See You Very Soon

Gloomy days recently such a bad thing for me. When I feel getting out of my bed every morning such a big deal (you can judge me I’m lackadaisical if this sounds so :|). Not because during fasting month my system has changed a bit, and realised that sleeping after suhoor it’s not good indeed (but who can deny it’s the best thing to do when morning rain falls and makes it worse).

Anyway, I couldn’t be more happier to travel back to Indonesia very soon next month. Even it’s getting closer but I feel two things here. First, excited cause I will travel to some new places and can’t wait to pamper myself with Indonesian food (of course batagor, pecel, terang bulan, see you guys very soon!), seeing my family and best friends, and shopping some furnitures for my own house maybe? (oh I’m talking crap buying furnitures but hopefully I can start something :/). In the same time, I still trying to push myself and believe that I shouldn’t worry and scared too much of what is coming next. This feeling is normal yet I still think it’s such a very scary thing, sometimes. I should calm myself for now, right? :/.

Oh, did I mention that one thing I love the most when I come back to Indonesia is the fact that I have more time to take pictures around? If you follow my IG you’ll know that almost a month I never post pictures anymore (could I say that I’m fasting taking picture as well?), so here some remain pictures I want to share on this post, from a quick jaunt four days in Singapore (some you’ve seen on my IG a year ago but couldn’t resist to attach them here).














Then, I think I should start counting days to come back where my heart is…



P.S. If you are a new reader or just visited this blog, you can see some photographs I took when I was in that super expensive city, here.

An Afternoon At Haji Lane

Sunday, drizzling outside and starving, three things I’m having right now. Instead of grumbling cause I don’t have food even snacks but instant noodles, let me share some afternoon scenes while I was in Singapore. It was on Friday, I took MRT from Harbour Front to Bugis, walked for 10 minutes and found some inspirations along Haji Lane and Arab Street. Just before and after Jummah prayer. iPhone and mirrorless versions here (could you guess which and which? ;)).











I don’t miss the humid-and-hot weather, just miss simply things there. Grabbing a cup of cold frozen yogurt and taking picture ;).