Art Twenty One

It was a little surprise for me when I was working for the mega event (the post of it is not ready yet, uh) and realized there is new art gallery called Art Twenty One inside the venue. All I did was…just entered the gallery and took my NEX out. I spent like 30 minutes inside, just took pics and gone. I’d like to visit the gallery next time to enjoy the artworks deeply. I promise.

I amazed with those artworks, don’t you? All those metal arts are beautiful indeed and each has character and uniqueness. I could say that African metal arts is something else and officially fall in love with it. Alright, hope you enjoy the pics.

ArtTwentyOne 1

ArtTwentyOne 8

ArtTwentyOne 7

ArtTwentyOne 10

ArtTwentyOne 1

ArtTwentyOne 2

ArtTwentyOne 5

ArtTwentyOne 4

ArtTwentyOne 3

ArtTwentyOne 6