Strawberry & Kale

You know one song on X that I love SO MUCH apart of ‘Photograph’? Guess what? Sure you won’t know, you had no clue too that I can sing ‘Photograph’ very well? Acoustic, please, I sing better with that version. Ok, let me not keep it as a secret, it’s ‘I’m A Mess’. Well most of you will agree that ‘Thinking Of Loud’ is one of the masterpiece, right? I love that song too. Though one of my favourite singer in this ENTIRE WORLD, oh this sounds too-much? sorry, I mean Ed is still resting from the industry and screen-world (I think I should try the second one though I know I’ll fail, no point) but I won’t be bored watching his acoustic version of ‘Baby One More Time’. He’s talented indeed, sorry did I mention that JB is so yesterday? Mendes sings better, right?

Nope don’t get me wrong, I won’t fool you by wondering why the title of this post is Strawberry & Kale but I’m preaching about Ed. Sure, there is no correlation in between. I just want to let you know that Ed has a very, very genuine music talent, you know ‘Love Yourself’ right? Das weißt du besser. JB, give thanks to Ed! Guys you must note this, I can sing that song very -I said VERY- well. Trust me.

OK. THIS. IS. ENOUGH. Hör auf damit!

Let me not wasting your time with my random thoughts, just wanted to share food-lodge I took with my OMG I know it’s time to get my new camera and proper lenses, I shouldn’t be like a snail to get it in my hand (the good news is; I have the budget, tho it’s not a7R ii *crying*). For now, hope you don’t mind for some scenes of today’s breakfast that I’m sure a toddler can even make it. You must trust me for the last sentence.










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