Brunch With Avo

Just wanted to share some photographs of a brunch I had Sunday last week.

Few slices of avo on top of baguette with mayo and sautéed king prawns. Also, milky avo puree and dice-cutted avo in lettuce plus sweet corn plus cheddar salad. The way I love to enjoy this kind of brunch is taking it slowly on Sunday on the bed. In fact, this was shot on top of my bed using a DIY grey board from a side table.



Greeting For December



“The last time I was on Skype with my buddy, Andreas, it was a month ago. I mean, how time flies?”



I believe it wasn’t only me when we woke up four days ago and surprised that December is finally here. Excuse me, the end of this year? isn’t this too fast?

December is the peakest season for a person who works in the event industry like me. Like you have to be ready working for 30 hours plus (2 days 2 nights that what I had for last two weeks!), ensuring so many things from A to Z before the events, moving for one place to another, and standing until the event started. Sleepless nights on December is such a normal thing (oh, hello Christmas and New Year decorations!).

Sounds tough, huh? It does guys. So don’t blame me if today I decided to pamper myself with some cool guys on my table. This was such a revenge from two days ago when what I had for dinner was only cheap instant noodles, yikes.









I know by tomorrow I’m going to work hard again till the upper week for continuous events and some will be out of town. Realized that I will be dreaming like “oh, I’m at nowhere, where can I get kale leaves for breakfast”, don’t mind me that is nonsensical non sense :P when I work out of town with hectic schedule. To be honest I have no idea how should I divide myself for that, tho. But I trust everything will be fine.

I tried to enjoy my afternoon by stood on my dining table with a slice of strawberry mousse and chocolate cheese cake with a lemon tea (sugar-less of course!). I brought them home along with berries and frozen croissants after I and my colleague had a Chinese food for lunch yesterday when we both had a day off (it was like a miracle we had Saturday off on December!).







Well, right now, I want to prepare myself to sleep earlier so I can wake up fresh tomorrow. Sure, after I finish picking some early Christmas gifts for myself on eBay (no, I’m lying, I don’t celebrate Christmas). Should I say it’s for an early New Year gifts instead? Oops :).


Asparagus & Colors




Since I’m still working on a travel post, let me just share these pictures here. Taken on last Sunday when I came back from grocery shopping, after an afternoon well-spent with kind-hearted friend of mine. I just couldn’t resist for baby asparagus and those pretties.

“How could I move to Europe for berries since here is bloody expensive!”







“I used to mention on this blog that berries is something I can’t compromise. And found that I can eat raw baby asparagus, just like I enjoy carrot”


An iPhone picture above was my breakfast like a Prince I cooked this morning.

How could I remember that two weeks ago on Wednesday I flew from Indonesia and it just felt like a day before yesterday? Where has the time gone?


Happy Monday

Like always, I’ll spoil myself with proper food after I work hard. If last week, from Monday to Saturday I had a full deadlines plus obstacles plus brain & physical stresses on my plate when I had to work four days non-stop. Three events on the same day and two overnight in the venue, I could breathe easy right now.

Working for Polo tournament on Thursday and Friday when I had to manage many heavy (yes, very heavy) props for the event, from up “up” where there was no path just sands everywhere. Plus complains and complains from the client (in the end, we were fine), no breakfast but this, all was at a huge desert beach where it was windy in the night and gallons of water would be needed in the noon. On Saturday, though I had two small events I had to check, I didn’t spend much time cause later on, I could visit The Indonesian Embassy (like I was dreamt that I could hanging around on Saturday noon).

We did celebrate The Indonesian community that is seven years old this year. Even though I rarely visit the Embassy rather than my other colleagues, I did enjoy that day. First, because I could see another Indonesians that work as expatriates here, then second (well, it wasn’t only me, please) was the time when we could enjoy many kinds of Indonesian food just like this (oh gosh, I finally ate Tempeh after more than three and half years I’ve been living here, in Africa). Perfect ending I had on Saturday was the fact that I had time to visit French store where I could get so many sexy fruits, veggies, and another French products, and… an evening rain like this when I was on my way home by 7 pm-ish (I always enjoy a moment when rain just stopped in the evening and brings heavenly breeze).

I spent a whole yesterday in the house. I was just like a cat when I could laze and did nothing. Watching movies by laying on my bed with cheap popcorn, and had chance taking nap for hours and bathed in the afternoon.

Is there anything better than you woke up on Monday and resumed work by 4 pm?, and you had greens on your table this morning?. If only I could start every Monday with greens like this, just like this.






