Flashback And Echoes

I gotta say that living abroad is an opportunity. An opportunity to grow, to stand tall, to learn, to open mind, to see the other part of the world, and to miss home. I still remember how it felt when I landed in Jakarta on my first year. Something I couldn’t describe into words until now. It was beyond, beyond beautiful. I’m praying that this year I can go home on schedule. It is always exciting every time I stand close with my annual leave even this year, I feel something different. I feel I’m so easy for every single unpredictable things (who knows for tomorrow?). On this post I’d like to share 9 random things I always love and miss when I go home. Flashback1 1 | There is nothing better than window seat. It’s always special when I have a chance to close my eyes and feel the magical feeling, flying for almost 20 hours from nowhere to where my heart is. Picture above was taken somewhere above Egypt, when I flew to Qatar. I’ll transit to Abu Dhabi this year.




2 |  Friendship and sunset. iPhone picture above was taken when I and Ruli spent an hour to catch sunset. The wind, the call prayer in the air, sitting down on the ground, friend’s talk, I could still remember how serene it was.




3 |  I have to admit that living in Indonesia where spices can be easily found is heaven. I do miss Indonesian food right now that has very authentic and rich taste, Rawon, Soto Banjar, Pecel, uh I should stop mention them before I start starving in my dream.




4 |  Tempeh. When I found tofu for the first time here, I was screamed beyond happy. But Tempeh? Just salted, simply fried, and serve with sweet soy sauce or traditional sambal along with fried tofu?, I can say that’s my favourite food ever.




5 |  Living in this country for almost four years made me realise that somehow, there is nothing better like mosque/musholla in Indonesia. I can easily find somewhere clean and comfortable to pray everywhere. iPhone pictures above were taken inside one mall when I met with my best friends last year. I shouldn’t compare how I have to find water tap and narrow space at parking land cause it is impossible to find musholla inside mall here.




6 |  Indonesian sweet martabak aka terang bulan. Probably one of Indonesian snack that always dancing in my head. Even nowadays there is so many over improvisation for the topping, chocolate and cheese will always be my favorite for ages.




7 |  Spending an afternoon to pick new outfits is such an annual ritual of mine. And also, sitting down comfortably for movies with best friends is such a precious moment. If I come back home, I think I should spend a ‘father and son’ time in the cinema.


Flashback8 Flashback9


8 |  Cafe hopping. Just order a cup of cortado (and cakes maybe?), sharing stories with friends, and some inspirations from eye-candy interiors.




9 |  Wake up each day with no deadlines but lively feeling to explore somewhere new with a thick wallet. As I wish I could do it forever.


Since it’s Ramadhan month right now, there is one thing I miss a ton from Indonesia. The echo of breakfasting time, the call prayer, the moment when people come to the mosque for tarawih, the seasonal food of course, everything there is truly beautiful in Ramadhan.

Ramadhan kareem everyone!