Packed And Go…

One thing I’ve been trying to do recently is managing my time to cook three different meals at the same time. I tried once last week when I cooked a bit late (sure, it was exhausting cause I did it after I had a long day) and found that it saved my time a lot. I ate different meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and lasted for two/three days. Tho it was a bit “managed-managed” (I promise, it was a bit hard to do cause I like spending money for food) but truly, it saved much of my time. I didn’t have to cook every time I get home cause what I needed was to warm manually on the pan (I have no microwave in the moment :|).

Another thing I’m trying to do is saving my time for breakfast without losing the essence of it. Cause you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And sometimes when I wake up from a looooong day and take my coffee slowly on the bed with few times Call It What You Want from my iPad, a pack of fruitful breakfast is all I need. Take a shower, spray Blue de Chanel and off I go…

I was so stoked I could speak with Judith, my best friend whose birthday is today! She spent a beautiful day with a sunset in Catalunya…she told me before we ended our phone call, “I’d see a friend I met in Japan this Christmas Azis…we’ll see in Morocco” oh, should I pack my backpack and run from here that day…:P

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