And you could sit down in your dining room this afternoon with crispy fried mushroom, stir-fried spinach, simply chicken soup and dried fish plus lemon ice tea, all on your table.


Slowly Sunday

I always try to enjoy my off day, I mean, the real off day when I can wake up late and laze a whole day. When I knew that this Sunday I had no event outside, I decided to stay at home doing nothing. Woke up by 10 am after I spent Saturday night watching Jupiter Ascending (sadly, I missed Fifty Shades of Grey!), and for sure, enjoying early lunch with these on my table (I just realised that I didn’t bring some fruits yesterday, uh).



Since I lost my Fossil (plus $100 plus my memory card inside, careless!), I hinge on my iPhone 6 more and more to take picture than on my mirrorless (I haven’t bought new memory card but I have for another Fossil, oops).

Here are some scenes I had last week, from ‘breakfast for the champion’, an afternoon with apple crumble and custard plus tea (best thing was on Monday noon when I had a half day), until juice party in the office (I snapped my ‘strawberry-blackberry-mango’ juice when my office was quite). All iPhone only.





Sunday is almost over here, lemme laze and laze in my chill room cause tomorrow, my plate is full again with some deadlines. Oh, I wanna share some songs that stick in my head recently, they are just beyond brilliant!

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Just Garlic


I’ve mentioned quite often on this blog that working in event industry is challenging. Time flies too fast, so many instant jobs can come quickly, deadlines everyday, working over night. All of that can make you such a loser if you can not keep your life balance. It happens in me, until now I still struggling to keep my life balance. If I have to work overnight for two days (average time is 16 hours without sleep :| times two! Yes, I’ve done so many times!) I have to make sure that I have enough energy from food such an example, if not, I will collapse (God for bit! :|). Sadly, I have no choice if I have to eat junk food among my endless job. It isn’t easy for me that I have to fill energy, in the other hand I realize that they aren’t good if I take too much. By the time I’m on ‘me-time’ at home, cooking is such a way to pay my bill from those junk. Excuse for this long and tacky preface :P.

On this post I will share a simply light soup (or broth?) that I love to cook. Believe me this is so much better and easier than instant noodles if I have to compare with. A part of how simply it is, I love the main ingredient ; Garlic!.

I just love garlic so much either the pungent flavor or the health benefits. It isn’t a secret that Garlic may help improve our iron metabolism so for me, this garlic soup is the one of the simpliest-lightest-and fastest-recipe of soup I heart. This soup is such a DIY recipe, you just need 8 gloves of garlic (I always put more! slice them), pinch of salt and white ground pepper, margarine, vegetable oil, as a spice. Surely you’ll need chicken fillet as basic broth, carrot and leek for a flavour.


First step, boil water and put chicken fillet in it, prepare your frying pan and heat vegetable oil. Put garlic and add margarine. Then add pinch of salt and pepper, wait a second until you can smell the flavor. The spice is ready, move it to your boil chicken, add carrot and leek (sliced). You just need to wait for 15 until 20 minutes. The garlic soup is ready to be played with another ingredient!

Mixing with another ingredient is another thing I love from this soup. You just need to make it once and mix with pasta, vermicelli, or veggies. On that day when I cooked for lunch, I mixed with spinach pasta, broccoli, tofu and chinese lettuce. I wanted the pasta a bit dry so I wasn’t put too much soup in my bowl. The taste was so light.

Garlic soup with Pasta

Garlic soup with pasta 2

I was enjoying this garlic soup with vermicelli such an early dinner kind of. I just added slices of tofu, fresh lettuce, and sprinkled minced red pepper. Oh I always make sure my garlic soup isn’t too salty, it’s easier to make it saltier by adding salt separately.

Garlic soup with vermicelli

Garlic soup with vermicelli 3

The following day I had the same garlic soup for breakfast. Little spinach and poached egg were inside my bowl, and  little chilli and soya sauce to make the flavor tastier (chilli and soya sauce such a perfect mate, inspired by Bakso. I’m craving Bakso right now, gah! :()

Garlic soup with Spinach

Garlic soup with vermicelli 2

That’s it. Garlic soup is become one of my fav food from now, and do you think there is no food as simply as easy as quick as junk food? You should try this garlic soup! :)

P.S I just realized that these pictures on this post are quite Cereal-ish, clean and fresh, excuse for this confidence yet Cereal is so damn beautiful! :)