Hagia Sophia

“I woke up on my last morning in Istanbul with less than hundred Turkish Lira…”


I also woke up with a patency my vacation was over and only had one more day to make everything counts.

I had a plan to end my trip with a proper fancy breakfast at one corner of a cafe, sitting nicely when the spring sun was bright but cool. I had a plan when I could pick some new stuffs for myself along İstiklal Caddessi. But none I could achieve.

I was in my hostel room cross checking my luggage, my camera and counted how much money I had left. I fought myself not to have erratic heart to visit Hagia less than a hundred of Turkish Lira from the one Hasan loaned me. I took a bath, no breakfast of course, grabbed my jacket and camera, then walked to Sultanahmed district. I remember, the morning breeze was something else. Smooth and cool. The sky was blue and clear. The reason why I loved spring.

I smiled along the way that fighting my erratic heart brought me to a beautiful secret place full of histories called Hagia Sophia.



I was there before it’s getting crowded. It actually opens by 9 AM, so getting there before nine is the best time to get a ticket. When I first walked in after paid TL40, I had a real goosebumps. There is a reason why this place is popular. Me that is not into history enjoyed so much staring at those amazing details on every corner of the building while reading the stories and wondering how possible they built this grand building back then (you’ll find some beautiful cats too). Every corner of Hagia tells how great the histories on those days were.

I wish I had a longer time to explore but then I had no regret I left with a bigger smile.


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