A Little Oasis



“How do I start? Blaming myself for being so, so lackadaisical?”

Perhaps, I really should. It is awful neglecting this page for almost a year. I’m writing this apology from myself to Goofydreamer, a room of everything I share to the world, from a simple story of how I prepare my breakfast till “very-personal” life stories.

Eine Unvergesslische Reise (teil eins) was originally written last year but I re-published on the month of May when I did correct some grammatical errors and adjusted few photographs. So truly, I neglected this blog from October last year, the longest time I did write nothing here.

2020 was definitely an unforgettably awful and unexpected year for everyone. As I thought 2021 was going to be better yet some moments terribly hit me till I almost lost myself for sometime. Never had I imagined one the worst life destinies happened to me too soon. Never ever had I imagine it left me nothing but memories with one of the most important people in my life. Nothing I could change but keep going even to crawl for days till I had enough braveness to stand still again. I may share on writing what happened when myself is ready.

I once stood in front of a mirror in the restroom when I thought that one of the things we all need to do during these hard times is to stay happy. So many ways to achieve that, different ways for different people. I have been trying hard to keep myself stable during this “pandemic” era from last year, listening to a record that helps me to stay happy every time I listen to the whole body of work (folklore, what else :) let me remind you that today last year ago folklore was released and boom! it won Album of The Year Grammy 2021), investing more on my time to be closer to my mom even though it is only by phone, keeping my saving on track but I still let myself go for an eat-out ordering the same Tom Yam at the Chinatown restaurant, buying one or two new mugs (you’ll see the latest one is FOR FOX SAKE below – I guess it’s my new addiction), watching Lee Je-Hoon‘s dramas, etcetera, etcetera. I am taking it slowly on the fact that I never travel back home for more than two years due to some issues on this and that yet I am still looking on the day I stare to the clouds by the window seat again pretty soon.

Today when I woke up, I whispered to myself that I wanted to try to write something here, some random stuffs, or thoughts, anything, just to keep updating. Because updating contents here used to make me happy: photographing my food, chasing an afternoon light when shadowplay falls nicely, editing travel photographs from the vaults and publish them, or even those personal touchy stories that take one or two months to finish, or some random iPhone pictures. I was worried that I might not keep my words to post but then, I accidentally lifted myself when I found an afternoon light fell on my faux Eames chair. I took some interesting objects near me and well the time I exported all to my MacBook, I finally felt that spark again. I was happy. I named that simply happiness from photographs I took for 15 minutes as “A Little Oasis” – feeling.




All taken with Sony A6300


Art Twenty One

It was a little surprise for me when I was working for the mega event (the post of it is not ready yet, uh) and realized there is new art gallery called Art Twenty One inside the venue. All I did was…just entered the gallery and took my NEX out. I spent like 30 minutes inside, just took pics and gone. I’d like to visit the gallery next time to enjoy the artworks deeply. I promise.

I amazed with those artworks, don’t you? All those metal arts are beautiful indeed and each has character and uniqueness. I could say that African metal arts is something else and officially fall in love with it. Alright, hope you enjoy the pics.

ArtTwentyOne 1

ArtTwentyOne 8

ArtTwentyOne 7

ArtTwentyOne 10

ArtTwentyOne 1

ArtTwentyOne 2

ArtTwentyOne 5

ArtTwentyOne 4

ArtTwentyOne 3

ArtTwentyOne 6

Bermain Hitam Putih.

Hari minggu kemarin, saat saya mulai membuka laptop mencoba untuk mengerjakan target yang sudah nongkrong di sketchbook, beberapa menit setelahnya tangan saya gatal ingin bermain dengan kamera. Biasanya saya mengambil beberapa makanan kemudian menata dan memotretnya. Minggu lalu? Saya sedang miskin, tak ada makanan. Kemudian saya berpikir bahwa cahaya sore yang masuk melalui jendela ruang makan sayang untuk dilewatkan dan hasilnya? Begini…..Hitam putih :)

Meja saya berantakan :D

Lihat mouse saya, keren bukan :D

Reminder di sketchbook. Ini masih sehari. Besok? Semakin bertambah X_X

Wallpaper saya, Unyu sekali! :D Saya jarang mengganti wallpaper di BB.

KTP Internasional :)

My lovely grey Fossil :D

Mari nyeket! :D

Sambil ngemil Loacker, Dark choco wafer!

Spanish dancer dan teman2nya mejeng di kulkas :D

Sandal-sandal seribuan…harga pas… :D

Parpumnya neng…Gucci ada…Hermes ada…silakan pili neng :D

Aer nya bang…aer…seribuan….haus bang? :D

Halo! Apa liat-liat? :D

Mumpung flatmate saya liburan ke Indonesia, gimana kalo sepatu-sepatunya diobral? :D

Sudah! Mainannya selesai…kembali bekerja…kembali ke laptop! :D

Minggu depan? Saya akan…..akan….? Memilih keluar rumah..menikmati hari minggu saya…karena? Sehari sebelumnya saya memiliki tiga venue berlainan yang harus diselesaikan! Oh…saya sudah terbayang capeknya…Fiuh!

Anyway, tetap semangat fellas!