I’m Brave Enough To Learn These



Have you ever pretended yourself by accepting some lies and still feel ok?



If you did, stop pretending.

I believe every corner of this life always has two parts: Bright and dark. High and low. Far and close, you mention.

I also believe everywhere on this earth, people are the same. There are always bad and good people. I, honestly, truly believe every single person I’ve met or/and I’ll meet will always teach me a lesson. Either good or bad, it would still become a lesson. Here on this page, I’d like to share something around personal thought of mine about what I had experienced lately. This is a general thought on how I had a certain attitude to an issue with someone who later I realized was such the worst liar I ever met. I must admit it has become one of the bitterest lessons in my social life.

It was started on usual colleagueship, time flies and ended with something bad happened between us. The worst part of it (in my opinion) was this someone doesn’t even realize what he did wrong. If I may say, he pretends by ignoring his bad manner by being a liar. I won’t write our problem clearly here to shorten the story and concentrate more on the lessons. I’ve never been so mad to someone before this till I do not really care if somebody at the office thinks I’m not professional keeping a distance to this “someone” till right now by not separating our private issue with professional life.

I have opened my eyes clearly that this has to end with lessons:

  • When someone lied to you once, it’s okay to forgive. But if someone lied to you twice, and thrice, and you still feel ok, STOP PRETEND you are okay. It is definitely wrong. Follow your feeling. I personally can’t stand for a liar. I know as a human I would never be perfect, we all won’t. As people said, err is human. We all make mistakes. We sometimes would lie to someone in circumstances but don’t make lying’s such a habit. Forgiveness is a nice thing to do, do forgive but to forget is another matter
  • I had a conclusion after I thought about this problem, I opened my eyes that staying away from human being like him is a wise choice. I gave a second chance for a good colleagueship cum friendship but it didn’t work till I stood on a stage of “It is your right to erase someone in your life”, sounds that bad? Truth. Don’t look for a foe, life is too short. When you meet with a liar whose lies are endless, step back, stay away, and if you think to erase him/her is the best choice THEN DO. This may sound a bit hard but remember: to live your life is your own business
  • My close friends may know I often say, “Let me enjoy today like tomorrow doesn’t exist” meaning that I do teach myself by remembering today is the only day I live, every single day. And as I said, life is too short. My choice to give gap and distance with a liar is a wise one (the bad thing is we meet everyday in the office, f*ck). Instead, focus to live my best life with people I love and respect is the only choice to stay happy
  • Speak up. Don’t be scared to say something you don’t like or feel wrong. If you have spoken to someone you are having a problem with, and he/she still do the same thing, then stop it. If you have tried giving his/her a second chance and it didn’t work then DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME. It is better to move on searching for happiness than living with bad feelings. Remember, don’t look for foe :) cause it’s not healthy living with heartaches :)


Because when trust is broken, sorry means nothing.

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