes or rivers. (but not at the sea because we are in the centre of Europe this is one “thing” we don’t offer).

Our country is to a big part depending on tourism. Nevertheless when I am travelling outside of Europe and I answer the question about my origin country I get in 90 percent of the cases the answer: “Ohh, Australia the country of kangaroo and Eyers Rock”.

But here in Austria we take our fate with humour. I heard already about an Austrian company which is selling T-shirts with the message: In Austria there are no kangaroos! and these t-shirts are bestsellers.

One thing I am really proud about my country is the combination of urban lifestyle and the picturesque beauty of nature. After travelling a lot I see how essential an unspoiled nature is. And also the capital Vienna which is the city with the highest quality of living in the world ranked by the Mercer Quality of Living Survey is one reason to be proud.



What is the “must-visit” destination in Austria that we should visit at least once before we die? How about “must-eat” Austrian food?

As already told Vienna is a good spot in Austria. You need several days to explore the city in a sufficient way. Salzburg would be also an interesting city for tourists. If you have only one day for visiting Austria I would highly recommend to look for a natural place like a natural park or somewhere in a mountainous region. Because admiring the natural scenery is more rewarding than trying to explore for just a couple of hours the capital.

I think the one “must-eat” food is for sure the Kaiserschmarren. It is a sweet dish. Basically it is a thick pancake which is scrambled, covered with powdered sugar and served with jam from apricots. Furthermore I can recommend the famous Wiener Schnitzel (*) which is a breaded veal cutlet served with potatoes and a salad. 

What inspired you to start travelling?

I got my inspiration to travel during my first longer stay abroad. In 2010 I did my practical training in an Italian hotel for 2 months and at the beginning I could barely speak Italian. After these 2 months I could speak Italian fluently and made a lot of experiences with a different culture. I realized that travelling or working abroad, even if these are different things, is helping me to raise my cultural awareness.

What’s the most memorable country you’ve visited on earth and why? 

The most memorable country I have visited is with no doubts North Korea. I spent 5 days in this isolated country run by a dictatorship. If I should describe my experiences in one sentence I would say


The trip to this country showed me how good my life situation is and that the freedom of travelling is priceless.





How many times you did solo travelling outside Austria? what’s the best part of it that changes you as a person?

The first time I spent 5 days in Cebu at the Philippines. The second time I went on a backpacking trip for 3 weeks to Japan. 

When I was travelling alone I changed myself as a person a lot. Especially in Japan I realized that I am more outgoing and approachable in order to get to know new people.




Three things you can’t live without?

Friends, books and milk tea (I am addicted to milk tea since my exchange semester in Hong Kong).


Which destinations are the top of your bucket list?

Brasil, IcelandIreland.

Is there anything as a tourism graduated young man that you have high hopes to accomplish? whether it be a personal projects or traveling to some exotic country?

My short-term goal I want to accomplish is to work for the Österreich Werbungafter the completion of my master. This company is the national tourism organization of Austria which aims to raise the awareness about Austria as a travel destination throughout the year. This company runs many foreign offices and to work in one of these is one of my personal goals because I like to have a job where a lot of intercultural communication is required.

My long-term goal is when I have gained work experience in the field of international tourism I want to run an own company. Even if I don’t know the exact field in which this company could serve I think to run a successful company is one of the most rewarding things in life that can happen to you.

Who is inspiring person you’ve been admiring about his/her dedication in their passion?

The person who is inspiring me the most is my father. He is nearly blind because of a rare eye disease which cannot be healed but at least it could be stopped to get much worse so far. This disease started already when he was a child and got much worse with the years but my father takes his fate in a very good way. He lives his life and is not afraid about the future because he cannot change anything even if he would be angry about it. So he shows me how important health is and that life can be enjoyable even with a handicap.

Do you have any message for boys and girls outside there about traveling, or even solo traveling?


I always tell to myself when thinking about a trip in the future that I should not wait too long because life can change quite fast. That doesn’t mean you should do everything even if it is too expensive but


We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, travelling where and when you want is a way of freedom which was not common for a lot of people in the past and is still for some people on this planet an unfulfilled dream. 


Last question, what is the surprising side of Andreas Knogler?

