Happy Birthday Ma!


First post for this year is a simply yet beautiful moment happened today.
We just celebrated our guru’s birthday, Madam Uche Majekodunmi, a super woman that never lose energy to do something big in her life. Madam Uche is a guru for us in our company, she is the one and only. Hopefully, our surprising celebration for her expressed how we love her as a mommy, as a guru, as a boss from the bottom of our hearts.
Dear Madam Uche, happy birthday, wish your life will be fulfilled with endless love and blessing a year ahead and ever after. A beautiful life, health, wisdom, prosperity and long life.

I wish I could capture our moment today in a better angle, hope you don’t mind for these pictures.





With Love,



Firstly forgive me cause this post has too many pictures, I couldn’t control myself to attach them on. All of them have been chosen from three hundred and sixty something that I took one day for official opening of the company where I’m working with present. Choosing them wasn’t easy :D.

I’m so excited for this because I just realized that I could capture better and better. I do believe that good isn’t enough when better is possible and that’s why I will always learn harder sharpen my eyes to capture beauties around. O yes, I’m such a hunger for photography recently esp for space (!!!).

Alright last week on Friday, my company finally launched officially the new branch on Victoria Island with Traditional Italian Apericena concept. Do you know what is Apericena? Basicly Apericena is comes from two words ; Aperitivo and Cenna. Aperitivo or Aperitiv in Italy is just like open meals when people gather around just standing up with wines, champagne or other alcoholic/non alcoholic drinks and small foods. Aperitivo itself being served in many cafe in the early evening all around Italy. And Cenna means ‘dinner’ where people eat heavier meals. So Apericena is just like gathering two Italian meal structures start from Aperitivo with small foods and drinks, then eat heavier after for dinner but the food as I knew is lighter foods.

The Italian concept wasn’t only the flows of the event, the foods, but also on the decor. We decided to build pergola in white with a rustic touch and delphiniums hanging from top as an entrance, everyone loved that!. Because our office isn’t big and has two spaces one for floral and the other for decor so, we did two different concepts. For the backside we hanged white paper lanterns in different sizes which was very dramatic. Anyway I’ll show from the decor, here we go!



Apericena-Decor 4



Now I’ll show you the flowers that made all guests amazed, flowers are always breathtaking, eye-catching and enchanting! My fav one apart of Peonies (!) is the reflection of the window display, pic number three!. See that giant cactus is bigger than my head! I couldn’t imagine if somebody smacks that to my head ha!









Apericena Night


After worked overnight for three days there, slept inside car, on top of reception table once, junk foods for dinner (yikes! <– I had no choice :3), so apart of my job, there was time to enjoy the foods! Not only enjoyed the western foods and Italian foods, I was too busy running up and down to capture them :P even when I was enjoying the foods! I was busy to find black background and kept my plate on straight line with left hand and the right hold Nex7! Haha ridiculous!

The Apericena foods were slow roasted fresh bacon with spicy tomatoes (<– for sure I couldn’t eat that :D), baguettes, cheeses ; mozzarella and scarmosa (love them!), pasta!!!, big prawns with olive sauce, carrot cakes with cheese on top, I couldn’t remember one by one but I still remember after I ate five prawns, my fingers were freezed for a second :D Oh I hope I have no cholesterol ;P I just love that prawns! Yum!.

Beside the Italian, fusion foods were served as well like beef in heavy sauce, couscous with pome, salad, lamb, anymore. I enjoyed the fusion before italian (<— this sentence makes me hungry right now!). O yeah the chef that cooked the Apericena came straight from Florence so the taste was genuine Italian, his name is Nicollo. Hey wait should I move to be a coast to coast chef and travel more outside country just only for cooking? Haha, no, I prefer to be a food photographer with the same chance :P, I talk to much right? Sorry, foods? this!






Let me attach behind the scene :)







1) Nicollo, the chef . 2) Cheeeese! . 3) All guest got the souvenirs, a cute kalanchoe and one bottle of red wine! . 4) Madam Uche and Gozie after TV Interviews, I love what was Madam Uche wore that day, stylish orange! . 5) That isn’t my hand :P I can’t arrange flowers! My flatmates did great job a night before the event :D . 6) Ups those cutlery is very nice, we ordered them from ASA Germany, do you know it’s a bit sad that we couldn’t use them all cause preparation time was too short :( my imagination of those foods pretty arranged on them were disappeared, I wish I could bring those white plates and play at house on Sunday :P

Last, don’t mind me, just wanna pop in small thing! :D O I bought that black shirt as dress code few hours before the event cause I had no one (<– pity you!), o damn, finally found small size and very nice black cotton after went in and out some stores but the price guys? I don’t want to mention it cause rrrgh my saving money…o…I’m going home soon…I need moneyyy!!! :( nope I can’t be like that, lemme change –> :)

See this pic below, grey shirt and black? I love that colors! hehehe I’m so monochrome for shirt :) forgive me Dad for that champagne :P. Am I right that this post is so loooong? haha hope you enjoy this :)