Hello November!

While I have to prepare myself cause I’ve already entered this season oh December is in the front already!, I realize that staying in my home and enjoying every second is a must-to-do. I’ve been very busy lately, that’s why I have no option but enjoying my Sunday as much as I can. When last week I had to work from Monday to Sunday, almost everyday I had to leave office late and went straight to venue, you can predict how I ate rubbish outside there. I also realize that next week I’ll be out of town for venues and venues. So, I decided to spend my money for some fruitful foods and here they are, something nice from yesterday pick-me-up :)

9.15 1

9.15 2

9.15 3

9.15 4

I fell in love with my juice, apple plus carrot plus celery plus beetroot was awesome. See that color? How cool ya! :)

Sunday Breakfast.

Sunday Breakfast

O gosh today is Sunday (again?), time goes too fast for me *sigh. Even I couldn’t believe that tomorrow is Monday  (again!!) and gonna be my hectic days ahead.  

Hey friends in Indonesia! By the time you read this post is Monday rite? Hehehe, I know that I post a bit late. I tried to enjoy my Sunday as long as I could truly. O yeah, starting from this post I don’t put small watermark anymore like what I did on my previous posts due to make this blog friendlier (Argh I have no better sentence to describe what Im thinking of *sigh).

Alright I just can share what my breakfast was. They were super simple fried rice that I cooked with mushroom sauce added sweet corn and carrot (Ah why I didn’t put more colors on it so It would be eye-catching and fresher!), two ‘sunny-side up’ fried eggs one for me and one for my flatmate, some vanilla biscuits, wheat baguette (put skippy on it!), tea, and croissant. Were they too much for breakfast? No no, I couldn’t eat them all in the same time, just ate some fried rice and egg, then two slices of baguette, one biscuit and yeah! croissant after. That croissant was nicer than what I got at cake shop on Victoria Island.

Probably this post will be the last for this month because what? I have to work harder and faster for my big project two weeks ahead which is early April. But I’ll try to update this blog when I less busy. Ouch it past 10pm I’m yawning, need more time to sleep so I can wake up fresher for my Monday (hoam…).

See ya in April!

Sunday Breakfast 2

Sunday Breakfast 1

Sunday Breakfast 5

Sunday Breakfast 4

Sunday Breakfast 3