Lazy Morning.

Hey watsap fellas? Hope your sunday went well. I’d like to share you what my breakfast was. Sunday, and I was so lazy to cook my breakfast this morning but it wasn’t because I was ‘lazy-lazy‘ actually. I chose to wake up late because I worked overnight the day before and sure I slept more than my normal time. My breakfast were chocolate croissant (officially croissant lover! I do), cereals, slices of fresh orange and soya milk. It was so simple and yummy in the same time.

Can you see my last bite of choco croissant on this post and imagine the taste? You should because it was very very nice, hehehe. Enjoy the pics! Nom-nom.

Lazy Breakfast 1

Lazy Breakfast 2

Lazy Breakfast 3

Lazy Breakfast 4

Lazy Breakfast 5

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