Puff Pastry, Yesterday.

Sometimes for some reasons I can be a lazybones for breakfast. Its bad I know because no reason ignoring breakfast due to how important breakfast is. When I’m really damn tired of my endless work and cant cook, I try to solve my bad habit for it. Buying some pastry could be an instant problem solver. And yesterday, when I had two puff pastries, I didn’t have a plan before to capture them as usual if I have enough time on saturday. I still work on weekend even I resume later in the morning. And I dunno why it was so enjoyable when I decided to take my camera and yiha!. I played with some effects from my NEX, no edit as usual except the layout. Okay, lemme finish this short post because…yeah because I have to go for other work, on Sunday? *sigh-deep-breath.

Two Pastries 1

Two Pastries 2

Two Pastries 3

Two Pastries 4

Two Pastries 5

Two Pastries 6

Two Pastries 7

Two Pastries 8

Full Breakfast Today.

Full Breakfast on my Table 5

I post this while my tummy is starving and waiting for dinner (hiks), it’s so late right? Hehe, but I think it’s better than I just lay these pictures on my system.  Anyway what did I serve this morning? Vegy chicken soup, Spinach pasta to replace basmati rice, tea, and look I had cinnamon roll and chocolate jelly for the dessert, look nice ya?

I love the cinnamon roll has raisins and crispy almond on top, just remind me J.Co donuts, I do love the way I took the pic as well. I have no clue why I have to wake up earlier and serve this full breakfast then capturing em’, It could be the sign of my other ‘passion-passion‘, perhaps (wink).

Full Breakfast on my Table 3

Full Breakfast on my Table 4

Full Breakfast on my Table 2

Full Breakfast on my Table 1

Quick Breakfast.

I had no proper breakfast this morning (I should have ya!) unless a simple and quick one. Two sweet buns with honey, Gluten-free Alpro Soya milk, and a small cup of Avocado. All happened just because I woke up late (hiks) spent night for blogging and chatted with my old friend from Holland (yawning). #SimpleJoy

Quick Breakfast 1

Quick Breakfast 2