Happy Monday

Like always, I’ll spoil myself with proper food after I work hard. If last week, from Monday to Saturday I had a full deadlines plus obstacles plus brain & physical stresses on my plate when I had to work four days non-stop. Three events on the same day and two overnight in the venue, I could breathe easy right now.

Working for Polo tournament on Thursday and Friday when I had to manage many heavy (yes, very heavy) props for the event, from up “up” where there was no path just sands everywhere. Plus complains and complains from the client (in the end, we were fine), no breakfast but this, all was at a huge desert beach where it was windy in the night and gallons of water would be needed in the noon. On Saturday, though I had two small events I had to check, I didn’t spend much time cause later on, I could visit The Indonesian Embassy (like I was dreamt that I could hanging around on Saturday noon).

We did celebrate The Indonesian community that is seven years old this year. Even though I rarely visit the Embassy rather than my other colleagues, I did enjoy that day. First, because I could see another Indonesians that work as expatriates here, then second (well, it wasn’t only me, please) was the time when we could enjoy many kinds of Indonesian food just like this (oh gosh, I finally ate Tempeh after more than three and half years I’ve been living here, in Africa). Perfect ending I had on Saturday was the fact that I had time to visit French store where I could get so many sexy fruits, veggies, and another French products, and… an evening rain like this when I was on my way home by 7 pm-ish (I always enjoy a moment when rain just stopped in the evening and brings heavenly breeze).

I spent a whole yesterday in the house. I was just like a cat when I could laze and did nothing. Watching movies by laying on my bed with cheap popcorn, and had chance taking nap for hours and bathed in the afternoon.

Is there anything better than you woke up on Monday and resumed work by 4 pm?, and you had greens on your table this morning?. If only I could start every Monday with greens like this, just like this.






And you could sit down in your dining room this afternoon with crispy fried mushroom, stir-fried spinach, simply chicken soup and dried fish plus lemon ice tea, all on your table.


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