Puff Pastry, Yesterday.

Sometimes for some reasons I can be a lazybones for breakfast. Its bad I know because no reason ignoring breakfast due to how important breakfast is. When I’m really damn tired of my endless work and cant cook, I try to solve my bad habit for it. Buying some pastry could be an instant problem solver. And yesterday, when I had two puff pastries, I didn’t have a plan before to capture them as usual if I have enough time on saturday. I still work on weekend even I resume later in the morning. And I dunno why it was so enjoyable when I decided to take my camera and yiha!. I played with some effects from my NEX, no edit as usual except the layout. Okay, lemme finish this short post because…yeah because I have to go for other work, on Sunday? *sigh-deep-breath.

Two Pastries 1

Two Pastries 2

Two Pastries 3

Two Pastries 4

Two Pastries 5

Two Pastries 6

Two Pastries 7

Two Pastries 8

2 Croissants.

Sunday morning, 2 croissants on my dining table. I tweaked before I enjoyed them. One for cheesy and another was sweety. I cutted one almond croissant and spread mayonnaise, added slices of tomato, cheddar cheese, and home made spicy minced beef. The sweet one just added peanut butter, nutella and cheese on top. Which one do you prefer?

Bermain Croissant 1

Bermain Croissant 2

Bermain Croissant 3

Bermain Croissant 4

Bermain Croissant 5

Bermain Croissant 6

Bermain Croissant 7

Bermain Croissant 8

Full Breakfast Today.

Full Breakfast on my Table 5

I post this while my tummy is starving and waiting for dinner (hiks), it’s so late right? Hehe, but I think it’s better than I just lay these pictures on my system.  Anyway what did I serve this morning? Vegy chicken soup, Spinach pasta to replace basmati rice, tea, and look I had cinnamon roll and chocolate jelly for the dessert, look nice ya?

I love the cinnamon roll has raisins and crispy almond on top, just remind me J.Co donuts, I do love the way I took the pic as well. I have no clue why I have to wake up earlier and serve this full breakfast then capturing em’, It could be the sign of my other ‘passion-passion‘, perhaps (wink).

Full Breakfast on my Table 3

Full Breakfast on my Table 4

Full Breakfast on my Table 2

Full Breakfast on my Table 1

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