Cushy & Simply

Being a ‘chooser’ for food sometime could be a wise choice to respect ourselves. Spending ten or fifteen minutes in the kitchen, choosing fresh ingredients then cook them, for sure, it is so much better than grabbing delish fast food from a food court. A cushy and simply food I cooked for breakfast yesterday for an example, 15 minutes needed, let say 30 minutes for everything; boiling the pasta, making the soup, blending avocado float, (Capturing? 15 minutes extra!). It was a quite busy started my morning time I know but it was worth it.

Here, some snaps from my breakfast yesterday ; Almond Loaf (+ Mayo and Lumpfish Caviar) for starter, Spinaci Pasta served with Garlic soup and boiled Chicken Breast (+ Chopped Broccoli and Stir fried Cherry Tomatoes), small glass of Avocado Float, A stick of Choux à la Crème, and Spring water (+ Lemon). It was a quiet full for breakfast!

Cushy & Simply 1

Cushy & Simply 2

Cushy & Simply 4

Cushy & Simply 3