Small Sweetness This Sunday.

Hola fellas! How was your Monday? Did you pass it with some enjoyment!? 

There’s two things that make me glad today. First, I got a warm hug from my sweet boss Madam Uche this morning (She’s back yeah!). She comes back to work after spent 3 weeks in London – Italy – Dubai (envy! hiks) for short vacay. Second, I have time to write this post (*jump around). I’m glad I could come home on time today and yes you’re right, I will spend time for this one. I’ll spread sweet enjoyment foya all!

Like what I mentioned from previous post that I’ve been enjoying my Sunday as long as I could, so these are the sweetness I’m talking about. I tried my first sweet, Dark Chocolate ice cream from Cold Stone Creamy. An American based brand that just opened here makes me curious not only the look of their various ice cream. My curiosity is on the taste and the way they present their ice cream as well.

As a chocolate lover I chose one scoop of dark chocolate served with coated crispy waffle, sprinkled with almond and choco chips (that was extra choice, extra price also *glek). They have different ingredients that stick on coated chocolate. Don’t know why I chose roasted coconut rather than mashed cashews (that coconut was too sweet for me, yikes). I enjoyed the almonds and choco chips for sure (was it just my reason that almond is healthier than other choices huh?). Overall my first sweet was nice with some notes, I should take tooth brush to clean up my teeth after enjoyed that frozen chips (they were sticked well ouch), and took a cup of spring water to refresh from the sweetness.

My second sweet was a funky coffee with raspberry syrup from Chocolate Royal, the cake and coffee shop that I always buy my fav pastry ever, croissant. I love the way they created syrup, milk, coffee and marshmallow foam cream into some layers beautifully. The best thing from the fusion of that coffee and syrup wasn’t too sweet (the sweetness from ice cream before was enough for me hehehe). I didn’t order snack or something while I was busy capturing that coffee (heh, that’s me, I would ignore my foods until I got perfect pics, that’s bad rite? hehe). Nope, me and my flatmates were spent just 45 minutes there that’s why we didn’t eat much.

And the last was Macarons! Mini ones, bite size. I got it from Chocolate Royal also and they were nice, not too sweet. I brought them home and enjoyed this morning. You can see from the lighting on my pics easily. If I remember Macaron I always think about Pierre Hermé Paris when Macaron was created for the first time. O damn! I will taste them when I reach Paris someday (*wink).

Hohoho, That’s it. As I said I will step back a bit from blogging until I’m finish with big project that will be done by first week of April. And probably I will post that project here. Hehe, I will. Alright, time to enjoy these sweetness!

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