Savoury Semur

I knew what I wanted to eat today since early last week, its Semur :). Yes, Semur was on my head since, I wanted to cook and enjoy that Indonesian food this Sunday and I just did it.

Actually this Semur has been tweaked from the original recipe. I tried to cook simpler than it should be, I mean I use spices that I had and tried to present it as close as the original one. I used basic spices, gloves, keycap, and for this Semur I used beef meat and liver. I’m so happy because I still have Kecap, and it made my Semur today was so perfect, oh nope, it wasn’t only Kecap actually, I putted gloves on it and the flavor was different! I ate this Semur with rice vermicelli instead of rice and served with boiled eggs and I had simply fried fries also, sprinkled with black pepper and salt. For drink, simply iced lemon tea, fellas it was savory for my late lunch.

I posted Semur before (!!! It was last year what??) and you can see that the pics here are so much better taken. I will learn more for food photography and for sure, cooking better. Anyway I will post my dessert after I cooked Semur later, I’m going to boil rice vermicelli for Semur, It’s dinner time now, nom-nom ;)!

Its Savoury 1

Its Savoury 2

Its Savoury 3

Its Savoury 4

Its Savoury 5

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