It means nothing, but Goofydreamer does.


I actually got “Ayis” by one of my good friends in uni years ago.

He called me Ayis because he couldn’t pronounce Z on my name (Aziz is my birth name, but I kinda prefer S at the back!). You might wonder I’m a hard-die-fan of Taylor Swift because her name attached on it but I’ll tell you one secret about me: I’ll easily fall in love with someone who writes something beautifully on a poem, song, travel stories, whatever! (I admit Taylor’s songcraft is something else). The fact was, when I created my new email back then I didn’t want to put my own name (cause millions use it, huh?) so I thought about using Ayis and I found Swift in a dictionary. Then two different words accidentally sounded, tauglich.

If you have questions, reach me. I’d be so openly glad for a new friendship.



e :

Instagram  ayiswift   //  Twitter  @ayiswift

8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi there! Just found your blog and it keeps me scrollin to the bottom (which i haven’t finish yet)
    Excited to read more stories and “instagramable” pictures of yours…:)

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