I think this can only people answer who talked with me. Ask them ;)




Actually, before I went to Kyoto I was looking for another hostel to experience. I got one somewhere near Shinjuku that has larger space and bigger bed. But then, I thought it would be easier for me to keep my luggage at the same hostel (hell no to carry a luggage east to west in Tokyo train station!). So I extended my stay for 3 more nights. Just because I arrived quite late in Tokyo, I had no regret being sluggish to wake up late and re-pack all my souvenirs I got from Kyoto (how could I say to myself to do ‘light travel”? it sounds like bullshit if you go with one backpack and come back with three!).


“Serendipity does exist”


When I was repacking my things, Andreas came and wanted to pass to get his backpack. With zombie eyes and rumpled I wore for five days that grey yikes! t-shirt, I asked him those simple questions immediately, “what’s your name – where are you coming from?”. And you know that thing when you meet somebody and you just feel ‘clicked’ and say “you can learn something from this guy!”?, that’s what I felt when I met Andreas.

Andreas may laugh reading this, but truly I felt like I was talking too much that day yet I didn’t realize :P. I might be too excited sharing my experiences and how Nigeria changed me as a person. Not to mention that I’m so envy because he speaks three different languages! hoping I had a longer time in Tokyo and had a longer conversation, too. Because I believe that Andreas has so many interesting stories about his experiences, his study, and his country.

I had to admit that I was really sad I couldn’t meet Andreas on my last day cause I had to fly in the morning. Even just to take a photograph of him with my iPhone. But right now I feel beyond grateful because our friendship wasn’t end in Tokyo. Andreas told me,


And I trust that ‘somewhere’ will be in Europe.


Why Hostel

If I remember, one time in the evening just few hours before I flew to Singapore last year, Winda was the one who tried to find me a hotel. Judge me lackadaisical, I don’t mind.


“How could you travel to another country and never reserve one room?”


I sat down looking at Winda and Ayos with some sushies that night like a sleepy koala. Wondering why I wanted to have vacation but never had a place to sleep. When Winda found some affordable what affordable if we talk about Singapore? hotels, I said please do. At least, I had a room even Winda booked only for one night and thought I could find some cheaper ones when I got there. I arrived in the morning in Singapore and went straight to the hotel after I got my MRT card. Checking in and went straight to my room and realised I would stay with a bed just few inches from the door. My room was so small, compare with the price I paid, it made me sounds like a jackass right now. I had to extend one more night with higher rate cause I didn’t look for another hotel and it made my expenses went crazy. Till the last night in Singapore, I and my travel companion, Maya, decided to move to a nice hostel somewhere at China Town. We had our own room with separate beds of course. The bathroom is inside so we didn’t need to share with other travelers. Lesson learned.

Two months before I travelled back to Indonesia, almost every night I looked for hotels and hostels for my Japan trip. I didn’t realise that looking for where I would stay was such a treat esp if I looked at some five stars hotels in Paris, sigh!. There was so many interesting hotels in Tokyo and Kyoto, but my heart said ‘try hostel’ instead.


“First, I could save money cause hotels in Tokyo is expensive. I could get a small room (yes, very small room!) for more than $100. Second, a whole day I won’t be in my room, so why I have to spend more money if what I needed was a bed in the night? and third, I got a bonus by staying in hostel (I’ll tell you later!).

 Now, you can see that I’ve learned a lot how to spend money from my Singapore trip”


A day before I applied my Japan visa, I had to update my hostels since I changed my duration of stay both in Tokyo and Kyoto. And this is another tips for you guys, checking the rate on days before you fly, you may get a lower price if you’re lucky. So, don’t lay on one price. As long as you have enough time for free cancellation, it’s okay to look at the rate. I could save more than $70 dollars from two hostels I picked, it was good right?

My decision to stay in a hostel when I was in Japan was so right. I felt it when I spent two days in Tokyo. I went to places a whole day and came back around 10-11 pm everyday. So what I really needed was a place to sleep. And the third reason why hostel such a best choice was I got new friends! For a person who tried hostel for the first time like me, that was another experience. By staying in hostel, you’ll get an opportunity to meet with new people around the world. I didn’t say that you have to know all of them, but if you’re lucky, you’ll get new ‘good’ friends which hopefully, you’ll meet them in another place somewhere on this earth. Who knows? You just need to make friend sincerely and keep in touch, right? (I’ll share some of them on another post! :))

So here are a short review of two hostels I stayed in Tokyo and Kyoto. I personally put these two as recommended hostels in Japan!



