Galata, Topkapı & Ortaköy II

While I’m writing this sentence, my mind is thinking about Hakan and Safoine.

Perhaps, I’m missing them…


We didn’t really spend time at Galata Tower. Olga, a Russian lady who works in the hostel I stayed told me, “Galata Tower’s so boring, what you could do up there just to see Istanbul from above”. I must agree at some points, but spending time together with Hakan and Saf and ended with a photo of myself wearing Turkish traditional costume was interesting enough (it wasn’t really cheap but worth to try for a memory-wise). I wanted to have a photograph together with Hakan and Saf but couldn’t be accomplished cause hell ya, the queue was crowded and we had to change the costume very quickly. I had no brave to show how I was on the photograph cause I looked so shabby,le pardon!. I must say Hakan looked so handsome and so royal wearing the traditional costume complete with a sword like a real sultan (he’s Turkish by blood, no surprises).

Writing this post after nine months still give me goosebumps and clear memories how I enjoyed every single second I had in Istanbul.

After we left Galata Tower, we spent an hour plus at a small cafe with friend talks, Turkish sweet delights on our table, some French words Hakan taught me (holy shit it was difficult af!), and for sure, some photos before heading to the harbor under Galata Bridge for a boat ride. It was one of “I’m waiting for this!” moment cause I heard crossing the European side of Turkey to Asian side’s such a must do. The ticket isn’t that expensive as far as I remember. Of course it made me so excited before we finally entered the ferry. We came out from the ferry just less than five minutes cause Saf was faint and I felt so dizzy af but it didn’t stop us to enjoy the day cause our next destination? The dazzling place called Topkapı Palace.



At Topkapı Palace, I was awed with the fact how time created such a mind-blowing histories years ago. One of the highlight from our visit was when we entered a room where most of important holy relics are being collected: the hair of Prophet Mohammad’s beard, his footprints, letters, also the tray used by Abraham, the sword of David, the rope of Joseph and the chest of Prophet Mohammad’s daughter, Fatimah.

Photographs are forbidden in that room but memorizing the relics only with your own brain and eyes would give you an experience. Especially when you hear the mellifluous Quran verses echo in the air softly, I had a serious goosebumps then. If you are a moslem like me and planning to visit Istanbul, put Topkapı Palace in your must-visit list.

Before we left, we managed our time at one restaurant inside Topkapı Palace with three cups of Turkish tea, a bowl of Turkish delight and fresh strawberries. It was just a casual beautiful afternoon in spring with a view of Bosphorus Strait.

“But for me, it was one of the most memorable moments I had with Hakan and Saf”


…we didn’t end our day at Topkapı Palace…



We took a taxi to a place which later I knew was Ortaköy. It was definitely Hakan’s idea to spend our day there since me and Saf hadn’t been there before. Ortaköy is one of most popular districts in Istanbul where a lot of cafes, bars, and stalls located on cobblestone roads. The idea taking a taxi to Ortaköy was a great one I have to say. It wasn’t because I mostly used metro for a “cheaper” option, it was great because I could remember all the scenes on the road. Something I couldn’t do if we took metro (I recorded an iPhone video while we were inside, of Saf, you showed me a picture from your visit at Chefchaouen!!). Even we had a light traffic on the road, it didn’t stop us to enjoy Ortaköy after we prayed inside the beautiful mosque on the coast, Ortaköy Mosque.

After praying, we enjoyed the cool evening by strolling around the bazaar then went to have a snack. Hakan and Saf might call “it” as a snack (I called Hakan double portions till today :)) but for me, it was a huge baked potato (man, it was really huge!) till I couldn’t finish it (was it the time Hakan created “mister half-portion” for me cause I eat small? sigh, I couldn’t remember). It was quite interesting for me eating baked potato with “you could choose any toppings you like” in Istanbul.


Brunch At Home

“I actually woke up right. It’s Sunday…”


When I have no events on the weekend, I prefer to pretend my Saturday night at home is endless. Sleep late is allowed of course, cause wake up late on Sunday sounds right! When I was watching a movie on the bed last night, I was thinking to sleep late but felt asleep cause one, the movie’s such a boring one and second, I was kinda tired after editing few pictures for an upcoming post (still, an archive from Istanbul last year). I don’t watch TV, I prefer watching either movie scenes on YouTube or some favorite movies over and over again like Argo, Me Before You, Million Dollar Arm or La La Land from my MacBook.

This morning I woke up as if it was Monday: on time, straight working on my clothes (ironing, what else?), cleaning my room, and then brunch scene session with a multi-grain croissant, granola with pome, hello berries it’s been while, quinoa chips, kiwi and grapefruit. My morning is definitely not complete without a cup of coffee.


