Okay, I Got These. And I Thankful



“I kept remembering myself, “Tomorrow’s your last day. Tomorrow’s the last day.”

That started like a week before I left.”


Most of the time I cannot believe I have gone this far, living far away from my root and make living by working days and nights, for years. It sounds like a joke every time there is a conversation in my head when will I detach myself from where I am living at the moment and start something new. At somewhere new, further. Find myself among new faces I had never seen before in my brown coat, in not so crowded morning. Giving my system sometimes to adapt to a chilly and windy morning in autumn. Hiding my two hands in my pockets even after I wear gloves. Trust me, I am still keeping those scenes with some reasonable beliefs, someday when I read this post again, I have already lived in that life (fingers-crossed).

Three years ago when I had no clue we would all face terrible chaos called a world pandemic, I wrote a few things down in my diary on what I wanted to eat when I got back to my root. I was smiling when I was writing them because I knew some wouldn’t be accomplished, such a funny thing that always happens. Either I am forgetting a few of them or I do not have enough time to do so. After three years, I could finally tick most of what I wrote in my diary.

Even though I decided not to travel but I had so many simply happiness when I was there: having a peaceful nap after 1 PM and waking up before 3 PM, that one was such a luxury. Shopping for new outfits after three years? somehow it shocked me a bit how much I spent but let me be wise, it wasn’t that much when I divided the total amount into three (3 years right?! that made sense), what else again…

Design space paper textured background

I rehearsed when I knew I only had some days left in Indonesia which meant that the time to say goodbye again had come closer.  Exactly a week before my departure date, I said this every single evening: “Tomorrow you’re going to fly! hello real world!”. I purposely thought it won’t hurt me that much facing the reality that I only had a few days left, leaving all those comfortable things (plus the food!). And funny enough, it worked. But that is probably not going to work if I am standing on a chilly autumn morning with a warm kanelsnegl, scarf on my neck, smiling, a week after I accomplish something big I have been dreaming for. Manifesting the last sentence (another fingers-crossed)


Here what I want to share to you for what I could count as one of the highlights of the trip…it’s time to pamper your eyes with what I ate during my short stay in my hometown, Surabaya. Scroll slowly so you could imagine the heavenly taste from each one….

I will stop writing, let these pictures speak the rest :)



Keep scrolling, I had eaten more and more delicious food!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset







On the next post, I will share some snacks and food when I was outside (meeting friends or even Netflix time at home!) so this post won’t be too long. If you wonder, all were taken with an iPhone 12 Pro Max, on my desk. In a room I always stay in my mom’s house (damn, can’t wait to say ” from my own house” on this blog! Very soon hopefully *another fingers-crossed*).

I Know I Miss These

If yesterday I fell on my bed right after I went home from James Bond themed party, I finally could cross legs on my bed and updating this blog. It was such a crazy time prepared, worked and finally transformed a venue into Bond ‘feel’ when hello! it was just a day before (I know this is sounds ridiculous) we realised that the party was yesterday. It was just a dangerous one but finally thanked God for everything passed as always. If you asked me was I happy for the result? Nope, just I wish we could do more. But well, it passed.

Let’s move on!

On this post I just want to share some iPhone shots that I immediately realised it becomes an annual post (after this). Reminiscing a heaven called food (by clicking the picture, I guarantee you’ll be h’angry’).

1 | There was nothing but blessed when you spend time with kind human, shopping ;D, best friend’s talk and share delicious food then. Crispy fried duck with sambal, extra tofu, and extra tempeh I had with Andhi that evening blowed my mind (holy shit! I’m suddenly h’angry’ looking at this picture below).


2 | Yes, I’m missing you guys. The dark chocolate one, in particular :(. Below the donuts is one of my fave-ever snack. Shredded savoury beef on top of fluffy fresh bread is brilliant culinary invention.


3 | Until I had to come back to show my sister how delicious fried duck I had (yes, that one on top!) was. I chose ‘mie ayam‘ after I enjoyed ‘semanggi‘.



4 | There is always a room for Bakso. Enough said. I should explore and enjoy Indonesian traditional snacks more, I know.


5 | One of the best time for food I had when I was in Indonesia this year was having a family dinner. Pardon for low lighting on this picture below :P, I was managing my iPhone.


6| Oh God, that crushed fried onion and chilli inside sweet soya sauce plus fried milkfish, plus tempeh, plus tofu, plus urap, I mean, may I fly to Indonesia right now? :( and Rujak Cingur?


7| If you are a reader of this blog, you know how many times I mentioned Batagor as one of my fave Indonesian food ever. Gosh! that peanut sauce :( those dumplings :(


8| When I had lunch with my Dad only, in one fine afternoon, I realised I should do that kind of quality time more often. I chose Ramen while he chose ‘nasi uduk‘. I know I’m a straight one if I talk about street-food, especially for fried snacks, but it was an exception when I was there, I stopped by and bought some ‘filled tofu‘.


9| As I wish there was Starbucks cafe here :(


10| Sushi time with best friend was awesome. Ayos and Winda were so kind paying all of these food below :D


Now, I’m trying to get rid of these foods and finish my early snack ;|(read : just an apple).

Hello fried duck, hello tempeh, hello bakso, starbucks, sushi, I’ll see you again :(