Love Yourself

“Oh okay, I won’t argue with you if you say “the title of this post’s so damn cheesy…”

Fact, I didn’t copy one of JB’s songs for this. I admit I love the song cause Ed Sheeran also the songwriter. This time around I won’t praise Ed even most of you perhaps knew how I adore him. Instead, I just want to share some shots of my breakfasts. I’m realizing one thing while I’m writing this sentence that I spent quite much these past two weeks for food. I don’t do exercise (I’m not ashamed saying this truth, I miss waking early on Sunday for jogging sometimes) so eating good food and sleep well is such the only way to stay healthy. For me, some simply ways to love myself are starting my day with a right mood, a cup of coffee, quality breakfast, positive thinking, and some good songs.


May I Happy


“Oh May, you are already here…”


How could time fly so fast like this? I mean, it was like yesterday Andreas, my very best friend greeted envied me from Athens and Berlin. It was like yesterday I had secretly hurricane of emotion that broke my heart. And also, it was like yesterday I came back on Instagram after 2+ months took to one’s heels, posted a picture of Taksim Square right away from Istanbul, Turkey. So, where those first four months of this year gone? 

While I’m thinking how should I make the rest of this year meaningful and make progress with some personal goals, let me share some food photographs here (it’s been a while, right?). When I woke up this morning I wanted to just ‘eat’, I almost forgot that “hey, it’s been while you are not playing with morning light” and “that’s make you happy right?”.

I think it is necessary to set a good mood to start a day by doing something that make us happy.



Dear May, May I hope you will bring more joys and happiness rather than make me scarier with this life? 



P.S. The first pic was taken with an iPhone, the rest with Sony a6300.