I learned so much about my hotel in Singapore. When you choose a place to stay, you have to think your access to move around. A hotel/hostel that near train station is always a good idea. It will make your movement so much easier. Of course, you must think about the rate. Also, read the reviews from other travelers who used to stay there on or other sites.

The main reason why I chose Grids Hostel & Lounge Akihabara was near two major stations and their reception can speak English very well, I think this is important too since you know most of Japanese can not speak English. I graduated from design school, so if I have to choose a place to stay I’ll always choose boutique hotel/hostel, of course!. Grids has that industrial look, the design is fine, not too heavy yet appropriate. The review I read on was good, too. It’s not a secret that Japanese is extremely neat and clean, and this hostel has that point. The bed, the bathroom, the lobby, everything is clean. I had no complain about the cleanness. Maybe only the size of the cube is quite small for me (since I chose POD “bed”) so I had to manage to move on my bed without making noise. If you travel with your friends I recommend to choose ryokan or premium room, you’ll definitely feel more comfortable. But if you want to save more and have no problem with sound of snoring (from other traveler :D!), pod bed is not a bad thing.

Here are some iPhone pictures of the Grids Hostel & Lounge Akihabara that I took just before I said bye-bye to Tokyo. I spent two nights there before I moved to Kyoto, and spent three nights when I came from Kyoto.







At Grids, I met with two good friends (three actually, but hmm, let’s count two only! – will write about them on a separate post) that still in touch until now :)



In Kyoto, I fell in love. The first time I arrived at Kyoto station and took a train to the next station, Kujo station, I said “I love Kyoto more than Tokyo”. I love city life but Kyoto stole my heart. Maybe because my interest in Japanese culture is stronger than its ‘bling-bling’ life.

I arrived in the afternoon and went straight to The Lower East Nine to drop my things before I went to Nishiki market. When I entered the hostel I loved the space, so much. Again, boutique hostel will always be my choice. And to be honest, this one was so much better than the one in Tokyo. I love everything about this hostel. I love the design, the space, the bed is bigger! so I could sleep more comfortable, the bathroom is more private! and sure very clean!, and what I love the most that it has a kitchen and living room upstairs. Living room is such a brilliant idea where you can relax and meet with other travelers and have a conversation, sharing your stories and experiences when you get back from your ‘a-whole-day-exploring-Kyoto’. Kitchen upstairs is a good idea too when you can brew your own coffee, or making a bowl of hot noodles when it’s raining outside, or you just want to stare at the window with a cup of green tea in your hand.

If my hostel in Tokyo is for men-only or women-only in one room, The Lower East Nine is the opposite. Boys and girls can stay in the same room, this is not a bad thing as long as you can behave, right? 

Staying two nights in this hostel made me met with Joe, Svewn, two young ladies from UK (I forgot their names :|), and Simon, he is a German. I’ll share how I met them on separate post :).

Here are some iPhone pictures I took on my second day in Kyoto.












“being a tourist with manner is important, staying in a hostel with manner, too”


I know I repeated the sentence above from my previous post. Staying in a hostel with manner it is very important, why? Because the room is not only yours! the bathroom is not yours also! So, we must have awareness and understanding to keep the public area well and behave, too. I thanked God when I stayed in those two hostels I had no experience meeting ‘drunker-traveler’ when I wanted to close my eyes at night, but seriously, when I found underwear wasn’t in place where it should be, hairs on the sink (you should clean it after shaving!), or using a hair-dryer in the middle of the night without closing the bathroom’s door? That was not nice! :)

But overall, I recommend you guys who travel alone by staying in a hostel. Pick the good one that fits with your budget, enjoy your stay, make friends as many as you can (this is good to expand your networking in the future, but pick who can be your good friends!).

