Hibiya Park


I found myself walking without a clear destination on one cloudy afternoon in Tokyo…

I was actually trying to kill my time before meeting Hiromi, my Japanese good friend lives in Tokyo that day. Apart of our meeting, a thing made me pleased was enjoying time in one of my fav cities again with a camera in hand.

If on my first visit to Japan last year I had no proper camera cause shit happened at a very first day, this year I had Sony A6300 with a proper lens :) I was enjoyed so much taking picture whatever, wherever without carrying some worries with me. Before I met Hiromi in the evening, I sat down on a bench at Hibiya Park. I had no clue what to do there but doing nothing at a beautiful public space like Hibiya, with birds were singing in the sky, greens everywhere, a packed of supermarket sushi, and a cool breeze on late summer, I had enough. Not to mention it’s very relaxing place to stretch my legs cause you know, walking in Tokyo counts as an exercise. Full stop :)



I have stories to share from my second trip to Japan, some are unforgettable for me :) more to come!

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