Coffee Scenes Through An iPhone


I almost forgot two things when I finally got an iPhone X five months ago; one, that feeling when you first unboxing an iPhone, time when you slide the top box, then find inside how handsome an iPhone is. Two, how clear the camera compare with the older versions. Every time I get a new iPhone the first app I always figure out is the camera, the rest are secondary. There was a time when one of my colleagues got an iPhone 7+ (wasn’t it years ago?), I admired how clear the camera was! compared with my iPhone6. Then when he got an iPhone X and I was still with iPhone 6, I felt “Damn, how could!”.

Till the time when an iPhone X arrived on my hand and I got that ‘feeling’ back, a feeling of excitement capturing objects only with an iPhone. Here are some coffee scenes I captured with an iPhone X three months ago when I was on vacation and had some coffee times in Indonesia. All was edited with VSCO on an iPhone (yes, still no editing apps on this new MacBook Pro :|)


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