The Crazy Maya


I felt blessed this year I still had time to see some of my old friends and best friends in Indonesia. Short time was my challenge to meet yet I tried hard to take my time for them. Happy could see Maya, one of the craziest best friend I had.

I met Maya two years ago when I, Winda and Ruli decided to take short vacay to Bandung. That was the first time I knew her from Winda. Then four of us spent crazy time there. I had no clue why I had a ‘click’ chemistry with someone crazy like Maya. She is super stupid, crazy, hilarious and so goofy, maybe that’s the reason. Maya is one of a kind.

Oh a week ago, yes it was Sunday last week when I was stayed in Jakarta for a day before I left to Africa, I met Maya and Winda. We tried to spend time even it was too short. I arrived in Jakarta in the afternoon, Winda came around 5pm and gosh I remember the thing that made my tummy cramped. Maya, she took Bajaj to the hotel and what happened was she didn’t have small money to pay Bajaj. So she called Winda from the lobby and shit, It was too funny! I wish I could describe how the way Maya acted that day, we laughed in the lobby, so loud!

Before we went, Maya and Winda took time to capture themselves in the hotel, we tried to enjoy the golden hour on 6th floor. By 6 pm we went to one of a huge plaza, Plaza Indonesia quite near my hotel to spend japanese food. We talked so many things randomly, it was a short quality time for us. For me the best part of our meeting that day was the time we walked from plaza to my hotel after our dinner. I could enjoy the evening in Jakarta with laugh and joy because of Maya, and wait, Maya took me to her Bajaj again :P It was my first time in Bajaj.

Sadly Maya couldn’t spend long time for us yet I had to thank to her as well for her time. Ah, I feel time flies too fast, a week ago at this time (8.06 am here), in Indonesia, I prepared my time to say bye bye to my family, oh no! Sorry, out of focus. Here, I attached some of Maya’s pics that I took that day, she looks do hilarious and crazy right!?







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