You can spend your money more by enjoying proper food when you’re in vacation right? or new outfits? or even, experience a proper fine dining at five-star hotel? :)


Japan Trip à la Azis

There was one fine afternoon in the office when I started looking a destination for a very short trip this year. It was like a month before my annual leave started (as always, the time I feel excited about!). Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan. Those three were on my mind.

Thailand might be the cheapest one (I never been to Bangkok!), Vietnam? I heard so much about the country, and Japan, it was my loooong time ‘must-visit’ country on earth. I though I would pick Thailand for a pocket-friendly reason cause I had to think how to save money to do the interior for my own house (update : I never start until today :|). Vietnam wasn’t a bad destination too for my pocket. I found it when I read a lot about the country, and many affordable nice hotels either in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. One thing that made me crossed out Vietnam was the ticket fare that time (I know, I’m not really good to be a ‘promo-chaser’ ticket). Return ticket from Jakarta – Hanoi – Jakarta was as pricey as Jakarta – Tokyo – Jakarta. Wait, how could I compare Tokyo with Hanoi? excuzes-moi.

Though I know I would spend more money for Tokyo than Hanoi, I finally picked Japan this year. And my choice was a perfect one cause Japan made me fell in love from the first time I stepped my feet on. I won’t share my experiences during my short stay on this post. Instead, I’d like to share some tips if you guys want to visit Japan for the first time (hoping I’m not sounding like a travel blogger!). Tips here are based on my experience as a first timer, too.


Japan Trip à la Azis

“Traveling is very personal, at least that is my opinion. Choose the best time for you to visit Japan. You may love to come on spring, summer, autumn or winter? It’s up to you. I went on summer just because that was the time that fit on me since I always come back to Indonesia between July and August. And this will affect what kind of outfits you need to put inside your suitcase :) I heard spring and autumn are the best time to visit! (note that checking the weather esp on summer with forecast apps is so important!)

“Read a lot about Japan on the internet or asking to someone who used to visit the country. This is very important esp like what to DO and DON’T in Japan. You may come as a tourist but tourist with manner is the best thing you can be :). I saw a lot of tourists from China who used public toilet somehow (gosh, please don’t do that in Japan, they are extremely clean!) or standing in the centre of a crowded station which could be so annoying!”

“Knowing where you want to go and how long will you stay is important too. Japan has a lot of interesting places to see. When I had only 8 days to explore, I picked Tokyo and Kyoto only. Osaka was an extra if I could (and in the end I didn’t go to). For me, if you visit a country for vacation, it’s not just to update your presence in social media for only a day and say “I’ve been there!”. That’s yikes and definitely won’t be enough. I did half-half. Half of me wanted to visit places as much as I could, another half was “I just want to sit down looking for people who rush to work in the morning, while I have a matcha ice cream in my hand :)” – sort of”

“Transportation fares is not cheap in Japan. But this depends on where you want to go. You may need JR Pass if you want to explore places outside Tokyo (Suica or Pasmo is enough if Tokyo is the only destination). It is affordable using JR Pass if you want to visit Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo (or wherever) on your trip. Train in Japan is amazing, for first timer you may need two or three days on the ground finding your own way cause the train lines is yes, complicated. Download Japan train map before you go and learn about it slowly. It may help :) But you know something, it’s amazing to experience Japanese train esp Shinkansen. And one more thing, forget about taxi in Japan! :)”

“Food in Japan extremely delicious! Affordable food from those supermarkets till expensive one in the restaurant are delicious :) Finding halal food may need an extra effort (I went two times looking for halal ramen in Nara and closed, sigh!), but don’t worry this app may help you. While in Japan you MUST TRY local foods :) Japan is not only sushi! or matcha everywhere? I’ve tried their mochi in Kyoto which was wrapped with sakura leaves and it was soooooo yummy!”

“If I can find free wi-fi in Indonesia easily, forget about Japan! You MUST HAVE internet when you travel there and pocket wi-fi is the easiest way to stay online. Not only you need to show the world you’re doing your fine-dining in Aman Tokyo :) but you will need internet to make sure you’re not on the wrong way to your destination. Most of Japanese can not speak English, so Google translate could be the main reason you must have internet”

“If you want to visit as a solo traveler, it’s recommended to stay in a hostel! Hotel only for you can take all your money from your pocket :) Book in advance will save your money, too. I’ll write about my experience staying in a hostel on a separate post!”

