I Deserved

I’ll take you into these, and please imagine for me.


You are chilling inside your room on Sunday noon. Crossing your legs on top of your bed, trying to relax a bit after you spent two hours cooking your lunch and cleaning your whole kitchen. Your mind is having ideas to enjoy the rest of your Sunday after you had a quite busy last week. Watching a movie in your MacBook, laying on your bed with hazelnut chocolate in your hand. Or, open your blog and try to write something before you meet with another deadlines the day after. Then, one hour later, your phone is ringing from your colleague. You are trying to not to worry that the calling is about, yep! about work. Until you realise that there is no choice but you have to rush for a meeting with a client.

You take your Zara tee, black jeans, and add a casual jacket in 10 seconds, trying to look smart yet not too formal. Then, your boss is calling your phone and tell you that you have to be in the meeting room for less that 45 minutes. The distance from where you are living to the hotel where you’ll meet with a bunch of politicians, it’s not near. It means you’ll be in a medium-high speed of vehicle for, let say 30 minutes. You realise that you do not have a personal driver that day to take you there. Instead, your boss send her driver for you so you can be there on time. Forget about your colleague, at least, there is somebody as a representative. Please take note, that you are a kind of person who hate lateness.

Arriving in the hotel and you realise that those politicians are not ready for the meeting. You try to call one of the top, I mean, the leader in that group, to let him know that you are there. You are waiting until you look at your wrist watch. 35 minutes past 5 pm, finally, your colleague whose house is so far, is there with you. Then, both of you are trying to cool down with those politicians after you meet them inside the meeting room. They say to you that you can wait outside. They want to do their intern meeting. Both of you are waiting until,……..three hours!. I hope you are not forget that this is Sunday. You are thanking to your instagram, twitter and pinterest cause they spend the time with you. You look at your colleague, she sleeps on the chair after trying to put powder and light make up on her face. She said that she hasn’t bathed because Sunday is the time when her body is going to be so so slow. One hour later, they ask you to come and discuss what they want for only….15 minutes!. Then you are going home in the evening with a thought that your Sunday will be over soon. Days later, you have some meetings with those politicians like always, they will make you wait for them. The worse part of those is the meeting will be held in the evening plus you will have waiting moment in every meeting. And the worst part of it is the fact that you’ll go home late with a fuckin’ crazy traffic until you reach home by 10 pm. Like six times. In the end, you work the event out, so you should thanking to yourself.


Another day, you spent your whole day from nine to six in the office. Some of your deadlines finally done. In the night you have to work for another event, it’s not really big but quite exhausting. After you spent twenty hours in the venue with some crazy challenges, eating only once, then you can smile that you’ve done another project. You can go home, take a bath, and sleep. You come back being a normal man just for twelve hours. You have an idea to go to see another event that your colleague has done it last night. It seems like you can go home but you can’t, oh did I mention this one is on the weekend?. Your boss call you on the phone that you have to come back to look at her church decor. It’s a small decor but you suddenly realise that you will spend a night when you see four tents, four hundred chairs, and forty tables by 8 pm. You don’t have a choice but you have to finish it. Until you look at your wrist watch, the longer clockwise stay at number 2. In the morning. You feel so sleepy and hungry. You left the church.

You come back home and find that you just have cold milk and chocolate in the fridge. There is small left over goodies you can cook but damn it’s 2 am. You choose to lay your body on the bed, put your headsets in your ears, setting up three different times for alarm in your iPhone. You think that you’re not gonna be late to wake up again by 5 am. You know it’s Sunday, by 5 am you wake up, take a toothbrush and toothpaste with zombie sleepy eyes. You try to gather your spirit again to wake up, your brain feel a bit dizzy, very cold morning, cold milk and chocolate from three hours ago couldn’t help you from starving. Thank God you have a driver that is ready on time to drive you to the venue so you do not need to worry for being late. You spend for six hours to transform a little space inside the mansion that owned by one of the richest African man in the world (he’s #5 on this list). You come back home with a smile that the client is happy. You are happy as well cause you still have a half of your Sunday.


Those two stories had happened on me last month, and some ‘sunday-i-still-work’ lately. If you are a reader of this blog, you’ll easily guess and predict that I’ll give myself a reward. If you do, you are so true, and the gift for me is…..an iPhone 6! :) *dancing-hula-hula*.

OopsIDidItAgainI took decision to change my iPhone 5 after a year (remember this post? :P) with an iPhone 6. Why it’s not 6+? Big no no for bigger iPhone, I still love handy phone (ssst, I know Alice Gao is using 6+, though :P). I ordered the white one since I had two iPhones in black before but sadly, when the iPhone arrived in the office, I had two choices, black or gold. Gold? definitely out of the question. I was a bit dissapointed cause I have black again but that’s fine. Maybe, I just can’t stay away from dark color :).

Oh dear, I’m not realise that I’m writing a novel for this blog :P. I hope you don’t mind if I share these (my fav) images from my former iPhone 5 (even some of you have seen them in my instagram).





A sharper camera on iPhone 6 will make me busier in front of my food either if I have an eat-out time or a fancy breakfast at home :). Sure.

P.S. ‘hello Six!) above is taken with iPhone 6+, nope, I don’t have two, I asked my flatmate to take the scene. For sure, I directed him how he should find the angle by standing on top of our dining table with his iPhone :)).

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