In Hurry, Duh!

In hurry? What does it mean?

Okay, lemme tell you, all these pictures on this post are taken this morning, as usual, preparing breakfast could be a big deal if, yes, IF I have short time and I had. My main food was few slices of pan roasted brown bread (I should have a toaster huh! I know *yawn). Side dish was Ryvita Dark Rye Cripsbread that I served with super simple yummy topping. I spread mayo, put pinch of grated cheddar cheese, tiny slices of fresh tomato, small red onion, and small chili sauce. Oh I still had slices of fresh avocado on it. Ah fellas, you have to try to taste that cripsbread with that topping, I’m serious it was melted in my mouth.

The first thing I saw this morning was my ‘five-days-ago‘ avocados had been ripped finally on my dining table. I’ve already served cold milk (I brewed condensed milk, hehe, I had no packed fresh milk) since last night to be used for avocado juice and tarra you can see from last pic, I served it for dessert after I ate orange. Hmm what is the relation with “In hurry”? I just realized that I had only 15 minutes to prepare myself before I had to go to work, can you imagine? And all pics that I took were so random, some of them were flat, duh. Fortunately, I still have nice ones, my fav pics are the orange and the avocado.

And how about those foods? I grab a bite to eat!!! I packed them and enjoyed in office! Hahaha, ridiculous. I just enjoyed my cold avocado and orange before I went to work. The remain avocado juice I packed them also, half of jar!!. Hmm, I should be smarter to manage my morning time later. Anyway, this post is gonna be too long if I don’t stop my writeup.

Time to enjoy the pics! Nom-nom.

In Hurry 1

In Hurry 2

In Hurry 3

In Hurry 4

In Hurry 5

In Hurry 6