“Like I mentioned above, traveling is very personal. For me who wanted to do light travel and failed because OMG Japanese stuffs are TOO DAMN CUTE! and TOOK MOST OF MY JAPANESE‎‎ ¥! If you’re not a “shopping-person” it is not a sin to spend your money to get some matcha for your beloved ones while you’re in Japan! :)”

“Backpack or suitcase? It depends on who you are guys :) Backpack could be easier when you have to walk up and down in station but empty suitcase is not a bad thing when you want to bring a lot of souvenirs by the time you go home :P You’ll find escalator or lift for your suitcase at almost big stations in Japan, so don’t worry :)”

“Japan is extremely safe :) I left my wallets many times and it won’t lost :) That was amazing! but then again, you better keep your things safe with you :)”

“Safe your money, look for flight and visit Japan, a country that will mesmerize you with the culture, the people, the food, the cities, and everything that won’t be enough only for single visit (I’m writing for Olympics 2020 in Tokyo on my list! :))”


Before I share more stories and pictures from my trip to Japan, here a quick iPhone-snaps I took when I was waiting for my flight back to Jakarta. Taken at Haneda International Airport, Tokyo.









It Was Amazing

I couldn’t remember exactly when I knew Yui, what I remember I fell in love with her song titled Tokyo years ago. I couldn’t even remember too, how many times I played Tokyo. Maybe a thousand times? or a million?

“Everytime I put my headphones on, I imagine about Tokyo”

Japan has been on my top list of the country on earth I’d like to visit at least before I die. And I feel beyond grateful I could make it this year. I just came back from a very short stay and I have to admit…



I have a ton of stories about this trip. From a little drama I had when I renewed my passport, first time I landed in Tokyo and got confused with its train systems, and all the moments that left in my heart and sounds it’s hard to move on.

I’ll gather all my beautiful memories about Japan and share it here very soon.



I’m Home


Saya bahkan tak tahu harus menulis apa di blog ini :| karena baru bisa update mendekati berakhirnya Juli. Been very busy sih sejak landed di Indonesia 7 Juli kemarin. Dan benar saja, setiap kali sadar hari semakin mendekati akhir bulan, saya masih saja khawatir hari ini harus selesai apa dan besok harus kemana.

I'm Home2

Tapi jika saya perhatikan apa yang saya lalui dalam dua minggu lebih di Indonesia kali ini jauh lebih efisien dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Beberapa rencana jauh-jauh hari has been accomplished. Seperti liburan ke Bali dengan Ibu dan kakak yang memorable :), kemarin juga sudah menghabiskan dua hari dengan sahabat-sahabat SMA which was quite memorable juga, mengurus beberapa kerempongan kehilangan akte lahir dan ijasah sarjana which was bikin rempong pake banget! (tapi akhirnya ketemu), cafe hopping, bertemu dengan beberapa sahabat di injury time, keliling Surabaya, dan menikmati hal-hal kecil yang dulu belum sempat saya nikmati.

I’ll try to do a lot of things selama di sini sebelum kembali ke Afrika untuk tahun terakhir. Iya, tahun terakhir :), Anda tidak salah baca kok. Dan tentu, I’ll try to update this blog very soon dengan beberapa postingan yang saat ini masih ada di kepala :P.


Semoga saya tidak malas yaaaaa! :D






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aroused by food & photography

Finn Beales - Photographer

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Souvlaki For The Soul

A Food and Travel Experience

Sam Is Home

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Penelope's Loom

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"It's so beautifully arranged on the the plate - you know someone's fingers have been all over it." - Julia Child

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Butter Me Up Brooklyn

baking makes friends.

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seven spoons

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What Katie Ate

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Chasing Delicious

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after the cups

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Little Upside Down Cake

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Green Kitchen Stories

The healthy vegetarian recipe blog


when every day is a day worth to remember

Bonita Food

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Cooking Chapter

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La Tartine Gourmande

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Journal Kinchan

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Baca Saya Saja

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aroused by food & photography

Welcome to Desi Anwar Website

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J. - @wana23

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Foi Fun!

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lingered upon

aroused by food & photography


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