Dubai From Above

Trying to produce creative juices for this blog and ended by editing some iPhone pictures when I was on plane from DBX to LOS. This year was different like before, I flew in the morning from Jakarta and arrived in the afternoon in Dubai. Two hours transit there (it was my third times stopped in Dubai after Abu Dhabi and Qatar, it means I flew five times already :|), quick-surfing at some shops inside the airport and went straight to my gate for the next flight. Afternoon flight gave me another experience with my iPhone (even I’ve tried holding my iPhone as straight as I could to get the angle).

Taken above Dubai, Palm Deira, Ash Sharqiyah, Riyadh, and Ouham.








Window seat is the best place if you are ‘stare-up-my-window’ kind of person when on flight. A happy moment for myself everytime I sit by the window, listening to my favorite songs, and wondering about this world. A beautiful sunset will be a bonus.

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