Talking about movie, the one that stole my attention recently is Call Me By Your Name. Not because it’s scored 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, but the movie itself is such a masterpiece imho. Timmy’s acting is amazing, the scenes shot in northern Italy on eighties are to die for: the wardrobes, lighting, locations, angles! I never watch a whole movie but some scenes on YouTube.

Even though I had no idea why Armie Hammer didn’t get a nomination for Best Supporting Actor on upcoming Oscar (this sounds like a snub huh, like how crazy Divide by Ed Sheeran didn’t even get a nomination for Best Album Grammy 2018, holy shit!), but I’d be so glad if this movie wins Oscar or perhaps a lucky star drops for Timothée Chalamet!

Hagia Sophia

“I woke up on my last morning in Istanbul with less than hundred Turkish Lira…”


I also woke up with a patency my vacation was over and only had one more day to make everything counts.

I had a plan to end my trip with a proper fancy breakfast at one corner of a cafe, sitting nicely when the spring sun was bright but cool. I had a plan when I could pick some new stuffs for myself along İstiklal Caddessi. But none I could achieve.

I was in my hostel room cross checking my luggage, my camera and counted how much money I had left. I fought myself not to have erratic heart to visit Hagia less than a hundred of Turkish Lira from the one Hasan loaned me. I took a bath, no breakfast of course, grabbed my jacket and camera, then walked to Sultanahmed district. I remember, the morning breeze was something else. Smooth and cool. The sky was blue and clear. The reason why I loved spring.

I smiled along the way that fighting my erratic heart brought me to a beautiful secret place full of histories called Hagia Sophia.



I was there before it’s getting crowded. It actually opens by 9am, so getting there before 9 is the best time to get a ticket. When I first walked in after paid TL40, I had a real goosebumps. There is a reason why this place is popular. Me that is not into history enjoyed so much staring at those amazing details on every corner of the building while reading the stories and wondering how possible they built this grand building back then (you’ll find some beautiful cats too). Every corner of Hagia tells how great the histories on those days were.

I wish I had a longer time to explore but then I had no regret I left with a bigger smile.


My Me – Time


It is true what people say that we should enjoy our “me-time” after we have a long rough day…


It is true by giving “me-time” shows that we love ourselves. For me, “me-time” could be watching a movie on the bed (I don’t care if I’ve watched it few times, such as Louisa Clark and Will Traynor’s love story) in a chilled room, with few soft throw pillows, a cup of hot tea I don’t mind for a wine honestly and a bowl of rosemary potato chips. Or, strolling around Omotesando with camera in hand in spring where cherry blossom is blooming, stop by some stores to pick some fashion items after having a cup of cappuccino (perhaps writing this sentence will bring me to Japan in spring, I’ll take it as a wish). A sentence before this’s such a real wish.

Having some pastries or cakes or just a cup of hot chocolate and a good book on the bed while the rain is pouring outside is such “me-time” for me too.

A Poem For The Brave

You crumbled my emotional dreams

You made me cried overnight

Few times

It was casually cruel, to be honest

Till I felt “it’s okay, to give up”

You gave me some heartaches, deep down to my heart

But that’s okay

You taught me how to stand straighter after crawling from falling

Thank you for all those moments

For all those ups and downs

For all those random human beings I met

And let us became friends

Some have become my best friends

For giving me opportunities to see other parts of this earth

Thank you, 2017

2018, I’ll let you show your shines

I know you will give me some differences to my life

Let most of them are adventurous

Which could make me pursue

To give my very best

Hibiya Park


I found myself walking without a clear destination on one cloudy afternoon in Tokyo…

I was actually trying to kill my time before meeting Hiromi, my Japanese good friend lives in Tokyo that day. Apart of our meeting, a thing made me pleased was enjoying time in one of my fav cities again with a camera in hand.

If on my first visit to Japan last year I had no proper camera cause shit happened at a very first day, this year I had Sony A6300 with a proper lens :) I was enjoyed so much taking picture whatever, wherever without carrying some worries with me. Before I met Hiromi in the evening, I sat down on a bench at Hibiya Park. I had no clue what to do there but doing nothing at a beautiful public space like Hibiya, with birds were singing in the sky, greens everywhere, a packed of supermarket sushi, and a cool breeze on late summer, I had enough. Not to mention it’s very relaxing place to stretch my legs cause you know, walking in Tokyo counts as an exercise. Full stop :)



I have stories to share from my second trip to Japan, some are unforgettable for me :) more to come!

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