I Know I Miss These

If yesterday I fell on my bed right after I went home from James Bond themed party, I finally could cross legs on my bed and updating this blog. It was such a crazy time prepared, worked and finally transformed a venue into Bond ‘feel’ when hello! it was just a day before (I know this is sounds ridiculous) we realised that the party was yesterday. It was just a dangerous one but finally thanked God for everything passed as always. If you asked me was I happy for the result? Nope, just I wish we could do more. But well, it passed.

Let’s move on!

On this post I just want to share some iPhone shots that I immediately realised it becomes an annual post (after this). Reminiscing a heaven called food (by clicking the picture, I guarantee you’ll be h’angry’).

1 | There was nothing but blessed when you spend time with kind human, shopping ;D, best friend’s talk and share delicious food then. Crispy fried duck with sambal, extra tofu, and extra tempeh I had with Andhi that evening blowed my mind (holy shit! I’m suddenly h’angry’ looking at this picture below).


2 | Yes, I’m missing you guys. The dark chocolate one, in particular :(. Below the donuts is one of my fave-ever snack. Shredded savoury beef on top of fluffy fresh bread is brilliant culinary invention.


3 | Until I had to come back to show my sister how delicious fried duck I had (yes, that one on top!) was. I chose ‘mie ayam‘ after I enjoyed ‘semanggi‘.



4 | There is always a room for Bakso. Enough said. I should explore and enjoy Indonesian traditional snacks more, I know.


5 | One of the best time for food I had when I was in Indonesia this year was having a family dinner. Pardon for low lighting on this picture below :P, I was managing my iPhone.


6| Oh God, that crushed fried onion and chilli inside sweet soya sauce plus fried milkfish, plus tempeh, plus tofu, plus urap, I mean, may I fly to Indonesia right now? :( and Rujak Cingur?


7| If you are a reader of this blog, you know how many times I mentioned Batagor as one of my fave Indonesian food ever. Gosh! that peanut sauce :( those dumplings :(


8| When I had lunch with my Dad only, in one fine afternoon, I realised I should do that kind of quality time more often. I chose Ramen while he chose ‘nasi uduk‘. I know I’m a straight one if I talk about street-food, especially for fried snacks, but it was an exception when I was there, I stopped by and bought some ‘filled tofu‘.


9| As I wish there was Starbucks cafe here :(


10| Sushi time with best friend was awesome. Ayos and Winda were so kind paying all of these food below :D


Now, I’m trying to get rid of these foods and finish my early snack ;|(read : just an apple).

Hello fried duck, hello tempeh, hello bakso, starbucks, sushi, I’ll see you again :(

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