I always feel it is so right if on Sunday morning rain is falling. Just like now, when I woke up by 4am and found it was raining I had no choice but to be grateful. Sleeping on a comfortable bed, gloomy light from an old desk lamp, a fresh mind, and not feeling guilty cause I had ‘too early’ junk, Cadbury.

I’m here again, back to Lagos. After I went away for almost 45 days I finally have to face a real life, again. Even I realised I need few days to put myself as a normal person back from a mental-vacation, but I had one word that I kept in mind lately. It is “Carpe Diem”.

I admit that I heard “Carpe Diem” quite often but searched for the meaning after I read Andreas’s email (his interview is here). “Live your life to the full”. LIVE TODAY. Live and enjoy your life today, and we shouldn’t scare too much what is coming next. We had yesterday and never know what tomorrow will offer.

I’ve been trying to keep “carpe diem, carpe diem” every morning I have a new day to live in. And it seems work very well. Everytime I face a problem that stress me out, I’ll always take a deep breath and not to feel that this is the end of the world.

Carpe diem allows me to do the best I can do today and keep dreaming. I do believe that dream is one of the key reason why we are alive. To chase it, to work for it, to make it real. By dreaming we have a goal what to achieve. To achieve the goal we have to be focus.

I’ve been working on my goals for next year. And roughly, I have three.






Those are my focus for next year.


This is the first thing first. I can’t wait anymore to see Europe. I have to see her beauty with my naked eyes. Though I know this sounds OMG, but I’ll try as much as I can to make my one-month Euro-trip possible. Look at me like a foolish, or call me a goofydreamer?, but I’ll extend 45 days if it possible.

Confession : After my short stay in Japan, traveling is such a marijuana. And I don’t mind if I overdosed with marijuana in Europe (not a real marijuana, you know!).


Yes, as you know guys, I’m grateful I could buy my own house before 30!. It was one of the highlight of my life. UnFortunately I have to finish few things and why this is UH!, cause I hate to remember that I need a lot of money for these. Building the white cute rustic kitchen, extend my bathroom a bit larger, cute landscaping with my favourite plants (I must have two Agaves!), and sure the most exciting part is buying the furnitures. This sounds so exciting, right? Finding something cute at IKEA, or somewhere cheaper, maybe some at flea-market.

Confession : When I look at my wallet right now, I just have to take a deep breath and say “take it easy but still, focus Zis!”


This is another thing I want to achieve. Oh Azis, you’ll always mention that your dream is Paris, yes? BIG YES! but speaking in French is my long-time dream if I remember. You can say how mainstream I am by agree that French is so sexy, but truly, I’ll feel sexier if I can speak three languages. It seems impossible I can attend a French class while I’m here since my whole life is for my work. Even “Le Bon Mot” apps on my iPhone can’t help so much for a practice. So, the final option is come home to Indonesia, take my life slower and learning French.

Confession : I always say I hate to hear if somebody can speak more that 2 languages fluently cause I can’t (this including you, Andreas, and maybe when I heard Arya spoke in Japanese when we took lunch in Kyoto!), so no option for you Azis, take your own class!


What should I say to end this post?

Work? Focus? Work and focus?

Or maybe this,


“Live your life today, keep working and focus to your dreams. You own your future”, sounds nah?

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