Aw +1

Oh well, +1 finally came. This is a simply way how I appreciate myself by grabbing some new things I needed today. The first one was the only one I needed (after ‘I-dunno-where’ my wallet disappeared two months ago! well, I have a new Fossil, lol!). I grabbed a new cup for my props collection, I bought cakes for myself and colleagues in the office (just a little celebration tomorrow, tho), I wanted to have mini candles when I need silence in my room (reading a book in candle light sounds good!), and the last thing, fruits and almond (I’m going to have a fruitful Monday breakfast!).







Plus one means nothing but I wish for all shimmering opportunities for my future :)). And I know, I need to thank more to God, for His blesses for me until today!

P.S. Thank you so much for you guys whom dropped sweet wishes in the air, I do appreciate for everything. Thankios! 

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