I’d mentioned on this blog couple weeks before I went home that I couldn’t wait to visit some new gorg cafes and restaurants in my hometown. Domicile was among. It was one of my ‘must-visit’ places this year after I heard so many instagrammers posted it as one of the hottest places in Surabaya (oh, well you’ll see many people play with their camera at Domicile). I went there twice, first time was a special one.

I finally had a short yet quality time with my crazy best friends, Maya, Ruli and Winda after a year (it was so sad Ayos couldn’t come). I was so super excited because we met and spent Friday noon in Domicile. I was excited because of three things. One, yes because I had an opportunity to see them in Friday noon and enjoyed some fancy foods. Second, I finally could meet with Ranu, Maya’s toddler. He was totally super cute (look at him here). Last thing was after from Domicile we still could go around to find sweets (Rifda joined us), took Ranu to City Hall to play water (oh Maya, come on, bring him to a proper water park :P) with lots of laugh and full of joy from noon to evening. We spent half day until Maya and Ranu had to come back to Malang, Winda had to meet her family for quality time, I had to visit Zara store, and Ruli had finished became our driver that day (:P).

Second time in Domicile when I met Wana. That noon was a slightly different when I took minutes (I left Wana with our pizza :P) to play more with my mirrorless. I realised that week was my last week in Indonesia so that I tried as much as I could to capture the beauty of spaces. I was impressed with the beauty of the interior and the elements, natural light everywhere, and for sure, that tiles. Let these photos tell you more.

















I didn’t take a deep attention to the food just because Domicile is quite new opened, the signature taste wasn’t strong enough for me (maybe this isn’t fair enough cause I haven’t tried a whole menu). But I was quite thrilled with the food presentation (I know I become crazy every time I see beautiful white plates :P). I didn’t take food pictures a lot when I was there, just iPhone and mirrorless pictures below when I had fun with Maya, Ruli and Winda (hand-pose here wasn’t an impromptu! :P).




I think I should try sweets on top.

P.S. Well, that time they played a little ‘cinema’ that our meeting would never be happened (sigh). I couldn’t imagine if we couldn’t make it that day cause I know, it was not easy to gather us when we had our own events, but I thanked God. I thanked also to three of them for their time, tho.

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