March’s Inspirations


I’m trying to clear my mind from I repeat these words I know ‘ups and downs’ feeling and looking for some inspirations to enrich my creative soul. I shouldn’t be so lazy updating this blog when I had a lot of free time last month that I spent more in front of my iPhone instagram of course. Instead, I should wake up and believe that everything will happen if it has to happen. I’m not gonna talk too much on this post guys, just wanted to share to you some of the inspirations that inspired me. From music, design and photography. Here we go!




First time I found her song on YouTube, I mean, whattt? she’s so catchy and original! She is Yuna.

Sounds cheesy I know, but who doesn’t like 25? Most of her song I like, but what she did at Brit Award was awesome. Plus, no words could describe how the stage design mesmerised me. Watch here and you’ll understand what I mean.

I adore someone who can write something beautifully. Whosoever, whatsoever. From poem, novel, till song. And Ryan Tedder? A songwriter who made me dream to wake up in a hotel near Piccadilly.

I always see how serious a singer through their video clips apart their beautiful songs. And what Tulus did in his latest single is beyond beautiful. The scene, Prague of course. Shit!



For you guys who think that I’m a graphic designer, I’m not! :). Though I had my bachelor degree from Industrial Product Design, yes I love to know different spectrums of design. Stationary from Venamour is ‘must see’ if you are interested in graphic and paper. Their products are awesome!

Fucking cool kinds of stuff from Fendi makes me want everything about those cute monsters! From bag, jacket, wrist watch till wallet! F*ck!

Opening this site reminds me that I used to work as a jewellery conceptor a few years ago. But what Giampiero does is beyond beautiful, his sketches are oh my God and so does this site! Loook how beautiful the front page is! I die!



The last inspirations come from pictures, pictures and pictures!

I fall in love with how the brilliant Hideaki Hamada captures something. If you love photography I swear you’ll love this.

Come on, it’s been a while for food photography! Gosh, beautiful food photography and clean blog? you’ll be pampered with these ones, this | this | and this.


“Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value. It is a process; it’s not random”

-Ken Robitson-


I’ll try to keep this blog moving but let me say hello to March, thanks for bringing me closer to July :)