Kelebek Special Cave Hotel

“I missed those endless Turkish almonds on my breakfast, it was milky…”


As a solo traveler, hostel will always be my first option when I travel outside country. Staying in a budget hostel isn’t the reason but an opportunity to have new friends from all over the world is (and it makes me addicted I guess :)).

During my short vacation in Turkey, I stayed in 2 different hostels in Istanbul. But in the middle of my trip, I chose a proper hotel in Cappadocia as a treat for myself. I stayed at Kelebek Special Cave Hotel for two nights. It was an experience for me staying at cave hotel like Kelebek, a comfortable and very clean room, lovely view from my window, yummy buffet breakfast, open roof top, and I couldn’t ask more for the hospitality.

I stayed at the cheapest room but felt so special. The best part for me was my window, how I loved sitting by the window and stared at the sky that evening. It was so calm and peaceful. Endless almonds for breakfast was another thing I enjoyed, of course.

I honestly wanted to stay in Sultan Cave before. If you see this scene, it is such a perfect mandatory spot when you could enjoy the sunrise and capture those hot air balloons in the morning. That was one of the reason why I wanted to stay there but when I found I got a cheaper rate from my travel agent than from the for Kelebek, plus my agent said that I could still access that roof top (since Kelebek is Sultan’s sister), I said ‘Kelebek is fine, Jodie’.

Hope these photographs could give you an idea how I enjoyed Cappadocia (more photos to come, of course!).



Planning a trip to Cappadocia was effortless, it begun with research for balloon ride and ended with a complete travel arrangement. From shuttle bus from and to Kayseri airport, hotel booking, balloon ride and a green tour. Everything was organised smoothly by Jodie, a travel agent that handled my trip (click here, in case you’re planning for the same trip :)).

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