Dinner With A Bowl Of Cheat


Although you have seen a few healthy food scenes I’ve been documenting for this blog, there is a time I want to have a little cheat for myself…

Don’t worry, those healthy food scenes aren’t false. FYI food is one of those things that I could be so picky at but you know, sometimes I could be like anyone else who would say “that’s okay, once in a while”.

Pretending it’s not a big deal to cheat ourself once in a while.


Dinner with instant noodle isn’t a good idea I know, but trust me, I cooked the broth from the scratch with definitely no msg added. The green aka Chinese cabbage wasn’t an accessory (that’s how mostly Indonesian cook instant noodle with). Also, imagine having this hot noodle when it’s pouring outside with a sweet hot tea in your room. I mean it’s okay right, once in a while?

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