Hello November!

While I have to prepare myself cause I’ve already entered this season oh December is in the front already!, I realize that staying in my home and enjoying every second is a must-to-do. I’ve been very busy lately, that’s why I have no option but enjoying my Sunday as much as I can. When last week I had to work from Monday to Sunday, almost everyday I had to leave office late and went straight to venue, you can predict how I ate rubbish outside there. I also realize that next week I’ll be out of town for venues and venues. So, I decided to spend my money for some fruitful foods and here they are, something nice from yesterday pick-me-up :)

9.15 1

9.15 2

9.15 3

9.15 4

I fell in love with my juice, apple plus carrot plus celery plus beetroot was awesome. See that color? How cool ya! :)

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