Packed And Go…

One thing I’ve been trying to do recently is managing my time to cook three different meals at the same time. I tried once last week when I cooked a bit late (sure, it was exhausting cause I did it after I had a long day) and found that it saved my time a lot. I ate different meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and lasted for two/three days. Tho it was a bit “managed-managed” (I promise, it was a bit hard to do cause I like spending money for food) but truly, it saved much of my time. I didn’t have to cook every time I get home cause what I needed was to warm manually on the pan (I have no microwave in the moment :|).

Another thing I’m trying to do is saving my time for breakfast without losing the essence of it. Cause you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And sometimes when I wake up from a looooong day and take my coffee slowly on the bed with few times Call It What You Want from my iPad, a pack of fruitful breakfast is all I need. Take a shower, spray Blue de Chanel and off I go…

I was so stoked I could speak with Judith, my best friend whose birthday is today! She spent a beautiful day with a sunset in Catalunya…she told me before we ended our phone call, “I’d see a friend I met in Japan this Christmas Azis…we’ll see in Morocco” oh, should I pack my backpack and run from here that day…:P


Dinner With A Bowl Of Cheat

Although you have seen few healthy food scenes I’ve been documenting for this blog, there is a time I want to have a little cheat for myself. Don’t worry, those healthy food scenes aren’t false. FYI food is one of those things that I could be so picky at but you know, sometimes I could be like anyone else who would say “that’s okay, once in a while”. Pretending it’s not a big deal to cheat ourself once in a while. 

Dinner with instant noodle isn’t a good idea I know, but trust me, I cooked the broth from the scratch with definitely no msg added. The green aka Chinese cabbage wasn’t an accessory (that’s how mostly Indonesian cook instant noodle with). Also, imagine having this hot noodle when it’s pouring outside with a sweet hot tea in your room. I mean it’s okay right, once in a while?

Coffee Scenes & Some Poser

Just wanted to share some throwback photos when I was in Indonesia for vacation, here…

I spent an afternoon with Andhi and Shohib at a coffee shop called Louis before moving to another coffee shop for more coffees (some pose, please). It was our first coffee time before we had this.

There is nothing like leaving a camera shop with a new lens in hand :). These shots were taken with Sony 10-18mm f/4 wide-angle lens. I shouldn’t have had a fickle heart to bring another lens home that day (seriously I regretted not buying on the same time). Although I have it (the one I’m enjoying right now, Sony 35mm f/1.8 prime lens) I should have gotten it before flying to Tokyo for some close-up portraits with my new friends (yes, I visited Japan again this year! more stories to come! :)) 

How I loved Andhi’s outfit that matched with the whole first scene.

Yesterday At Nok

I had a quite pleasant yesterday cause one, could wake up a bit late (what else’s better than stick on the bed on Sunday morning, huh?). Second, managed my morning with quality light breakfast (some shots are coming!). Third, could get a piece to pay my arrears for one of my very good friends Atre (hope she’ll like the cloth!) and onyx bracelet for myself at Lekki market. Then I ended my Sunday outside with brunch and friends-talk with my Korean friend here, Kim, at Nok.

I finally met with Kim again after we first met at Indonesian Embassy for Independence Day Celebration. Our brunch at Nok was fine, the contemporary African food was good (beautiful plates and cutlery always steal my heart), and oh the afternoon light is my favourite thing there (where else I could find wide clear glass, here?). I managed myself for some shots below tho I felt a bit embarrassed with Kim (first alert if you have brunch with beautiful food served, please bear with me :))


So yesterday, when I was in the meeting with Hennesy for their upcoming concert (I must prepare myself for all stresses from now!) the pretty lady aka the brand manager was explaining the design concept I came out to her GM by speaking in French. You guys must be bored every time I mention how I dream to be able to speak French right?

I won’t dream and dream without action. Even though I won’t start very soon, listening on how sexy when they were speaking woke me up again that inspirations, or anything inspired you to upgrade your skill, is needed. So, we won’t be “there” and lulled. I’ll keep French for now yet I want to share two creative persons I’ve been eyeing for last two weeks.

//all images are taken from their Instagram pages, © martin and © jiajiafei – layout and edit by me//


I love every single thing Martin posted on his Instagram especially his portraits. Anything simple could be so eye-catchy from his eyes. I really adore his skill. Tho I have no clue reading French on his blog yet I could linger upon his pictures for a whole day. Oh, thanks to MacBook that has automatic translator!

If Martin captures on simpler and softer look, JiaJia Fei is the opposite. She’s vibrant and I kinda love it too. Very unique, strong character and distinct. I really love her page here.

Looking at these two makes me think there are so many amazing insanely creative human beings outside there. What makes you and me different? This last sentence just made me say to myself, “You better sit down and think what and what of the “things” cause you really need to upgrade yourself, Zis”

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