Before I had an idea to post this, I was editing some pictures for food-lodge-upcoming post. Nevertheless I found difficulties editing some of them, it means that I have to postpone for a while and try to find inspiration again to present those pictures like what I had in mind. This is just a post how I remind my first iPhone.

Before I used an iPhone, I had Sony Xperia Acro-S that just couple months I left it. I bought it just because I was fooled-mesmerized with the features on the ads especially the waterproof thing. I found myself wasn’t happy with the camera until I realized one thing ; I had no doubt and regret to get an iPhone5 a.k.a my casual camera after all. I’ve enjoyed my first iPhone especially the clearness of its camera then until the last day of 2013, my heart was broken after my iPhone accidentally fell down from 5 feet high. I couldn’t believe what was going on just a second after I tried to capture my wrist watch with an iPhone on my right hand. I thought playing with natural light was good enough just because the afternoon light was clear and bright. Sadly when I was trying to straighten my left hand precisely with the grid on iPhone’s camera, my right hand was slighty shaking and boom, an iPhone laid on the ground immediately. Oh dear God, I couldn’t believe what I saw that day, the screen cracked by pieces.

Hey you! Because of you :(
Hey you! Because of you :(

The function itself is still works yet sadly the price to change the screen only quite costly here. Afterwards I decided to get new one I’m using right now even my flatmate mocked me why I chose the same phone (oh even the new one has double GB memory. 64!) rather than the 5s. I answered that I couldn’t spend ridiculously $400 extra for 32GB of 5s after my own fault? Absolutely such a wise decision I made even yeah I know, 5s’s camera is something else but I mean, why I have to spend so much from my saving money after I made a fault?. Sigh.

O I think I talked too much. I never mind to share this stupid moment here though so lets back to the point. I’ve posted pictures quite many captured with an iPhone, but on this post named ‘iTrace’ I would like to share some of my favorite shots I took randomly three days before bye-bye-iPhone5-moment. This shows a little side of my indulgence in mobile-photography. The last one is one of my fav picture from my 64GB I took on 3rd of January.








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