Ladurée Singapore

While I’m still thinking and trying to write about how grateful I was, when I had chances to see my best friends this year in Indonesia, let me jump quickly for some iPhone pictures of Ladurée Singapore.

Visiting Ladurée store was on my list when I spent 4 days in Singapore for my quick jaunt this year. I had two main reasons why. First, I’ve eaten macarons several time but wondering their luxury double-decker macarons taste was on my mind since I dreamt about Paris. Second, I wanted to learn how Ladurée as one of the most well-known luxury bakery and sweets maker house in the world package their products. So in one fine afternoon on my third day in Singapore, I went to Takashimaya in Orchard road with Maya.

Entering hi-class mall with hi-class stuffs everywhere made me dizzy a bit (cause I couldn’t bring them home :P). Just five minutes after we entered the mall we found Ladurée’s counter. But I said to Maya that I wanted to buy the macarons in their store because I was so sure we could see more eye-candy macarons and other products, plus their beautiful interior. Because it was lunch time, both of us and Ranu (Maya’s cute son) decided to find something heavier for lunch. Then, after we went around to Harrods and other stores buying some goodies for both of us, we finally found Ladurée store and our eyes were sparkling. The interior is beautiful, details everywhere, and I fell in love with how Ladurée takes graphic design on their packaging seriously. I was so confused when I had to choose my own box of 6 and 8 macarons :P. The macarons? well, you’ll know the difference why their macarons is quite expensive if you grab some :). The texture and the taste of their fresh macarons is different. Crunchy outside, fluffy inside.

Do you think spending S$70 for 14 macarons is worth-it since the macarons have to fly over from Paris?









Oh, visiting Ladurée in Paris is still in my dream, tho :). Just like how Alice Gao was excited about Ladurée when she hadn’t never been to Paris that time (I think she made a wish to see Paris on that post and she flew to Paris many times years after!, should I put this post as a simply wish to see Paris soon? :)).