Iftar, Day 6

I just checked my calendar to make sure how many fasting days I’ve been through until this day and ouch day 7! :) I would like to share what was my meals yesterday, Iftar day 6. I decided to stay at home after two Sundays I went out to find souvenirs at Lekki.

I bought ingredients a day before to cook meals that I wanted to enjoy for Iftar but I didn’t have ideas what should I cook. So, yesterday noon by 2pm I started to think based on my ingredients (and timing!) after I cleaned my chamber, ironing my shirts that was quite exhausting.

Easy meals were my choice ; Vegy soup because I had remain carrots, small cabbage, enough potatoes and chicken. I usually cook vegy soup from boneless chicken breast but what I bought was chicken thighs (cut into pieces). I separated the thighs into two. I chose thighs that had thick meat for the soup instead of boneless chicken and thighs that had more bones I boiled them into spices. By the time I want to fry the spiced chicken for complementary meals or for suhoor I just take them from fridge, that is easy way to serve chicken. O yeah I cooked stir fried carrots with eggs on top also (nyum!) :P.

And for the ‘Takjil’ or sweet starter meal for break my fast was simply jelly in syrup. I added canned fruits and slices of fresh kiwi. Oh yeah the syrup, I couldn’t find syrup when I went to the market two days before so I decided to make it from sugar and citric acid. I thought that was a simply way to enjoy healthier syrup (??? sugar? healthy :P), nope I mean it was made just only from sugar, citric acid and food coloring without preservatives. Just remember that we are the one who can control how much sugar do we need to be enjoyed, so eat wisely ya! :). Apart of jelly in syrup I had sugar-free cookies also :)) for sweet starter.

Anyway I thought I’ve talked too much right, I’m going to work again :P (<— so you knew that I uploaded this post from my office wi-fi :P nope, we haven’t started our monday meeting so I’m not cheating right? Agree please :P). O yup, I posted my first video in my instagram for the first time from these foods :) I should learn more to record food video, that was just for fun :)






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