Ten Things I Love To Do In Tokyo

“Oh, bloody hell why I have to write the title of this post as if I’m a travel blogger, I can’t even say it with a straight face (I’m laughing!)”


Okay fine, this isn’t a bad thing. I have managed my time (no, not actually, it’s laziness!) to start posting a post today. Been trying to finish what I have started since December last year after compiling some memories from my second visit to Japan (who doesn’t want to come back again to Japan anyway? One isn’t enough right). Well, this is a thing, when you start forgetting “don’t wait till tomorrow what you can do today” you’ll never finish. It’s lackadaisical, of course.

But here just a short one I’d like to share with you guys, ten things I will always love to do when I’m in one of fav cities on earth, Tokyo.


“Of. Course. This. Is. The. First. Thing!”

“Pocky! This particular almond crush I tasted inside Shinkansen to Kyoto (on my first visit to Japan) stole my heart”

“What else is a better thing to start a morning than having a cup of cappuccino :) this was from Streamer Coffee Company”

“I might stay in hostel everytime in Tokyo for the sake of “finding new friendship”, but eating a proper “a-bit-fancy-oh-yes-it’s-pricey” breakfast at one cafe or restaurant is always a good idea, period”

“This is funny, but it’s actually fun”

“Staring the magical city light from above”

“Praying in a beautiful mosque called Tokyo Camii. When I was there, I remembered the day I met Hakan and Saf in Istanbul”

“Eating authentic halal ramen”

“Looking for some design inspirations cum spending money for some new stuffs”

“This last one might be the cheesiest thing I say on this post, but honestly speaking it’s one of my fav thing to do not only in Tokyo, everywhere I travel to a new country :). In frame below is my friend, Luís from Brazil”

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