Simply Breathtaking.

On this post I’d like to share you some of my shots that I took few days ago when I passed floristry department in my office and yesterday too at our new shop on Victoria Island. I was amazed with Peonies and Tulips when I saw them inside the cooler. I grabbed my camera and yeah I got them beautifully. The black color of the cooler is fantastic as a background makes those flowers look dramatic. I thought my NEX-5 did a great job for this post but yeah still I am craving a better camera (Pro one!!! I’ll get it, I promise). Hey can you guess which one of these picture that aren’t fresh flowers (easy! Im sure you can). But they’re look real yeah?

Do you know which one is my fav? Peonies (first pic!) and  Soleirolia (that green one that looks like curvy hair, cute huh?). Anyway hope you enjoy this pics!












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