Dazzling Oranges

Lately I’ve been missing a bright sky that brings me sunset though I do love the rain in the night and a cold peaceful morning either. Almost everyday here is gloomy, rainy and windy that makes me kindly miss simply joy like sunset. When all I need is just a cup of hot tea and thinking for all my dreams, staring to the sky and believe that there is nothing impossible. When all I need is just to live my life and enjoy every obstacles, every rejoice, and all the things that make me grateful to be alive.



There was a day when I was in the middle of many deadlines and stress on my head, I sat down on an old car and took minutes to enjoy this dazzling orange. I couldn’t resist for an iPhone snap below.


Oh Sky.

I can not lie that I miss Indonesia either food or her breathtaking scenery. I do miss beaches and perfect sunrise/sunset, I really do. Indonesia such an amazing heaven on the planet where splendid and mesmerizing sceneries could find easily, mountainsea, beach, deep sea, oh I proud. I cant wait for my leave this year and stay for days in the exotic island, heading the ocean, feel the breeze, clear sky, orangish sunset, nice foods, hmm I cant stop thinking.

Here some snaps that I took randomly few days ago here, small moments that made me forget my endless works for minutes.

Oh Sky 1

Oh Sky 2

Oh Sky 3

Oh Sky 4

Oh Sky 5

Oh Sky 6

Oh Sky 7